The 5 Best Android Games Like Stardew Valley – Summer 2023

Muhib Nadeem

Stardew Valley has riled our farming hearts to become one of the best Android gaming experiences you can have. Finding a similar experience can be tough, especially once you get used to the calm environment.

However, the Android game devs aren’t just loitering around either, and multiple similar titles have already come to light.

So, in this article, we will be ranking the best ones out of the bunch to ensure your farming journey continues without a hitch!

5. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories
Photo: TABOT

Hailing as the first full-fledged Harvest Moon game developed by TABOT, Seeds of Memories features standard farming elements, and elevates them by adding its own flair.

With subtle, lighthearted gameplay, and a unique way of story-telling, it promises a similar, if not better farming experience than Stardew Valley!

The plot mainly revolves around Chestnut Town, and its people. There aren’t any complex mechanics, or interactables in the game. It’s just a very peaceful take on the plain ol’ farming genre.

4. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Photo: Nintendo

Animal Crossing series have always been a fan-favorite, and with the introduction of Pocket Camp, most of the control has been relinquished to the player.

You decide what kind of campsite you want to build, how you want to build it, and what it should contain. Craft furniture, amenities, and other items to make the best campsite ever!

With lots of NPCs to interact to, and lots of rewards to earn, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the perfect 3D take on what makes Stardew Valley so fun.

3. Country Life: Harvest Day

Country Life: Harvest Day
Photo: ProGaming

Inspired by games like Harvest Moon, and Stardew Valley, Harvest Day brings a unique anime-esque twist to the scene. With the option to play both online, and offline, success is just a tap away!

In addition, you also get to experience a love story unlike any other. There’s only so much one lonesome man can do, so go out, find friends, and interact with the villagers.

Your farming journey is just getting started, so play more, and gain EXP to create the best farm ever! Besides, there is so much to do in so little time. Therefore, it’s best if you start early!

2. The Farm: Sassy Princess

The Farm: Sassy Princess

Released by DAERISOFT, The Farm: Sassy Princess is a fairy tale-like story promising drama, thrill, but most importantly, sweet potatoes!

King Brassicus wants his daughter to marry a prince, but she’s refusing to do so. As clich√© as it might be, the King orders his guards to capture the princess, but she manages to outsmart them and flee.

Now, she must learn how to live on her own in a makeshift house in a small town. The game offers a plethora of farming options, and accessories, so she’ll always have her hands full!

1. Pocket Harvest

Pocket Harvest
Photo: Kairosoft

It’s time to experience everything wonderful about the country live, and farm your way through one of the hottest games of the decade! Developed and published by Kairosoft, this one is loaded with features!

Plant new seeds, plow away at the fields, and watch your crops turn into yields! You can only progress, hire workers, and increase the overall quality of your crops.

You’re the one calling the shots, so make sure you grow the best farm ever. After all, who doesn’t love bragging rights?

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