The 10 Best Detective Games for Android

Best Detective Games You Should Play on your Android phones

Love murder mystery games? We have some good news for you. There are tons of detective games for Android. However, most of them belong to the hidden object genre. I am sure you are bored playing them and are looking for serious crime solving games that will let you search for clues, question suspects, find hints left by killers and use logic to nab the culprit. Thankfully, there are some complex whodunit mystery games that are as gripping as those crime thrillers seen on television.  

Best Detective Games on Android

Everyone knows the typical story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We all know how one man becomes two, one of good and one of evil. MazM’s Jekyll and Hyde takes on an adventure game that follows the story through the eyes of the lawyer, Mr. Utterson.

Explore the city of London in the 19th century, enjoy the graphics of the game as you search for clues, solve problems and enjoy the story that has been told since Robert L. Stevenson’s 1886 mystery novel.

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In this crime solving Android game, play as the son of Professor Layton and research spectacular cases in the Scotland Yard in “The Mystery Room”.

Analyze crime scene and discover clues to find the guilty person. Cross check clues found with witnesses and their statements. Use your detective skills to bring justice to the dead and peace to the families. This game challenges you to pay attention to detail and leave no stone unturned.

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After returning home on request from your father, you arrive to a dead town, well an empty town. Where has everyone gone? This is for you to find out!

This ingenious detective game on Android will let you explore the ghost town and discover clues to unlock the mystery. Investigate mysteries by rotating fully 3D levels, exploring various locales and solving intricate puzzles to progress in the investigation. Discover the secrets in this interactive environment and experience the twists and turns in this game.

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There’s been a murder and you alone must discover the truth! But the truth may cause an uproar between the Humans of the world and the mythical creatures who coexist together.

Being apart of the Mystic Investigation Unit, it is up to you to see how the cases of the past are connected to the murder now. With different story endings available depending on your choices, choose wisely to catch the murder and restore peace.

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A serial killer is on the loose and preying on the innocent. Your sister, was one of the victims many years ago. Discover her murderer and prevent more teenagers from dying.

This murder mystery game for Android simulates a true sleuth at work. You will tap phone calls, hack computers, analyze photographs and investigate the scenes of the crimes to get to the truth. Your ethics will be tested as you must maneuver through this realistic and emotional story. Your answers to characters will either create bonds or destroy them as you uncover who the serial killer is. You alone can bring justice to the victims.

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Kidnapped. Murdered. Young girls are disappearing in a small town, and when they are found, they aren’t young girls anymore. Each one is taken. Each one is murdered.

In “Sentence”, a former police officer has been arrested, but is he the killer? Navigate through the politics, relationships, friendships, and strangers. Eavesdrop on people, discover clues to catch the real killer.

Relationships will create conflict, mistrust and will test your morals on what is right and wrong. How you play the game and the choices you make will influence if you catch the killer or let them escape.

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Become the best private eye you were meant to be and choose your path to becoming a true sleuth. Pick your adventure and crime to solve in this intriguing crime story.

In Detectives Club, the only way to get to the bottom of the case is by talking to everyone you encounter, ranging from suspects to witnesses. Examine the scene of the crime for clues. The game is played in real time and allows you to explore the 3D crime world to the fullest.

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This Android detective game takes on a more comical approach than others in its time. With humor and sarcasm galore, find yourself remembering the dialog as much as the clues.

Embark on a journey to solve complex and engaging quests. Discover and enjoy strange yet beautiful locations that will fill your curiosity and keep you hungry for more. The pixelated artwork and 2D graphic design give it the feel of old school video games, while keeping the story fresh with new adventures.

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Hello? Who is this? Why do you have this phone?

Welcome to Dead Man’s Phone. You are the lead crime scene investigator in a murder case and have acquired the victim’s phone. Browse through the dead man’s mobile life in search of clues to help find their murderer.

The choices you make throughout the game impact the story. Be prepared to face ethical dilemmas that will test your beliefs and challenge who you are as a person and detective.

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Murder Mystery is one of the best detective games for Android. You will explore London as a detective in a number of gruesome cases. Murder seems to be in the air and it’s up to you to bring the murderers out of the shadows and into the light.

Engage in realistic dialogues in this crime solving game to learn more about the cases, the victims, the circumstances and the crime.

You must leave no stone unturned, gather clues to build a case and come to your own conclusion. To proceed to the next case in your growing portfolio, you must successfully identify the murderer of your current one.

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