Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna: Beginners Guide & Codes

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(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna is a charming tap RPG game with captivating art direction. Developed by Super Planet, a studio known for its idle games like Airship Knights and Vahn’s Quest. Tap Dragon portrays Luna, a warrior who suddenly awakes and is given the quest to save her friends captured by the Dark Lord As.

Like most tap RPGs, Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna plays mostly by itself. But this game has an exciting feature. It’s separated into two instances: Stage and Adventure. The Stage is the basic gameplay, where Luna and her friends fight through endless monster waves. Adventure is a campaign that follows a storyline unique to the game.

Starting Your Game

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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna begins by introducing players to Luna and her quest. It then throws the player to the main screen and teaches the basic steps to be a good tapper.

The point of a clicker game is to continually tap the screen to attack enemies, collecting money to upgrade your warrior and recruit new companions.

As the game progresses, new mechanics and resources are unlocked, further strengthening the protagonist and her party and allowing them to progressively advance through the stages. 

To facilitate your gameplay, we will teach you some crucial tips on strengthening Luna and what activities you should perform daily.

Leveling Luna

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One of the most basic ways to strengthen Luna is by leveling her up. Following the standard gameplay, leveling is as easy as tapping a button. After collecting gold, click on Level up on the first screen and watch Luna grow in power.

Depending on the amount of gold available, a tooltip will prompt you to level her up in bulk. There is no need to worry about saving gold because it’s an easily collected resource, so spend it away. You can see Luna’s tap power above the Level Up button.

Recruiting Companions

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Luna is powerful enough but even more mighty with a party. On the bottom bar, the second menu displays the companions available or currently recruited in the Stage mode.

Companions are essential to increase the overall power of your party. But their best function is auto-attack, while Luna initially needs your tapping.

Recruiting companions is vital if you want the game to progress while offline. In other words, it’s what activates the idle function. Companions also level up with gold, so don’t be stingy.

After certain thresholds, companions learn new skills. Rule of thumb: whenever possible, recruit the top ones first. They are more expensive, but their DPS – damage per second – is worth the price.

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As you advance in the game, you can activate the Adventure option in the companion’s menu. This will display the weapons of your companions and allow you to upgrade them using resources called the Attribute Stone, provided their element is compatible.

Wearing Equipment

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Luna can equip gear to improve her status. There are four slots; each piece of equipment provides a fixed bonus, but rarer equipment also provides extra bonuses. The equipment rarity ranges from D to SSS.

  • Weapon – Increases Luna’s attack. She will do more damage with a tap according to the weapon’s Grade, enhancement, and level.
  • Grimoire – Grimoires increase the damage of Luna’s companions. It is essential for those who prefer to leave the game idle and rely on their friends’ power.
  • Ring – For hoarders, the ring is your go-to equipment. The accessory increases the gold earned during stages, essential to evolve all allied combatants.
  • Rune – Finally, we have the runes. It is the most build-specific gear because it increases the critical damage of all allies, i.e., Luna and companions. Runes are essential if all your build screams critical rate. Otherwise, go for the other gear first.

Each repeat piece of equipment summoned can be used in the synthesis to upgrade itself. The Adventure grants you Equipment Enhancement Stone, which, as the name implies, enhances the gear.

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Initially, feel free to spend those stones since resetting and refunding those resources are free. But we suggest you focus on one piece of equipment. To strengthen your companions, enhance the Grimoire to the max. If you like to tap, then your weapon.

The gist is to evolve the highest-grade gear since the effect these provide is insanely good compared to lower grades.

Learning New Skills

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Like any good Tap game, our protagonist can learn skills to give her enemies trouble. Skills are divided into four categories: none, lightning, flame, and ice.

Despite the different elements, they essentially work the same way. What influences which skills you should wield is the enemy’s weakness.

  • Lightning – Causes the Electric Shock debuff when using Lightning Charge, strengthening all other lightning skills.
  • Flame Fire Blow causes the state to Burn on enemies, increasing the damage of all other fire skills.
  • Ice – Casting Ice Ball freezes the enemy. The debuff increases the damage received from all other ice skills.
  • None – Has no element and extraordinary utility abilities. Some of the most recommended passive skills are here.

While elemental skills depend on enemy weakness, we strongly suggest equipping passive skills from the “None” skill tree.

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Skills like Cindy’s Protection increase Luna’s attack but guarantee an automatic Tap. In other words, Luna will strike even when the game is off, significantly strengthening your overall strength. All elemental passives also give the automatic tapping effect.

When facing bosses, Luna’s Mana starts at zero. Since time is short, it is essential to equip Full Attack, which regenerates Mana per tap. With it, you can recover Luna’s Mana enough for her to unleash her powerful skills.

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Equipping skills could be more intuitive. Instead of entering a specific menu, you have to exit them all. If you are inside a menu, tap the same button to hide the screen and show the skills.

Earning Ruby

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna only has one currency called Ruby. It’s used to summon new gears and skills. There are numerous ways to earn Rubies, and the game is super generous with the delivery.

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One of the most basic ways is simply logging in. Login bonuses provide numerous Rubies and other items, so log in at least once daily.

A handy way is to complete the quests presented on the main screen. They are under the number of enemies on the stage and are straightforward, like “Clear stage 200.” Besides serving as a tutorial, they supply a good amount of Rubies.

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The game provides Daily Missions and Repeat Quests. Fulfill the requirements and collect the rubies. Although the rubies earned on Repeat Quests are of lesser value, as the name implies, they are infinitely repeatable.

Spending Your Rubies

Saving on Rubies will get you nowhere, but you should spend them strategically. The game has no specific builds since they all guarantee your progress. Still, the ideal is to focus on one to avoid spreading your strengths too thin.

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Certain rewards are given according to your summon level, and you increase this by summoning. The chest shows your progress toward the next reward.

In reward level 5, the game provides Grade S gear, overwhelmingly superior to Grade A. The best strategy is to summon only one type of gear until you collect a Grade S, and then do this for the other types of equipment.

When you unlock the first Grade S in the rewards, this Grade can also be given in traditional summons. Consuming rubies is a must to progress in the game. 

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Or, you can go all-in on just one type. Rewards level 8 grants you Grade SS equipment, even stronger than its predecessors. Skill Summon, unfortunately, has no chest reward.

There are also various passes to hoard in those Rubies. Stage Pass, Adventure Pass, Season Pass, and Login Pass. They all have normal and premium bounties.

The Power of Rebirth

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No matter how strong Luna or her companions are, eventually, you will hit the brakes at some stage. That’s when the power of Rebirth kicks in.

Rebirth resets much of your progress in exchange for Relic Fragments, a resource to summon Relics which grants powerful global effects. Moreover, for every 100-plus stages since your last reincarnation, your Team Level increases, giving more bonuses for the whole party and unlocking new features in Adventure Mode.

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Don’t be afraid to use Rebirth. Although your progress is temporarily lost, you’ll recover quickly, and your party will be bulkier with every new Relic.

Summoning a Relic is similar to a gacha system. You don’t pick the one you want, but you can reroll it twice. While no Relics are precisely powerful, you should reroll when getting one that increases elemental damage. The cost of acquiring a new Relic increases with each subsequent one obtained.

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Opt for global effects like increased gold or Relic fragments upon Rebirth, or even the Gold Laurel Wreath Relic, which lowers the cost to level up other Relics. Any percentage is advantageous in a game where numbers get progressively higher. 

Adventure Mode Dungeons

Adventure mode works differently than Stage mode. Luna and her companions are empowered with Awakening, equipment, Relics, skills, and other attributes. However, everything derived from buying gold has no effect on Adventure.

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As your Team Level increases, the Adventure mode will unlock new areas. In the center of the map is the Adventure mode itself, where Luna saves her companions from the forces of evil. 

Each saved companion gets a weapon and receives the ability to be enhanced in normal stages. You need Adventure Keys to enter a stage, which are recharged every two hours.

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Several dungeons make up the Adventure. The first is the Daily Dungeon, which provides Attribute and Equipment Enhancement Stones. As the name implies, you can tackle these dungeons five times a day or more if you watch ads or have extra keys.

In these dungeons, you face gigantic bosses on specific days. Each one has a particular weakness and drops elements according to it. The sweep command collects resources based on the highest recorded damage caused.

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The second map unlocked is Bloodwind Canyon, a kind of PVP. It’s highly unbalanced, but you can get some victories now or then. For every win or loss, the player receives Honor Coins, resources for the Honor shop in Bloodwing Canyon.

You earn fatter rewards depending on your ranking at the end of the season. It’s not uncommon to come across opponents who are much stronger than you and can defeat you in just a few hits. This can make it challenging to move up in the ranks.

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Constellation Lake is the following map released, which provides Star Fragment at its conclusion after facing a gauntlet of monsters. These fragments are used to strengthen the constellations and the party’s potential.

Constellation is essential to awaken Luna and provide even more bonuses and lovely new skins, such as the Slime Hunter.

Many other maps are released as Luna’s Team Level increases, as is Hard Mode, but they take a while and are a bit outside the realm of what is considered a beginner.

Activate The Buffs

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In the upper left corner, there are wonderful buffs granted for those who can bear to watch some advertisement videos. Buffs such as doubling Luna’s attack or gold earned will surely boost your gameplay.

But the best, in our humble opinion, is the buff that speeds up Game Speed by 1.5x, ensuring that Rebirth replayability is much smoother and seamless.

Ads Are Your Best Friends

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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna doesn’t throw ads in your face during a normal playthrough. Still, it features numerous optional ads if you want to go the extra mile to acquire more bonuses.

As mentioned a few times, ads can give you a second wind and new retries in the adventures’ dungeons. Also, if you are stingy or low on rubies, you can summon a good amount of each gear category three times a day by watching ads.

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You also get ad stamps for every one watched. When you collet thirt of them, the game gives you a bunch of rubies as compensation.

There are several instances where an ad pops up, enticing you with more resources in exchange for your time. We have averaged out the daily number of ads available and how long you need to watch them if you want all the bonuses. Watching all the daily ads to enjoy these bonuses will take approximately 15 minutes since each ad is about 30 seconds on average.

If you don’t have the patience for this, we suggest you at least watch the ad when you are Rebirthing your character. This ad provides an additional 30% bonus of Relic Fragments, greatly assisting your adventure for the low price of thirty seconds.


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As usual, most mobile games feature codes to net some juicy rewards. Here in Tap Dragon they are called Gift Coupon.

To access the screen, click on the top left arrow to drop down and open all menus available. The first one with a cogwheel is what you want. Click on it and then on Gift Coupon. Codes expire over time, so they are constantly recycled.

C4STSP3LLS8000 Rubies in the Mailbox.
TAPLUNA9000 Rubies in the Mailbox.

To Conclude

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna is an endearing casual game. It’s lightweight, not time-demanding, and your progress isn’t blocked behind a paywall.
If you’re searching for a mobile game that doesn’t require you to be glued to the screen, this is a must-try. Also, watching your characters evolve daily it’s gratifying and amusing.

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