Tangent Interactive celebrates romance, diversity, equality, and inclusion with “Storylines: Passion and Fashion”

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Storylines: Passion and Fashion

Toronto Canada, March 29, 2022: Today, Tangent Interactive Media releases its first interactive storytelling game for Android and iOS: Storylines: Passion & Fashion.

Storylines: Passion and Fashion

Focusing on rich storytelling, high-quality 3D art, animation, and custom character building, this is the next generation in mobile interactive storytelling gaming.

Players customize avatars and develop personal love stories through individual choices and character interaction.

Choosing appearance in Storylines: Passion and Fashion

Developed in partnership with the Canada Media Fund, Storylines: Passion & Fashion is aimed at the multimillion-dollar romantic interactive storytelling market which targets female Gen Z and Millennials.

Unlike incumbent games in the market, Storylines: Passion & Fashion is the only title using real-time 3D display to create a cinematic immersive user experience.

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Advocating for diversity, equality, and inclusion 

Storylines: Passion & Fashion pushes the boundaries of character customization and includes a Rich DEI experience that is reflective of the developer.  Diversity and personal connection are key and players can customize their character and love interests including hair, skin, eyes, body shape, and gender identity (binary or non-binary) in each Story.  Character Dialogue dynamically adapts to reflect a character’s gender identity.


Looking good is also important to players and the in-game collection of clothing is ever-expanding. Each piece is designed to work with all body types and genders.

 “Video games usually impose default characters that reflect the cultural and sociological bias of a predominantly male video game industry”, Blake Dahl, Director of Product at Tangent Interactive. “We have put a lot of thought into removing bias from our game. As we wanted our players to make their stories their own, it was critical for us to design a system that can reflect human diversity, including gender, physical appearance and sexual orientations. Equality and diversity are important to our organization. I hope our product reflects that.

Available on the App Store and the Google Play Store

About Tangent Interactive

Tangent Interactive Media is a Canadian game developer which empowers the combination of technology, storytelling, and passion to create captivating bite-sized entertainment experiences.

Our belief is that technology is not the end goal. It allows us to be more ambitious.

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