10 Talking Tom Time Rush Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)

In Talking Tom Time Rush, Tom and his friends have an amazing Magic Gate that lets them instantly travel to fantastic worlds of adventure.

Talking Tom Time Rush

Being the absolute scallywag that he is, Roy Rakoon tried to spoil the fun by stealing the crystals that power the Magic Gate, so now Tom and his friends have to chase him across the universe to get the crystals back. And the other Rakoonz will do anything they can to stop them!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Talking Tom Time Rush!

Swipe Left and Right While Airborne

Swiping left and right while you run is what the gameplay of Talking Tom Time Rush is all about. But did you know that you can swipe sideways to switch lanes when you’re in the middle of a jump? In fact, sometimes you need to do this in order to get some gold or avoid an obstacle.

So, whenever you jump or swing on a trapeze, or find yourself flying through the air for any reason, look ahead. If the trail of gold isn’t directly in front of you, swipe toward it before you land. And if there’s an obstacle in front of you, swipe away from it!

Get Help from Special Scenery

While most of the objects you’ll run into (often literally) in Talking Tom Time Rush are obstacles you need to avoid, some of them actually help you. Dino World has super jumps, Pirate World has super jumps and trapezes, and Marble World has gushing barrels.

The gushing barrels sometimes push you away from obstacles and into the path of gold, but sometimes they push you into obstacles so watch out! Super jumps and trapezes always help though, so run onto every super jump, and make sure to jump to every trapeze.

Collect Gold to Unlock More Worlds and Rewards

The more gold you collect in Talking Tom Time Rush, the further you progress along the magic map, and at each new stage of the magic map, you get a reward.

There are a lot of different rewards to unlock, including sticker packs, Silver Paws, new worlds, gold, special stages, and chests. Also, every time you reach a new stage on the magic map, your score multiplier increases, making it easier to beat your own high score, and the high scores of your friends.

Always Get the Power-ups

There are three different power-ups in Talking Tom Time Rush – Shields, Magnets, and Jetpacks – and they’re worth getting every time. If you have a choice between gold and a power-up, always take the power-up, as it’ll help you get more gold anyway.

The Shield protects you if you hit an obstacle, the Magnet lets you collect all the gold on the screen even without running into it, and the Jetpack lets you fly above the road for a while, which is great because there’s always lots of gold, and no obstacles, up there.

Don’t Play Too Safe

When you first start playing Talking Tom Time Rush, it makes sense to avoid risks and focus on lasting as long on your run as possible. But once you start getting the hang of it, you’ll notice that the most dangerous paths are often the ones with the most gold on them.

So, when you’re feeling more confident, start trying out the routes that require better reflexes and precision, but reward your running skills with loads more gold.

Don’t Waste Your Silver Paws

While you’ll get a lot of gold on every run in Talking Tom Time Rush, Silver Paws are harder to come by. They’re used to buy sticker packs, chests, and “save me” chances when you crash during a run, but they’re not easy to get, so think carefully before you spend them.

Will you get a new high score if you run just a little further? Then that “save me” might be worth the cost. Are you just one sticker short of a new outfit? Well, maybe that sticker pack will be worth the cost.

Get Rewards in Lots of Different Ways

Running isn’t the only way to get rewards in Talking Tom Time Rush. You can also get rewards by opening chests and by spinning the reward wheel.

You never know exactly what you’re going to get, and the surprise is part of the excitement. But whether you get gold, Silver Paws, or stickers, your rewards are sure to take the fun to the next level!

Collect Stickers to Unlock Outfits

Every sticker you collect in Talking Tom Time Rush makes up part of a picture of either Tom or one of his friends. If you manage to collect all the stickers for one picture, then you unlock the outfit in the picture.

To change outfits, tap your current character on the main start screen (he or she will be standing by the Magic Gate). Use the left and right arrows to browse that character’s outfits, and tap the portrait in the bottom right corner to choose a different character.

Explore Side Paths

Sometimes when you’re running in Talking Tom Time Rush, the left or the right lane will curve away to the side, while the other two lanes continue straight on.

If you take one of these side paths, you’ll stay in the same world, but side paths are more challenging than the main path. They also contain a lot more gold, so exploring side paths is a great way to earn more gold by taking a little more risk.

Unlock and Enjoy Special Paths

When you first start playing in a new world in Talking Tom Time Rush, you’ll notice that the path occasionally splits into three lanes and the middle lane is locked. That middle lane is the entrance to a special path, but you need to progress further on the magic map to unlock it.

For example, Dino World’s special path, in which you get to ride the Stone Bike, unlocks at level 10 on the magic map. On Pirate World’s special path, you sail a pirate ship, and on Marble World’s special path, you escape from an erupting volcano. Each special path is even more exciting than the last!

Want to join the chase in Talking Tom Time Rush? You can download the game here: Google Play

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