Talking Tom Pool – 7 Tips and Hints for New Players

Anurag Ghosh
Talking Tom Pool
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Developers at Outfit7 have done it again! They have created yet another addicting game that will keep players glued to the screen for hours on end. Talking Tom Pool’s unique sling-to-match mechanics lets players match cute kitties on floaties. Your goal is to match two or more floaties of the same color to clear the pool. But there will be lots of challenges and plenty of obstacles. You will have to be careful launching floaties, varying their speed and direction and using obstacles to your advantage to clear levels.

On completing a level, you will get keys, which you can use to repair attractions and rebuild a large water park. You can also attract new visitors to your park and use happiness to unlock new areas. There are lots of things to do in Talking Tom Pool. These beginner-level tips and hints will help you finish levels, know how to deal with obstacles and use power-ups to remodel your water park:

1. Take Your Time

Don’t hurry up when matching floaties. You have a move limit, not time limit. Examine the pool and look for those floaties that can be matched easily. So if there are a bunch of pink colored floaties close to each other, try to match them first as they are easily accessible.

Talking Tom Pool

Aim for at least one match in every move and don’t waste your moves. Remember that you will have to match only two floaties of the same color, but the more the number of floaties is matched in one move, the faster you will be able to clear the pool.

2. Use One Floatie to Target Two

If there’s a single floatie placed opposite two or more floaties of the same color, then use that floatie as a striker to target them. This way you will match more objects in one move. Scan the pool and look for such a setup.
In later levels you may not find such a simple setup and may have to do this yourself by launching a striker into other same-colored floaties to tuck them in one corner. You can then use a striker of the same color to take them out in one move.

3. Use Power-Ups Sparingly

The game lets you use power-ups to match floaties faster. There are two types of power-ups – Rocket and Unicorn. Tap the rocket power-up and then tap any floatie and all floaties of that color will lift off. Use this power-up on hard-to-reach floaties.

The unicorn power-up magically converts all floaties into one color so that you can get more matches in one move. Make sure you get as many matches as possible once when you use the power-up.

Save power-ups for the hardest levels – those levels that can’t be solved after multiple retries. You get three free chances and after that you will have to use coins to buy them, so use power-ups sparingly.

4. Slow Down a Bit

Many times, a floatie moving at blazing fast speeds might spell more trouble instead of matches. This usually happens when there are various obstacles cleverly placed on the pool. Your fast-moving floatie may end up getting zero matches and may create a mess, resulting in floaties moving farther away or getting isolated from others.

Watch Those Arrows

Before releasing a floatie, always check direction and speed. Speed is measured in arrows. When you pull back, check the number of arrows in the front. Three arrows suggest that the floatie will move at high speed, whereas two indicates it will move slower. If there are obstacles and you may want to avoid them, pull back a bit until you see two arrows and release to get past them. This will help you reach your target without messing the entire setup or bumping against an obstacle.

5. Don’t Get Sucked into Fans

Exhaust fans clone a floatie. So when it dashes against a fan, two more floaties of the same type emerge from it. It will take extra moves to get rid of them, so avoid fans as much as possible. When you see an exhaust fan, try to slow down movement by decreasing speed of your floatie or change its direction. (Read the previous section on speed and direction). You may target walls and bounce off them to reach your target if you want to avoid any contact with a fan in the middle of a pool.

6. Beware of Ice Blocks

You will have to bump against an ice block twice to break it. An ice block may contain a trapped floatie, so you will have to break it, but you can ignore an ice block if there’s no floatie inside it. You can bounce off a block to reach your target.

7. Unlock New Areas in Your Water Park

Only three attractions of your water park can be repaired at a time. Each section can be unlocked once you earn the required number of keys. Keep playing levels until you get all keys for all 3 attractions. Doing this will help you repair them at once and in this way get more happiness much faster.

Choose a Visitor Wisely

Every time you repair a section, an adorable kitty visitor arrives on your water park. You can select one visitor from three choices. Select the middle one by watching a video as it will bring more “Happiness”.

Collect happiness from visitors to unlock a new area within your park. When a visitor arrives he brings happiness which fills the new area status bar on top of the screen. Fill the bar completely to open a new area for repair.

Additional Tips

You may occasionally get an extra life when you lose a level. Just look for the “Free Move” button when you are out of moves. Tap to watch a video and get a heart. Don’t forget to claim it by tapping the envelope icon.

Get Free Life

Once you get the required number of keys to unlock a ruin, you can repair it by choosing any one attraction from three attractions. Do not select the last one as it requires coins, which the in-game premium currency. Choose the middle one as it’s pretty attractive and can be yours by just watching a video.

Tap the rainbow balloon when it lands on the theme park. The balloon appears randomly. You will be taken to roulette where you might win cool prizes, such as coins, hearts or free power-ups.