Takt Op Symphony – Beginners Guide & Tips

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Here is everything beginners need to know in Takt Op Symphony!

Takt Op Symphony is the most anticipated symphonic RPG mobile game of 2023, developed by Bandai Namco Arts. The game is inspired by the popular Anime series named Takt Op. Destiny, which came live in October 2021.

The players’ main goal in this video game is to return the world to harmony. It includes completing missions, fighting enemies, unlocking Musicarts, training them, opening Summons, and getting achievements. Still, it’s only a tiny part of what you should do in Takt Op Symphony.

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And if you are a newcomer and it appears to be complex, let’s make things more straightforward. We’ve prepared this Takt Op Symphony guide. Here you can find all the necessary information about the game. And if you read by the end, you’ll discover a few working tips that can significantly improve your in-game experience. 

Takt Op Symphony How To Progress

In Takt Op Symphony, the storyline resolves around returning the world to harmony with the help of classic music. To progress and finish the game, players must complete a storyline. It is divided into 10 Storyline Chapters, including the introduction.

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  • Instability
  • Specious Peace
  • The Rose
  • Once Upon a Star
  • The Queen’s Companion
  • Destiny’s Memory
  • Interrupted Rhythm
  • Mourning the Dead
  • Farewell
  • Combined Dissonance

Each chapter introduces new heroes and brings the player closer to reaching the primary goal. The Takt Op Symphony storyline is exciting, so you might want to finish it quickly. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do because of the Stamina. Read on, and you’ll discover more about it.

Takt Op Symphony Stamina

To progress in Takt Op Symphony, get resources and finish the storyline, players need to use in-game energy called Stamina.

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The maximum amount of Stamina can be accumulated is 150, but it is tough to reach. It takes six minutes to restore 1 Stamina, so restoring all the progress will take 15 hours.

Takt Op Symphony: Gacha Explained

Like most popular mobile RPGs released, Takt Op Symphony is a gacha video game. Getting new characters is done by opening Banners, which can be found in the Score Room.

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A single banner costs 150 Echmonds. It’s not a high amount, as it can be easily obtained by completing a few chapters of the storyline.

While it sounds straightforward, getting a decent hero takes time and effort. The chance of getting a 3-star Musicart is only 1,5%, while 2-star characters drop with a 9% rate. 

Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

In addition to these rates, 2-star Musicarts are guaranteed to drop every ten-pull you make, and a three-star drop every 75 pulls, equal to 11,250 Echmonds.

As a decent Musicart might cost you an arm and a leg, it’s worth paying attribution to reroll. Read on, and you’ll learn more about this system.

Takt Op Symphony Reroll

Reroll is the best way to obtain a powerful hero in Takt Op Symphony with no investments. To reroll, you only need to create multiple accounts and try your luck with free Summons given to every player after completing the tutorial.

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At the time of writing, the best heroes you can get from reroll are:

  • Walkure
  • Destiny
  • Moonlight
  • Fantaisie Impromptu
  • Swan Lake
  • Winter
  • Jupiter
  • Carmen
  • The Nutcracker
  • Bolero
  • Daphnis 
  • Chloe

These Musicarts are considered the best in Takt Op Symphony. If you’ve obtained one, feel free to invest your resources to level up as much as possible.

Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

And if you have trouble with rerolling in Takt Op Symphony, let us know in the comments. We’ll prepare Takt Op Symphony to reroll guide & tier list, explaining how to reroll effectively and get powerful heroes quickly.

Takt Op Symphony Musicarts

Once you know everything about obtaining new heroes in Takt Op Symphony, let’s learn more about Musicarts. 

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According to the game’s lore, Musicarts are anti-D2 weapons from certain humans. Musicarts allowed humanity to fight off D2. So, the fate of the entire world is laid on their shoulders.

There are 25 Musicarts in Takt Op Symphony, each with a unique music composition. Moreover, the number of Musicarts is likely to be increased in the future.

Takt Op Symphony Classes

In Takt Op Symphony, Musicarts are divided into five classes, each with unique features and battle potential. And if you want to be effective during the battle, knowing about classes is extremely important.

Read the guide to avoid dumb mistakes and play the game wisely. You can discover more about Takt Op Symphony classes here!


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Wardens are tanks in Takt Op Symphony. They cannot boast insane attack capabilities but have high health points and decent defensive stats. That said, Warden is a shield for the entire team, protecting others from damage.


Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Stalkers are the classic melee attackers focused on dealing physical damage. Stalkers are the fastest Musicarts. Their high DPS allows them to eliminate crowds of enemies in a few minutes.


Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Gunners are long-range attackers. Compared to Stalkers, they have fewer health points and deal less damage. Still, it’s compensated by a long attack range allowing it to target Magus and Restorers.


Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Bladers are gold mean between Gunners and Stalkers. They are potent semi-tanks who balance between absorbing damage instead of the teammates and dealing damage to the enemy. Currently, Bladers are meta in Takt Op Symphony.


Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Magus are the equivalent of Mages. Most players compare them to Gunnerd because of the high DPS combined with long-range attacks. However, there is a significant difference. Magus deal AoE magical damage, which makes them the best choice to fight against crowds enemies.


Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Restorers are healers in Takt Op Symphony, thus, their impact on the battle is often underestimated. Still, a properly trained restorer can bring the entire team to life. That’s why we recommend paying attention to restorers, especially if you are a late-game player.

Takt Op Symphony Team Building

Now that you’ve read this guide, you have the knowledge to explore team building further. Building a team is an important skill that can benefit F2P players and those who don’t mind spending money on the game.

Team Composition

Constructing the perfect team in Takt Op Symphony can be intricate and depends on factors such as the in-game stage, battle, and your abilities. To help you out, we have put together some easy-to-follow guidelines below for creating the ideal team

Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

Having at least one Warden in your team is recommended regardless of the in-game stage or play style. It allows you to increase the entire team’s defence capabilities and lets you survive brutal fights.  

Additionally, every team should have a Blader. As previously mentioned, Bladers are meta in Takt Op Symphony and can provide excellent DPS and supportive abilities for the rest of the team.

It’s up to you and your preferences for the other two characters. In the early game, it would be best to focus on attacking capabilities and consider using Gunners and Bladers. 

In the late game, it’s essential to make a more balanced composition by including Restorers and Magus. This will allow your team to survive longer and deal more damage against a powerful opponent.

Team Positioning

Once you know which Musicarts to include in your team, let’s discuss how to place them correctly on the battlefield. While it looks straightforward, Takt Op Symphony has some differences from other video games.

  • Bladers – First/Second Line
  • Gunners – Third Line
  • Magus – Third/Fourth Line
  • Stalker – Second/Third Line
  • Restorer – Fourth Line
  • Warden – First/Second Line
Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

If you want to use two heroes of the same class, put a more powerful one at the front line. It allows you to reach the highest effectiveness during the battle, which is extremely important to win in Takt Op Symphony.

Team Buffs

The last thing to consider while creating a team in Takt Op Symphony is Team Buffs. This system allows you to reach the highest effectiveness by selecting heroes of the same factions. There are multiple factions available, mentioned in the list below.

  • Struggle
  • Fantasy
  • Jollity
  • Lament
  • Eternity
  • Mystery
  • Romance
Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

In the case of the faction Struggle, each team member belonging will deal 10% more damage. Additionally, after every action, they will deal an extra 3% more damage, up to a maximum of 15%. This boost can be beneficial, especially when applied to all your team members.

To view the complete list of boosts available in Takt Op Symphony, visit the Factions menu as in the screenshot below.

Takt Op Symphony Tips and Tricks

Once you know the basic information about Takt Op Symphony, let’s continue with the most exciting part of this article – tips and tricks. To make things easier, we included only those that can be helpful for both beginners and experienced players.

Save Resources

Like most RPGs, the first few days in Takt Op Symphony is a honeymoon period. During it, the in-game progression goes exceptionally quickly. You gain tons of Stamina, Biscuits and Summons, which are the most valuable resources in the game.

Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

However, many players start wasting these resources for quick, temporary benefits. It allows one to pass through the game’s early stages quickly but then faces stagnation later.

To avoid this problem, we highly recommend you save all the important items for the late game, spending them only once necessary. And if you wonder where you can spend your gains, pay attention to Commissioned Battles. They are an excellent game mode to invest resources in for maximum benefit. 

Spend Summons Wisely

As you know previously, getting decent heroes in Takt Op Symphony is the thing that requires both time and effort. Thus, spending summons wisely is one of the best things you can do, even though it may seem odd.

Photo: Bandai Namco Arts

To get the best outcome from Summons in Takt op Symphony, use them only when limited-time Musicarts are available. It significantly increases your chances of obtaining a decent hero.

Also, collecting at least 1,500 Echmonds before opening Summons would be best. This way, you can open Summons ten times, ensuring you get a 2-star hero.

Use Emulator

We understand that using an emulator is a controversial decision and comes with certain drawbacks. Still, we highly recommend every player have an emulator on hand for situations when mobile devices are unavailable.

One of the best benefits of having an emulator is that it allows you to play the game from multiple devices, significantly increasing your playtime. As a result, you start getting more resources and progress faster.

Another reason to use an emulator is to reroll. With modern emulators, users can simulate multiple smartphones simultaneously, making rerolling an easy process. Furthermore, you can simultaneously complete tutorials across various accounts to make rerolling even more straightforward.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting 

There is little to lose if you only start an adventure in Takt Op Symphony. So, why not experiment? It can bring so much fun into your gameplay, also increasing your combat skills.

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Vary your team compositions to discover new strategies and abilities that make you even more effective. As there might be issues with getting new Musicarts, use multiple accounts and try new combinations on each one. With this approach, you can easily find a team composition that works for you. 


That’s it with the Takt Op Symphony beginners guide. While this article doesn’t cover the entire gameplay, the information shown here is enough to start your adventure without making mistakes. Still, be ready to master plenty of new mechanics and explore the exciting new world on your own.

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The guide has ended, but you are still here? Well, we have an extra piece of advice for you. In Takt Op Symphony, there are plenty of freebies available with codes. And if you want to discover all the active Takt Op Symphony codes, check out our guide. Codes are available to all players, so watch for them!

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