The Walking Dead: March to War – Tips, Hints and Strategies for Beginners

Walker Swarm

The Walking Dead: March to War is an excellent strategy game developed by Disruptor Beam, creators of Star Trek: Timelines. The game lets you build a base, search and recruit survivors, eliminate zombies, raid player bases and solve survivor problems. You will be rewarded with resources, council covers, speedups, community relocations, cease fires and many … Read more

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – Tips, Hints and Battle Tactics

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is a turn-based tactical RPG developed by Next Games. The game’s battle system is similar to X-Com: Enemy Unknown and Hunters: Episode One. However, there are some new elements added to the combat system, making play time more fun and enjoyable.There’s also a camp to manage and upgrading key … Read more

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – 14 Tips, Tricks and Strategies

A few years ago, when Facebook gaming was quite popular, a game called AMC TWD: Chronicles became an instant hit among gamers and TWD fans. It was fun managing survivors, equipping them with rifles, pistols and frying pans and beating the hell out of zombies in turn-based battles. Sadly, the game closed down permanently in … Read more