Switchcraft Game Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Wooga’s Switchcraft is a story-driven match-3 puzzle game that revolves around the adventures of Bailey Ward, a novice witch who joined Pendle Hill, a secret academy of witchcraft. Follow her story through an interactive comic book as she unearths the mysteries of Pendle Hill while investigating the disappearance of her friend Lydia.

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Switchcraft features an interactive novel inspired by “choose your own adventure” books. Each chapter has a set of scenes that allows players to read, interact, and even cast spells to progress through the story. Players will have to choose appropriate answers while confronting an enemy or talking to a character, swipe the screen to reveal objects hidden beneath leaves and dust and trace glyphs on the screen to cast spells.

Switchcraft tips and cheats

You will need “Magicka” to progress through the story. You will obtain 1 magicka after completing a puzzle level. Use it to start a scene and interact with characters, select the appropriate choices, cast spells etc. Each scene requires at least 1 magicka. Completing match-3 puzzle levels also grants coins. Use coins to purchase spell cards, boosters and extra moves in case you fail to complete a level. The best way to complete levels/chapters is to know how to use special gems and combos to finish your goals, get bonus coins from extra moves and earn magicka. You will know how to do this with the help of these Switchcraft game tips, cheats and strategies. 

How to Make Special Gems

There are five types of special gems – Line, Frog, Bomb, Rainbow Pearl and Coloring Potion. A special gem can help you clear several gems in a single move, thereby saving lots of moves and even helping you inch closer to finishing a puzzle level goal with several moves remaining. Here are some tips to create and make the most of special gems:

Match 4 gems of the same color in a row, horizontally or vertically, to create a Line Gem. Next, match the line gem with two more gems of the same color to remove all gems in a straight line.  

Match five gems of the same color in an L or T Shape to create a Bomb Gem. Now match the bomb gem with two more gems of the same color. It will explode, clearing everything around it. The best part of the bomb gem is that is explodes twice, clearing surrounding gems two times.

Create a Frog Gem by matching 4 gems of the same color in a square. Next, match the frog gem with two more gems of its color, and a frog will jump to a tile/obstacle. Frogs will usually jump to a tile or an obstacle to clear it from the game board, helping you complete an objective faster.

Matching five gems of the same color in a straight line, horizontally or vertically, creates a Rainbow Pearl. Once you create a rainbow pearl, swap with an adjacent gem to remove all gems of that color in the game board. Make sure you swap the rainbow pearl with a gem that has several copies spread across the game board. Doing this, you might also trigger more matches automatically, plus newer gems will appear from the top of the game board.

Match six gems in a T shape to create a Coloring Potion. Now combine the coloring potion with a gem to spread its color.

For example: You will create a red coloring potion if you match 6 red colored gems in a T shape. Now if you swap the red coloring potion with a blue gem, all blue gems on the game board will be colored red.

Know These Special Gem Combos

You can combine special gems, such as line, frog and bomb gems to clear lots of gems from the game board at once. Special gem combos help you complete level goals before running out of moves.

Every time you match gems, you use up a move. A normal puzzle level has 30 moves. Using special gem combos, it will become a bit easier for you to complete objectives before the 30-move limit.  

To combine two special gems, make sure they are placed next to each other. Swap their places to trigger a truly magical effect.

Combine special gems

Here’s a list of special gem combinations:

Line + Line Gem: If you see two line gems next to each other, just swap their places/combine to trigger a cross-shaped blast, clearing a row and column of gems simultaneously.

Line + Bomb Gem: Combine line with bomb gem and all gems in three rows or three columns will be cleared at once. If the line gem has a horizontal slit, then three rows will be cleared. If it’s a vertical slit, three columns will be cleared.

Bomb + Bomb Gem: Will trigger a larger explosion, clearing more gems than before. Also, trigger another large explosion, clearing more gems.

Rainbow Pearl + Bomb or Line Gem: If you spot a rainbow pearl next to a bomb or line gem, quickly swap their places. All gems with the same color as of the bomb or line gem will be turned into bomb gems/line gems and will explode at the same time, clearing a lot of gems at once.

Frog Gem + Bomb or Line Gem: Combine frog gem with a bomb or line gem and the frog gets charged up with line/bomb power. The powered up frog hops to an obstacle/gem and triggers a line blast or explodes depending on the special gem matched with it.

Frog + Frog Gem: Creates three frogs that hop to different directions to remove a crucial obstacle or gem from the game board. Frogs help a lot to complete goals faster as they usually target obstacles or gems related to the level goal.

Rainbow Pearl + Frog Gem: Combinea rainbow pearl with a frog gem and all gems of the frog gem’s color will be automatically turned into multiple frog gems.

Rainbow Pearl + Rainbow Pearl: Clears at least half of the game board.

Rainbow Pearl + Coloring Potion: Combine these two powerful gems to trigger a magical vortex. The vortex sucks everything, clearing the entire game board. If the game board is full of tiles/obstacles, then this combo will clear almost all tiles.

Frog Gem + Coloring Potion: The coloring potion will create multiple frog gems by spreading its color.

Example: If the frog gem’s color is orange and the coloring potion is red and they are placed next to each other. Combine them and all orange gems in the game board will be turned into red frogs because the red coloring potion not only turns all orange gems red, but also converts them to frogs. A coloring potion’s color relies on the matched gems. So if you match six red gems

The above example also applies to bomb gem/line gem + coloring potion. Combine them and spread the magic!

How to get Bonus Coins

Coins are used to purchase boosters, spell cards and extra moves when you have failed to complete a level.

The best way to earn bonus coins is to finish a level with several moves remaining. At the end of a level, each extra move will be converted into special gems, which will then automatically clear many gems from the board. All gems cleared from the board will turn into bonus coins. The more extra moves will remain, the more bonus coins you will earn.

You will earn bonus coins from the free chest you obtained every 10 match-3 levels. Besides coins, you may also receive boosters or free spell cards.

Go to dorm and tap the cute cat Magnus to claim your daily bonus. You might receive a different reward every day, but on some days, you will obtain coins as rewards.

How Many Chapters?

There are more than 1000 puzzle levels and over 20 chapters in Switchcraft. There might be more chapters soon, so if you have completed all levels and want more magicka, then you may have to wait.

Pay Attention to the Sparkling Cracks on a Line Gem

You will create a Line Gem when you match 4 gems of the same color either horizontally or vertically. A line gem looks different from others. There will be a sparkling crack on that special gem.

Pay attention to the sparkling crack. If you match 4 gems of the same color horizontally, there will be a vertical crack on the Line Gem. Matching a line gem with a vertical crack etched on it will clear a column of gems.

If you match 4 gems in a straight line vertically, then the line gem will have a horizontal crack. Match that line gem with two more gems of the same color to pop all gems horizontally.

List of Boosters

Before you start a level in Switchcraft, you can select one out of three boosters. You will need coins to purchase a boosters. They are available only for certain levels:

Boom Pack (1900 coins): Select this booster to start a level with a bomb gem and a line gem on the board.

Rainbow Pearl (900 Coins): Start a level with a rainbow pearl on the game board.

Double Frogs (1900 coins): Recommended booster – You will get two frogs for each matched frog gem in a particular puzzle level.

Make Use of Spell Cards

Spell cards are available on the bottom of the game board. While matching gems, you can purchase a spell card using coins. Tap on the “+” icon on a spell card to purchase it. A single purchase grants three spell cards in Switchcraft, which can be used across all levels. So make sure you save them for tougher levels. 

Shooting star spell card.

1. Shooting Star: Use this card to destroy a tile of your choice on the game board. Costs 1900 coins.

2. Magical Hands: You can swap any two adjacent gems with magical hands card. Costs 2900 coins.

3. Enchanted Ivy: Clear a row and column of your choosing. Costs 3800 coins.

How to Obtain Magicka

In Switchcraft, Magicka is used to read story panels of a particular chapter. You will need 1 magicka to read a story panel in Switchcraft.

Here’s how to get free Magicka:

1. The best way to obtain magicka is to complete match-3 puzzle levels. We recommend accumulating magicka by playing ten levels consecutively and then use 10 magicka to unlock ten panels in a chapter for an uninterrupted story reading/interaction.

2. Tap the key icon on the bottom of the home screen to go to the dorm. Now tap on the potted plant next to the window. It’s a “Magicka” plant.

Magicka plant

Tap on the “Water” button and watch a 30-second advert to get free magicka and other rewards. A new video appears every 10 minutes in this game. You must watch 5 videos to get your free magicka rewards. Before earning magicka, you will receive various rewards such as boosters, coins and unlimited hearts.  

  1. I’m on level 2173 and can’t figure out how to get the star gems to drop. I’ve tried various combinations with no luck. Help!

    1. So I’m not crazy , because I’m on that level now and it’s doing the exact same thing . And still haven’t found a solution either .

  2. I had played for about a year and I was at level ~2000 and it suddenly kind of restarted and now I’m at puzzles level 55?? but It’s the only thing that was reset and i’m kind of frustrated lmao help

  3. I’ve been doing so well with this game till I got to level 853. There is definitely not enough moves to beat this level and I’ve been on this same level for weeks! I’m about to give up on this game. It seems way to hard this level and there arent boosters or anything to help.

  4. I’m having to wait 13 days each time as I’m coming to the end of the story can they not be done any faster I love the story and it’s not the same playing without one please make switchcraft faster

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