Survivor Master-Sifu: SEA – Complete Game Guide

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Survivor Master-Sifu

Survivor Master-Sifu: SEA is a roguelike game, developed by Wonder Plus Game, and is available to download and play for free from the Play Store.

The main goal in this game? Survive! Become a master at martial arts and take on your enemies using strategy and your skills. Fight an array of monsters and enemies that would like to see you fail.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game


Playing Survivor Master-Sifu is relatively easy, if you know how to use strategy to become the very best.

To move around in the game, use the joystick displayed on your screen. Avoid touching any enemies on the screen, as you will lose health and die.

With each wave and level, enemies become increasingly more powerful, so make sure you select the buffs during gameplay that will help you to succeed.

In order to obtain buffs, collect items that drop from enemies you have defeated.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Additional items that help you during gameplay can be found in urns all over the map. Break these urns to receive items such as health, blow up enemies on the entire map, shoot blasts of fire for a timed duration, as well as collect all of the loot dropped by enemies in one go.

These are a few worth mentioning.

Bosses will appear on the map. They can easily be distinguished when you take a look at the icon above their head. The icon will be red and the boss is more difficult to defeat in comparison to the normal enemies attacking you.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Some bosses will have red markings on the ground, be careful of those. If you see the red marking ensure that your character is not standing directly in this space. The attack will cause immense damage if you are caught in this area.

Bosses such as these will drop chests, which will give you extra buffs during the battle.

The big boss as gamers like to say, will be indicated on your screen. The corners of your screen will turn red and large letters will be displayed on your screen indicating the fight is about to begin.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

When the big boss appears in Survivor Master-Sifu, all other enemies on the map will disappear and you will have a few seconds to prepare yourself. When the final boss has been defeated on a map, you will clear the stage.

You will have various buffs to choose from, some buffs increase your attack percentage, some increase your number of shots fired, or dragons released, and so forth.

Using buffs that increase the number of shots fired, as well as the damage percentage, works to your advantage, but having a force field surrounding you will work to your advantage even more!

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Screen Display and Icons

Personal Settings for Survivor Master-Sifu are displayed on the top right-hand side when you click on your Avatar.

Additionally, you can change your name, as well as user preferences.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Below the event icon, you will find the following:

  1. 1st Topup – Claim generous rewards by topping up
  2. 7 Day Gala
  3. Complete quests and claim rewards that help you throughout the game
Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

The top of your screen in the center displays from left to right, Level, Stamina remaining, Coins remaining, as well as Jade amount.

On the right-hand side, at the top, you will see three icons:

The first one on the left indicates your merit, ie. the challenges you will need to complete. The second icon is where you will find all of your mail. The third icon indicates your skill album, this is to show which skills you have obtained during gameplay.

In the center of your screen, you will see the map you are currently on. There are two difficulties, normal and hard. The very bottom of your screen will show you the following:

Jiangu – Coming Soon

Market – Use keys obtained during gameplay to open chests, these chests will give you school tokens, gear, and heroism keys, among others.

Hero – Here you will find everything needed to upgrade your hero, things such as upgrading and equipping gear, gaining pets once you have reached the required level, and so forth.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

You are also able to see your character’s attributes, by selecting the exclamation mark icon.

The following attributes are displayed:

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game
  • Hp
  • Atk
  • Fan Damage
  • Dart Damage
  • Contact RES
  • Ammo RES
  • More Healing
  • Move SPD
  • Max Strength

Clash – This icon enables you to go into battle.

Skill – You will find various skills to enhance your character’s abilities. Bear in mind that you will need to do certain tasks in order to use this feature.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

School – The school allows you to converse with the teachers and earn extra rewards. Send the teachers gifts if you have rewards available, and receive gifts in return.

Wild – Opens at level 30.

Survivor Master-Sifu Game Tips

In Survivor Master-Sifu, you are able to change the server you are connected to. In the very beginning, you will be given the option of a few servers.

Killing enemies will drop Elixer on the ground. Collect this Elixer to gain skills. You will have the option of choosing three once the bar at the top of your screen is full. 

Recommended skills to choose from:

  • Shadow Dragon – Your character will have a dragon that flies around the area killing enemies. Certain buffs will increase the number of dragons, as well as the attack percentage.
  • Zither force field – This creates a force field around your character, protecting you from enemies that get too close. Certain buffs increase the size and damage percentage of your force field.
  • Needles – Your character shoots needles at incoming enemies. Certain buffs can increase the number of needles discharged, as well as the damage percentage.
  • Note: Some buffs are better than others, they will be easily recognizable when you select them, as they are a different color and show a red star, instead of gold stars.
Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

When you reach level 3, travel is unlocked. You can either use quick travel using your stamina, or you can wait for the timer and claim the rewards.

Rewards granted in Survivor Master-Sifu can be used for various things. Jade is your in-game currency and allows you to purchase additional items that will help you progress throughout the game.

You have various rarities available in Survivor Master-Sifu. The options are:

  • Uncommon – The least powerful rarity of items in the game
  • Perfect – Better than Uncommon items
  • Legendary – The best rarity of items you can possibly attain


In Survivor Master-Sifu, pets become available on level 16. You are able to equip your pet by selecting the hero icon, and above the four tabs that say All, Gear, Materials, and Item, you will find the following tabs:

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Costume – You can acquire various costumes during special events.

State – Cultivate your state and level your character’s stats, (Integrated, Understood, Enlightened, Inspired, and Learned).

Pets – Catch a pet by using the currency required, and deploy your pet by selecting the left-hand side block alongside your character. See the image below:

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Additionally, you are able to upgrade your pet, evolve it, as well as transform it. Using these features will give your character additional stats and traits to use in battle.

Your pets will give you an even higher advantage over your enemies if you evolve them. For example, the White Byakko shoots 10 icy shards at surrounding enemies every 30 seconds, which will in turn freeze the enemies for 3 seconds.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

In order to evolve your pet, however, you will need to obtain pieces of the specific pet you would like to evolve. You can do this by opening chests in the Market.

If you evolve your pet, additional skills become available, such as “Deep Cold, Crystal Bomb, and Icy Breath”.

Combine – Combine gemstones, elixirs, and mount bells for higher-quality items

Forge – Forge enables you to level up your equipment while refining breaks down the item. Be very careful of this feature, as you are unable to undo this action.

Embed allows you to embed additional gemstones which will help your character even more during battle.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Levelling up your equipment is a good start for being able to clear stages more efficiently. these will boost your character and should be used to your advantage.

Break – Breaking your equipment will delete the item permanently. Use with caution as this feature cannot be reversed!

Friends on Survivor Master-Sifu:

Make friends with other characters that will help you to complete certain quests. You are able to add friends on Survivor Master-Sifu by clicking on the tab in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

You are able to gift friends, and they can gift you in return. Additionally, you can see who has applied to become your friend, or simply reject them if you are not interested in friending them.

If you find someone that you are not interested in being friends with, such as a toxic person, feel free to blacklist them. They will no longer be able to contact you on Survivor Master-Sifu.

The chat feature is available when you select the global icon at the bottom-left-hand side of your screen.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

You can find DM’s here, Global chat, as well as World chats. You are able to join them on quests by selecting the global tab and taking note of whether there is an additional message saying Tap To Join on their message.

Note that you will need to ensure you have leveled up before you are able to use this feature. Whether you are on the correct level to join will be indicated when you tap on the tap To Join option.

School in Survivor Master-Sifu

When you select the school icon on the main screen, a new screen with plenty of options becomes available. Below we will discuss these in a bit more detail on how to attend school in Survivor Master-Sifu:

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

At the very bottom of your screen, the following tabs are available:

  • Donate – Spend coins or Jade to donate to your school. You will have 5 chances daily until the timer resets.
  • Jianghu – Skill Ranking, Study these skills to advance your character’s knowledge.
  • Salary – Claim rewards daily.
  • Training Hall – You can choose whether to do training immediately or if you would prefer to do training over a few hours.
  • Exit – When you select exit, you will exit Peach Valley for example, and be able to proceed to the next map to do further training.

In-game Currency And Store

Your in-game currency in Survivor Master-Sifu is Jade and coins. Jade allows you to purchase items such as gear, beast traps, coins, and so much more.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Additionally, Jade can be used to unlock chests which give you valuable items that can be used to increase your skills, ranking, and more.

Coins are used to upgrade other items, such as gear, pets, and State.

Three chests are available in the store:

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

The first chest is the Jianghu chest, which will give you items of good quality, such as cutie fruits, cave scrolls, and heroism keys.

The second chest is your Tier 3 Hero’s chest, which will give you items such as costume sets.

The third chest is your Value Hero’s chest. This chest is guaranteed to give you 1 Legendary piece of gear. You can open these chests using keys, or the in-game currency; Jade.

Real-time currency can be used to purchase items as well.


Skills in Survivor Master-Sifu can be used to enhance your abilities. Upgrading these will increase your character’s Damage resistance, Attack, Health, and so forth.

Techniques enable you to add additional stats to your character, such as increased healing at a time, retrieval radius, critical rate, and more.

Survivor Master-Sifu
Photo: Wonder Plus Game

Gaining an ultimate skill enables you to equip an item that will give you an added advantage over the enemies, making it harder for them to defeat you, and in turn, making your character even stronger.

The divine technique will do the same, however, this will only open after you have reached level 70.


Survivor Master-Sifu is an action-packed fun game to play, for gamers who enjoy a thrill and roguelike types of games.

For similar games such as Survivor Master-Sifu, feel free to check out the following games: IMAE Guardian Girl,, and Mighty Doom.

Happy Gaming!

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