Ultimate Game Guide With Tips – 2023

Nivenka Stanton is a newly-released action survival game that was developed by HABBY. This free-to-play game is available to download from the Play Store and has many features that action lovers will enjoy.

Gamers that are familiar with IMAE Guardian Girl will recognize this game, as the gameplay style is very similar in comparison.

The goal of is to survive, using different buffs and skills acquired during gameplay. It all depends on the luck of the draw!
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In order to move around in, use the joystick on your screen by sliding your finger in the direction you would like to move in.

Attacking monsters is automatic, there is no need to use an icon to attack the monsters.

You will start the game having 1 weapon equipped, and as you kill monsters, they will drop small piles of dust that you are able to collect.
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Dust collected will enable you to obtain buffs, which will help you throughout the battle. You will have an option of three various buffs you are able to choose from, such as reduced cooldown speed for your skill, various attack modes, and speed increase, among others.

The bar at the top center of your screen during a battle indicates how much dust is required in order to gain your next buff. This does slow down as you progress through the stage. Above the bar, you will see a timer, which is the time you have spent in battle currently.
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When selecting your buffs, it is important to take into account the type of weapon you have equipped. By choosing a buff that enables you to shoot numerous bullets at a time, your character will be able to survive the ongoing waves of monsters more efficiently.

You will notice an increase in monsters the longer you are in the battle. Using buffs that increase your health and attack damage is critical to surviving for a lengthened period of time.
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Monsters also get stronger with passing waves. You will need to be able to defeat them hastily, as the waves can become overwhelming and you will die if they continue touching you. Game Tips

In, like in any other game, a few tips may just mean the difference between life and death. Find a few helpful tips below to help you progress:

Leveling up in is not easy at all. In order to proceed to stage 2, you will need to clear stage 1 first and do so for each stage.
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Stage 1 consists of 3 major bosses, along with numerous waves of monsters that attack you. Bosses also drop amazing buffs, and these effectively help you throughout the battle.

Your best shot at survival during this stage will be to gain as many buffs as possible at the very beginning of the battle.

Try getting a Forcefield buff that will help kill monsters when they touch your Forcefield.
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There are 2 options available that I have come across so far:

The first forcefield is green that deals a hefty amount of damage in the beginning. Additionally, it will help you even more if you manage to gain the buffs which increase the area of the forcefield, as well as the increasing damage dealt.

The second option is a disc top that revolves around your character. This disc can help in numerous ways, even more so if you are able to procure the buffs that give you additional disc tops and damage.
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The maximum amount of disc tops I have encountered so far has been 6 at a time, which will help tremendously when those monsters are coming at you!

Having numerous weapons that shoot fast and often will help you along in as well. The different types of weapons vary, from having rockets being launched in all directions from mini drones, (one of my personal favorites!), to throwing mortars, and even soccer balls.

You are able to choose two drones, which helps a lot when monsters are coming at you from all angles!
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If you select the option which gives you increased shots on your drone when you select a buff, the rockets will increase and you will have a blast, literally!

If you carry on using the buffs to increase your weapon damage, speed, and attack rate, you will not go wrong!

When you encounter a boss, your only available option is to avoid the blasts and use the weapons you have obtained so far.

When you defeat a normal boss, as well as the allocated boss, a golden chest will appear. These chests give fantastic rewards, which help you to take down the second boss, and so forth. A lucky train pop-up will appear with various buffs you can obtain. These buffs are random, and at times you will receive more than one additional buff.
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Normal bosses appear on the screen while the waves of monsters are attacking, and are harder to kill than ordinary monsters, while allocated bosses will give you a warning that they are about to appear.

All monsters on the screen will then disappear when the major boss arrives. Look out for red target areas on the ground while fighting the boss, these deal significant damage to your character.

Avoiding the targeted red areas on your screen can mean the difference between life and death in these scenarios.

If you are lucky enough, you may even obtain a specialized weapon. These weapons are indicated by having a dark pink background, and one star. See the image below:
Photo: HABBY

You will notice the 2 buffs received from the lucky train spinning wheel are only 2 stars each, whereas the “Destroyer” buff is one star, but has special qualities. Bosses and monsters are easier to defeat if you have obtained these special weapons!

Equip Yourself

Another way you are able to make your character stronger in is by equipping various equipment:

  • Weapon – Use this to determine what sort of attack you will begin within the battle.
  • Neckpiece
  • Gloves
  • Armour
  • Belt
  • Footwear
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The above equipment is available in tiers, you will find them listed from lowest to highest in rarity value below:

  • Normal
  • Good
  • Better
  • Excellent
  • S Grade Excellent (The best equipment available)

Your equipped items will determine the following:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Health (HP)
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Each item you have equipped will give your character a boost. The various buffs your character will gain are determined by the rarity level you have equipped.

For example, an excellent Katana will not only give you a +10% Attack, but it will also give you 1 blade wave, as well as release ki blasts from your blade.

Each upgraded item will give you additional buffs, depending on the rarity level of your equipped item.

You are also able to downgrade an item that you have leveled up. Select the item and tap on the red recycle icon on the right-hand side. You will gain items from downgrading your equipment.
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Use designs and coins to level up your equipment, this will give you an advantage over the monsters, as it will increase your stats in the long run.

Additionally, you are able to merge your equipment if you have 3 of the same rarity-level items. Simply place them in the allocated block and select merge for your weapon to become a higher rarity level.
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Screen Display Icons

When you first start playing, the screen display is not very complicated, however, additional icons become available as you level up.

The icons are as follows:

On the top-left-hand side of your screen, where your avatar is located – Click on your avatar to change your player name, and switch between avatar pictures, as well as frames.
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Directly below the avatar on the top-left – Select the icon with three horizontal lines in order to toggle your game settings, read your mail, and see new gaming announcements.

Below the horizontal lines icon:

  • Find a shortcut to the shop.
  • Purchase monthly cards that give you additional gems.
  • Growth fund – earn gems when you reach different levels, and purchase additional slots with real-time currency.
  • Piggy bank – Purchase the piggy bank using real-time currency to earn additional gems.

On the top center of your screen:

  • Lightning bolt – Displays the amount of energy you have remaining available to start a new battle.
  • Gems – Displays the amount of gems you have gained throughout the game.
  • Coins – Displays the amount of coins you have gained throughout the game.

On the right-hand side of your screen:

  • Mission Center – Find daily rewards as well as achievements, daily and weekly quests.
  • Clan – Find a clan that you are able to join, use this to chat with your clan members, or opt to create your own clan and invite gamers.
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  • My friends – Toggle between friends, add friends, and accept or decline friend requests. The chat feature is not available in
  • My Bag – Displays your items collected throughout the game, such as equipment designs, enemy essence, and more.
  • Event Center – There are icons displayed when you select the event center; the first icon is your event challenge tab. Complete quests to gain additional gems and items.
  • The second icon displays additional events.
  • The third icon is an additional anniversary event.
  • The fourth icon displays rewards with daily login gifts.
  • The fifth icon rewards you every day you log in to the game, this needs to be collected in time, however, as the timer does not progress when you are offline.
  • The sixth icon is where you are able to play the anniversary event.
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Note: These events and icons listed above are subject to change, as they were noted at the time of playing, and different events become available throughout the game.

Some of the icons mentioned here will only become available as your progress, level up, and clear stages throughout

In the center of your screen:

Map – If you select the image of the buildings with the zombie, (Wild Streets), a pop-up screen will display the various chapters available to play. At this point, there are 100 chapters available. You can only play the next chapter once you have cleared the previous chapter.
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Ch Chest – This is where you earn keys by completing chapter missions, the keys can be used to open chests for additional equipment.

Patrol – Your character will set out on patrol and you will earn additional exp, as well as coins. The maximum you are able to collect is 24 hours. Note that the more chapters you have cleared, the better these rewards will be.

Below the chapter missions and patrol icons, you will find a tab that allows you to enter battle, using energy. Your energy will replenish with time.

Bottom of your screen:

Your first icon displayed at the bottom-left of your screen, is your shop icon. Select this icon to purchase gems, equipment, coins, and more. uses real-time currency, as well as gems, coins, and keys obtained throughout gameplay.
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The second icon alongside the shop icon displays your equipment tab; here you are able to equip and unequip items, as well as merge items to produce higher rarity equipment.

The third icon is your battle icon, select this icon to return to the home screen when you are toggling between the bottom tabs.

The fourth icon displays each stage you have cleared, along with two additional tabs. If you have cleared a stage, you are able to select a higher difficulty level for a particular stage.
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The last icon on your screen displays your evolve icon. Using this feature will evolve your character’s stats, as well as certain items dropped during gameplay, such as higher meat healing efficiency, additional armor protection, and so forth.

Conclusion is fun to play, and has plenty of action to ensure gamers get their action gaming in for the day! I would recommend this game to gamers that enjoy a fast-paced action game!

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Happy Gaming!

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