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With over ten million downloads,‘s endless zombie slaughter proves that addictive, fun gameplay is much more appealing than jaw-dropping graphics or interwoven character stories.

If joyfully clearing zeds using powerful weapons isn’t enough, then redeeming free in-game codes – getting more supplies in the process – to wreak havoc on those monstrosities should do the trick! Let’s check out some that are still available for you to redeem today.

Mindless Undead Mayhem!

A Boss Assault incoming in
Photo: Habby

In, you’re among the last bastions of hope defending humanity from extinction. Blessed with insane combat talents, you’re capable of using any type of weaponry at your disposal.

No pressure, though, because cleaning the city of these wretched nightmares is actually quite exciting! Collecting bio-fuel dropped by the zeds, you gain access to various offensive and defensive items that are randomly provided per level-up.

Skill/ weapon choices in
Photo: Habby

That being said, you’ll be challenged by different special monsters and Bosses at certain points in time, depending on how long you’re able to survive the ongoing zombie onslaught for each stage.

Still, by leveraging our in-depth guide and codes list here, you’ll have everything you need to beat the undead back to oblivion. Free Codes

In-game code redemption mail in
Photo: Habby

As promised, here are the codes that should still be active for redemption (depending on the redemption limit and time of redemption):

topsurvivor200x Gems, 10x Energy, 3x Revival Coins
COMEBACK100x Gems, 2x Revival Coins, 1x Powerful Pet Chest Key
anniversary100x Gems, 10x Energy, 20,000 Gold
LUCKY2023200x Gems, 10x Energy

These great rewards should help accelerate many newcomers’ progress in-game, letting you get past multiple stages with ease. Just make sure to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire!

How To Redeem Codes

The Player Details screen in
Photo: Habby

Unlike many other mobile games,‘s code redemption process is a bit more laborious. If you need more Gold or Gems to acquire the best gear possible, here’s how to get those special code rewards:

  1. Launch, and then click on your character’s profile/ details (avatar’s icon on the top-left corner of the main menu).
  2. Write down or memorize your Player ID written under your character’s name.
  3. Visit‘s code redemption website, and then fill in the necessary info consisting of:
    • Game ID (Player ID)
    • Rewards Code
    • Verification Code (provided on the page)
  4. Press “Redeem” and you’ll get a notification about your rewards being sent via in-game Mail!
A notification informing of a successful code redemption for
Photo: Habby

For codes that are no longer available, you’ll receive a different pop-up stating the reasons behind your unsuccessful redemption. Usually, it’s either the codes’ redemption periods have passed, or the codes’ redemption limit has already been reached.

So, you need to be quick to get the current rewards before they disappear too, so get them now while they’re still around!

The Lucky Train screen in
Photo: Habby


Besides, the developer, Habby, has a respectable lineup of mobile games for you to enjoy, like last year’s beautiful party-based title, SOULS.

While you’re still here, though, why not read up on our Solo Survivor IO Game codes as well? Created by another indie studio, the game plays similarly to, so you could benefit from awesome freebies there too!

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