– Best Gear – April 2024

Murillo Zerbinatto
Photo: Habby mixes the frantic and overwhelming shoot ’em up of games like Vampire Survivor with the seamless and smooth gameplay of a .IO genre. It’s a formula for addictive entertainment that will keep you glued to your mobile device for hours to come.

But different from the gameplay style that soared Vampire Survivor into the pantheon of gaming, presents some twists to the genre, adding levels, gears, skill trees, and other features. 

Today, we’ll talk about’s best gears for August and what you should strive for in the treasure chests to own and destroy your enemies and breeze through every stage the game throws at you.

Best Weapon – Void Power

Photo: Habby

All shotguns boast high damage, but this one really packs a punch. With their skills that passively increase attack and range, the weapon is already a beast at excellent grade. But when you add the black hole explosions and the energy veil at legendary grade to your skillset, that’s a no-brainer. There’s a reason you can’t spell Void Power without Power.

Best Armor – Eternal Suit

Photo: Habby

Eternal Suit does its best to really make you eternal. Its passive skills aim to revive you if you fall into a death trap. At legendary grade, Eternal Suit can revive you twice, becoming an essential set of gear for endgame stages where a minor slip can mean dying.

Best Belt – Eternal Belt

Photo: Habby

Remember how Eternal Suit’s revival skills are insane? Well, the belt can improve it with its revival effect of +20%. To add to the equation of the greatest belt of all time, it also makes you invincible for a couple seconds before getting hit, meaning you won’t suffer the damage you would. It can trigger once per minute but is still better than other belts.

Best Glove – Eternal Gloves

Photo: Habby

Eternal gears are stealing all the spotlight. The Eternal Gloves are straightforwardly powerful. Its skills increase attack and critical rate. That’s all you need when your sole mission is to eliminate hordes of enemies.

Best Necklace – Eternal Necklace

Photo: Habby

It’s one of the best gears that scale with you. Eternal Necklace deals more damage the higher the target’s HP is. This means the necklace will accompany you on more demanding stages and will melt bosses. Especially if you’re wielding a gatling gun, the evolved form of shotgun – which you will if you follow our tips and pursue a Void Power shotgun.

Best Shoes – Voidwaker Treads

Photo: Habby

Truth be told, Voidwalker Treads isn’t that amazing at first glance. It increases movement speed according to the number of enemies killed. But you’re here to kill monsters and not run away from them. You will deal more damage at the legendary grade depending on how fast you are compared to your enemies. Since you will be dashing around in turbo mode, you will be faster than everyone else.


Those are the best gears you can get on nowadays. While you can find all these gears in the S Grade Supplies at the shop, you will only get the legendary grade if you merge them. So keep on playing, hoarding those gems, and spending them wisely. Don’t forget to add these gears to your crate wishlist.

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