Basic Gameplay Guide 2023
(Last Updated On: May 27, 2023) brings together simplicity, ease, and intuitive gameplay into an engaging, sensory experience.

As a player, you immerse yourself in a fun, cartoon-style world where an impending zombie apocalypse seems less daunting and more of an exciting adventure.

Photo: HABBY unfolds over a series of fifteen-minute chapters. To progress, players need to level up, boost their in-game statistics, and amass an arsenal of powerful items.

1. Basic Gameplay

In, navigating the chaos of a zombie apocalypse is just a swipe away. The game demands both quick thinking and dexterity.

Players slide their fingers across the screen, deftly maneuvering their characters to evade a diverse range of adversaries. From gun-wielding skeletons to formidable giants, the world of is packed with foes out for your demise.

Photo: HABBY

Each game level lasts for a total of fifteen minutes. This period is punctuated by increasingly difficult waves of enemies every two to three minutes.

Players must also overcome two boss challenges, encountered at the seven and fourteen-minute marks. Alongside these encounters, players will find floor boosters such as map-clearing bombs, health-restoring meat, and gem-attracting magnets.

2. A path to rule them all

Just like any game, has an optimal route for progression. The force field should be your top priority, followed closely by shield upgrades. Next on the list are upgrades to area and range damage, then multiple damage. Life enhancements, healing upgrades, and gold follow, while individual damage can be placed on the back burner.

Photo: HABBY

3. Statistics: Items & Level Up

A sense of progression keeps the gameplay in engaging. Developers, HABBY, have ingeniously incorporated two mechanisms of progress: leveling up and acquiring new items.

The unique EVOLVE system allows players to improve their stats multiple times per level in exchange for gold.

Photo: HABBY

The game also features a diverse array of items, categorized into offensive (weapons, necklaces, gloves) and defensive (chest, belt, boots) gear.

Photo: HABBY

4. Shortcuts in the Shop

The in-game shop in offers a mix of purchasable advantages and free upgrades. Players will find two types of chests, the “Army Crate” and “EDF Supplies,” brimming with potentially beneficial items.

A generous bounty of 6000 gold can also be acquired with a single tap, completely free! These free upgrades, however, require a 24-hour waiting period before they can be used again.

Photo: HABBY

5. Conclusions delivers a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience, balancing simplicity with satisfying gameplay. It’s easy-to-grasp mechanics coupled with a consistent sense of progression provide players with a rewarding sense of achievement, even in the midst of a cartoon zombie apocalypse.

Whether you are searching for a casual game to pass the time or seeking a more challenging adventure, has something to offer everyone.

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