Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG: Gameplay Tips

Nazarii Verbitskiy
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG is a unique gaming experience in which players can enjoy shooting, adventure, and conquest. Here, players should embark on epic RPG quests and conquer new territories to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

Survival Tactis gameplay tips introduction
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The game is available to download for free on the Play Store and App Store. This guide contains a few gameplay tips that will help you to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

Keep The Distance With Zombies

Survival Tactics keep the distance
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In Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG, players are supposed to fight against crowds of zombies many times, and most of the time it would be more complex than during the tutorial. What we recommend is to keep the distance from zombies and don’t approach them if it doesn’t impact the battle’s result.

Protect Your Base

Survival Tactics protect your base
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Although securing your base is one of the biggest expenses in Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG, it’s a must for everyone, and you can’t leave it to get into the zombies.

So, as soon as you see zombies attacking your Food Plant or other important construction, take action and protect your base by attacking zombies.

Complete Objectives in Survival Tactics

Survival Tactics complete objectives
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The easiest way to progress and get resources in Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG is to complete objectives.

By exploring Survival Zones, building constructions, and upgrading buildings, players can get Food, Wood, Speed-Ups, and even Diamonds. These resources are the key to progress, so don’t miss your chance to get them.

Join An Alliance

As Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG is a multiplayer mobile game, you can improve your in-game experience by joining an Alliance.

If you are a part of the Alliance, you can create the lobby and eliminate enemies with your friends. If you gather with more experienced players, this will significantly improve your in-game experience, allowing you to eliminate more zombies.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Survival Tactics upgrade heroes
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As you progress in Survival Tactics, you need to make your heroes more powerful, because doing so will give you more skills and will make you more effective on the battlefield.

Currently, the best way to do it is to upgrade your heroes. This might cost a lot of resources, but be sure the grind is worth the result.

A Few More Valuable Tips

Survival Tactics a few more tips
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If you enjoyed the previous tips, check out the list below. Here are a few more valuable tips for Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG.

  • Use your resources wisely and don’t waste them on building unnecessary structures or buying useless items
  • Complete missions and quests. Early missions in Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG are extremely straightforward, but they provide valuable rewards
  • Don’t be afraid to die, it’s a natural part of the game that shouldn’t discourage you


Although Survival Tactics  – Zombie RPG might seem complex experience, our useful tips can help you to survive much easier without investing all of your free time into the game.

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