Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG: Codes November 2023

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Survival Tactics
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Survival Tactics – Zombies RPG is a gruesomely entertaining shooter/strategy zombie game where players must keep their brains intact, literally and figuratively, in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead.

In this undead-whelming adventure, you’ll need to fortify your position, manage scarce resources, and craft weapons that pack a real “bite.”

Survival Tactics intro
Photo: 6waves

Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG is a brain-chomping creation from the fiendishly talented developers at 6waves, the same twisted minds behind Desperate Makeover, Emoji Pop: Puzzle Game, and a graveyard full of other hair-raising hits.

You can download the game in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG: Codes October 2023

Survival Tactics Codes
Photo: 6waves

At the time of this writing, there are no redeemable codes available in Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG. But fear not intrepid gamers! The game developers have tantalizingly teased that they’ll be unleashing game codes in the not-so-distant future.

You can bet your last bullet that we’ll be diligently maintaining and updating the code list right here, so stay tuned for your chance to unlock some thrilling in-game rewards.

The list will be updated once fresh codes are released.

Where to Find Redeemable Codes?

Survival Tactics Media
Photo: 6waves

Anticipate developers’ cunning code distributions on their vibrant social media channels, especially during spine-tingling special events. Keep a watchful eye on Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG platforms across:

For smoother heads-up and lightning-quick answers to any queries, we strongly recommend joining their Discord community.

There, you’ll unearth a treasure trove of gameplay information and strategic weapon guide, all at your fingertips in their dedicated channel.

How to Use the Codes?

Survival Tactics How to use
Photo: 6waves

As things stand in the game’s current state, the redeem code feature has yet to make its appearance. But don’t start the mourning process just yet!

During a recent Q&A in Discord, a developer of Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG summoned the news that they’ll be resurrecting the redeem code feature in the near future, hand-in-hand with the distribution of codes.

We will update this article once the feature is released!

What Codes Do in Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG?

Survival Tactics claim
Photo: 6waves

As part of their recent milestone-based giveaway program, players can look forward to receiving a variety of rewards, including resources, hero shards, speed-ups, and valuable upgrades.


Survival Tactics
Photo: 6waves

At the time of writing, Survival Tactics – Zombie RPG is running a Halloween Giveaway. For each milestone reached, they will unlock a new hero’s zombified appearance, along with rewarding prizes:

800 Members on DiscordAxle + 100k Steel Chest x5
900 Members on DiscordNaomi + Legendary Hero Shards x2
5,000 Page likes on FacebookCommander + 10k Antiviral Serum x10
900 Followers on InstagramIsaiah + Combat Manuals x 200
600 Subscribers on YouTubeDestiny + 100k Food Chest x10
100 Reactions on promo posts on Facebook and Instagram combinedMadison + 100k Wood Chest x10
50 Comments on the promo posts on Facebook and Instagram combinedGunner + 6m Healing Speed-ups x20
30 Shares on promo posts on Facebook and Instagram combinedMegan + Commander Gear Augment x30

Duration of Event: Oct 25 (Wed) – Nov 3 (Fri) 23:59 PDT (All rewards will be sent after the event has ended)


The game provides an exhilarating experience with numerous quests, stages to conquer, and missions to complete, all geared toward gathering resources and gear materials. It ensures you stay engaged while anticipating the release of those delightful codes.

If codes become available and you discover this article before it’s refreshed, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, and we will promptly update the list for you!

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