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Paul Moronfola
Super Snail Opening Page
Screenshot – Super Snail

One unique reason many players love QcPlay Limited’s Super Snail is its simplicity. The game allows you to play as a snail and evolve from being weak to being the most powerful being (snail) and defeat seven demon gods that rules the game universe.

Super Snail opening scene
Screenshot – Super Snail

The game can be challenging to understand due to the myriad features, menu, items, etc. Therefore, this guide will act as an ultimate guide, explaining every part of the game you need to know, so you can effectively transform from a weak snail to an entity that can defeat the gods.

Super Snail: Idle RPG Basic Gameplay

Super Snail Reporter
Screenshot – Super Snail

Super Snail is an idle RPG as the snail controls itself during the battle. As a result, you don’t have to do much when playing. All you need is to prepare the snail by equipping it with the right items, resources, relics, etc., so that you can win the match and then watch the battle unfold.

Super Snail Koryeo
Screenshot – Super Snail

Being an idle RPG, it is the perfect game for gamers that requires a game as a side attraction. Other examples include Nikke: Goddess of Victory and Madtale. By upgrading your snail capability and getting other necessary resources, you can defeat every foe until you are invincible, even to the seven demon gods.

Super Snail: Idle RPG Game Menu

Tadpoles in Super Snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

To play Super Snail without any hitch, you need to understand the different parts of the game menu. However, the full game menu is only possible after finishing the survival training. As a result, we will give a short explanation for each mode that will ensure you have seamless gameplay.

Traveler Manual

Traveller manual in Super Snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

Depicted using the scroll icon at the top left corner, it contains every mission you must partake in and the number of things you need to do. Each mission comes with rewards and will allow the character to progress and become stronger.

Monitor and Time Machine

Monitor and time machine in super snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

This is accessible from the Monitor/TV icon and it shows every daily task you can embark on and the appropriate rewards. It can also show news from a reporter like figure on the current state of gameplay. The time machine has a vending machine and a lottery voucher where you can get limited items.


destination and supply in supper snail rpg
Screenshot – Super Snail

Depicted by a compass icon and located at the bottom left corner of the screen, the compass denotes the Destination, which allows the snail to explore and Supply.

Super snail exploration food supplies
Screenshot – Super Snail

Supply, found on the right part of the screen denotes the resources collected during exploration or as rewards such as fungus, Koryeo BBQ, Fish Cake, etc., depending on your level in the game. It also Supply also has the amount of food available for the snail, which you must replenish before exploring any country.

Screenshot – Super Snail

The Destination mode is where exploration takes place. When pressed, it allows the snail to explore different countries available in Super Snail. The available country depends on the game phase. For example, for newbies, Koryeo is the first country you will explore.  

exploration in super snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

Exploration allows you to gather intel, fight battles, and get rewards. We will delve well into Exploration in another section so that you can understand exploration in Super Snail.


Super Snail newbie events
Screenshot – Super Snail

Depicted by the cornucopia icon on the top right corner, the Event menu shows the current events in the Super Snail. It is divided into Newbie Events and Monthly Events.

Super snail monthly events
Screenshot – Super Snail

Newbie Event is divided into different events such as Daily Tasks, Pioneer pack, Gifts from Gaia, and Ranking. On the other hand, newbies partaking in Monthly Events will see Monthly Packs etc. Each event comes with its rewards.   

Snail Stats

Snail info
Screenshot – Super Snail

Depicted by the Snail Icon, Snail Stats comprises the snail info, gene evolution and other stats that depict the ability and characteristics of the snail.

 Super Snail power
Screenshot – Super Snail

The Snail info is accessible by clicking on the Snail picture with a pencil icon, and it allows you to change the name and adjust several settings, such as the avatar frame, bubble frame, trophy ball, and tag. You can also see the power of the snail.

snail stats
Screenshot – Super Snail

Besides the snail info, the snail’s life achievement in a spider-web-styled representation includes FAME, TECHNOLOGY, CIVILIZATION, FAITH, AND ART. Furthermore, there are the HARD stats (battle-related stats) such as HP(Health), ATK(Attack), DEF(Defence), and RUSH(Rush) that directly relates to snail combat.

snail shell
Screenshot – Super Snail

The Gene Evolution mode allows you to alter the snail to become stronger. It shows the snail’s Muscle, Devouring, Brain, Neuron, and Vision and allows you to upgrade them using the special organs.  

Snail Shell
Screenshot – Super Snail

The Snail Shell and Exploration Compass also allow you to upgrade the Snail’s ability and improve the HARD stats (battle-related stats) such as HP(Health), ATK(Attack), DEF(Defence), and RUSH(Rush). HARD stats or battle stats can determine the course of the battle. The same can be said of the AFFCT stats, as higher levels of AFFCTs can lead to additional time for hitting your enemies to be given.


treasure map
Screenshot – Super Snail

Depicted using the triangle with an eye, it contains the super treasure map and Koryeo treasure maps. Collecting the treasure maps will give many rewards, such as relics, dragon orbs, and incense.


Screenshot – Super Snail

Relics are items that you get from exploration, treasure maps, etc. They are divided into TECH, FTH, ART, FAME, and CIV relics. ART boosts HP, FTH boosts RUSH, FAME boosts all HARD stats, TECH boosts DEF, and CIV boosts ATK. Every enemy has a weakness for one of the 5 AFFCT types. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the Relics stats by upgrading it.

Super Snail relic
Screenshot – Super Snail

Each relic has a tier and a rank (Orange [highest] to Green [lowest]). Furthermore, they have unique abilities and buffs that are permanent. A relic can be awakened in the maximum tier, boosting its AFFCT and special stats. Resonance can also occur, further providing additional boosts to the relic.


Special snail items
Screenshot – Super Snail

The luggage menu depicted by the luggage icon contains four tabs special items, resources, fragments, and luggage. The luggage submenu contains many items, including fungus and spicy cabbage for the snail.

Snail fragments
Screenshot – Super Snail

Resources include travel speedup, stone, wood, and a lottery ticket. Fragment such as the Special submenu contains special items such as the ATK-Fungus, which improves the snail attack.

snail resources
Screenshot – Super Snail

You should ensure that you check each item and the indicated effects. For example, the ATK fungus will improve the snail ATK by +3 permanently, while the FAME-Fungus will permanently improve the fungi FAME by +1.


Super snail settings
Screenshot – Super Snail

Other important menus include the settings at the top right corner, allowing you to change the server, enable notifications, use snail code, etc.

mail in super snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

The mail icon beside the setting ensures you get news about gifts, game updates, events, etc, during gameplay. Furthermore, the game has an on-screen chat system where you can see inputs from other players.


Exploration super snail
Screenshot – Super Snail

The most important thing to understand about Super Sail is the exploration process, as this is what the game is based on. There are many countries to explore in Super Snail, and each country will be indicated during game time. First, you will start with Koryeo and unlock other countries, such as Yamato, as the game progresses.

choose a destination
Screenshot – Super Snail

After choosing and confirming the Destination, the exploration screen will show the country map surrounded by a frame made of several grids, which are in turn made up of several items. Inside the grid is also a Food bar that shows the amount of food left for exploration.

exploration compass
Screenshot – Super Snail

At the bottom of the grid is the name of the country and the amount of intel collected, and the snail moving slowly to gather intel. Sometimes, a double arrow allows you to boost the speed of the snail using the travel speedup from the time machine and gather intel faster.

Screenshot – Super Snail

When the snail comes in contact with the gold coins, it unlocks the items that make up the grid. Also, as the snail moves, the Food reduces, and the amount of intel increases under the “collecting intel” above the snail exploration.   

apostle info
Screenshot – Super Snail

Furthermore, the snail often encounters enemies trying to kill it. This will result in automatic combat between the snail and the enemy. On defeating the enemy, exploration will continue. Furthermore, every exploration requires you to defeat a certain number of apostles.

Screenshot – Super Snail

At the bottom left is the Country Intel and the number of apostles you need to defeat. Clicking the icon will show the apostles and their possible sidekicks. For apostles with sidekicks, you need to defeat the sidekicks first before you can fight them. Furthermore, in Super Snail, the snail must be strong enough to face such apostles or else you can be defeated.

Super Snail: Idle RPG Tips and Tricks

Screenshot – Super Snail

The game can be demanding due to its different items, menu, and features. However, using survival training, you can easily have the basics of the game. Aside from, below are a few tips that will be useful when playing the game.  

Always check the Traveler Manual

Screenshot – Super Snail

The traveler manual contains the mission and quests you need to undergo. It is part of survival training and allows you to understand the game’s basics. Moreover, always try to complete the tasks mentioned in the traveler manuals to advance in this game.

Collect Resources

exploration rewards
Screenshot – Super Snail

Exploration requires the snail to be in good condition. As a result, you should collect resources such as mushrooms and fungi that enable the snail to explore such a condition.  

Afterward, fill up the food bar as it is the fuel that allows the snail to explore, and you should ensure that you fill it up every time. After filling the meal bowl, you can explore again from where you stopped. 

Get Codes

redeem snail code
Screenshot – Super Snail

You can search for codes that allow you to get free rewards on the game. There are different ways to get such code. For example, going to the game Discord server or using a search engine. Afterward, go to Settings > Snail Codes, input the code to check its validity and get the reward.

Use the Lottery System

Screenshot – Super Snail

The lottery system will allow you to get high-tier stuff. However, it might not be a reliable option in Super Snail. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying.

Make use of relics and valuables

Screenshot – Super Snail

The most dominant of the relics (FAME, ART, FTH, CIV, and TECH) is the most important. Furthermore, you should embed them during exploration to boost your HARD stats. Valuables are also very important, and after collecting them, you can store them in the Valuable section. Each valuable comes with a buff; you can upgrade them and ensure your snail has them. 

Use Hourglasses

Screenshot – Super Snail

Hourglasses in Super Snail will grant the snail time speedups. This is faster than the extra time speedups from the time machine. The hourglasses appear in the exploration area and are more massive. Using it, it is possible to clear an area within a few seconds. So, always target them in the exploration area when you see them. They appear freely without a cost


It is nigh impossible to give a much-detailed guide to Super Snail due to its many features and the expanse of its universe. Nevertheless, we explained the most basic thing that will prepare you for the game. Before we leave you to fight the demon gods, use these simple rules. Always use gene evolution to upgrade your snail, read every piece of information about an item, and apply only basic rules till you master the game. You are good to conquer. Thinking of trying other RPG games? I would personally recommend Madtale and Alien Invasion. Enjoy!!! 

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