Super Snail: Tier List – November 2023

Muhib Nadeem
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

It’s time to put on some scientific goggles and go on an exploration to find the best snail in this challenging yet fun Qcplay Limited game known as Super Snail. The premise is quite simple, but the execution is what makes this so interesting!

Choosing the correct set of characters is essential in almost every game. However, in order to truly excel in Super Snail’s ecosystem, you must opt for the best. This is where our handy tier list comes in. Pick your poison and rocket away!

SS Rank

This is where the best of the best gather. If you want a direct pass to Elitehood, this is your seat. Just grab on and let these snails carry you to success!

1. Kim Chi Yum – Partners

Kim Chi Yum - Partners
Photo: Qcplay Limited

Kim Chi Yum is the snail waifu you’ve dreamt of in Super Snail. Not only does she bring you cool stuff such as the Alchemy Furnace, but she also aids you with her espionage skillset.

If you’re looking for a snail that can both kill and cure, then Kim Chi Yum is your gal. Best part? She meets you very early on, so you just need to hold on to her!

2. Chan-hee – Partners

Chan-hee - Partners
Photo: Qcplay Limited

Being one of the very first in Super Snail, Chan-hee is a liaison officer affiliated with Traveller HQ. Yes, she doesn’t get much time, and yes, her bits were very limited.

But with a staggering 85,679 snails to her death, we’re bound to put her in with the very best.

3. Big Guy Park – Partners

Big Guy Park - Partners
Photo: Qcplay Limited

There’s a limit to how much someone can change, but Big Guy Park is the sole anomaly.

Seeking reinvention, he has probably changed himself around a million times by now, but each iteration is a marvel in itself!

4. Hitman No. 1 – Hitmen

Hitman No. 1 - Hitmen
Photo: Qcplay Limited

This is your very first adversary in Super Snail and a very strong one at that! With a lightsaber in his hand, and a mask to his rescue, defeating this guy is no easy feat!

Should you find yourself standing up to the challenge, heed these words: “The reward is just as intense as the tribulations!”.

5. Ghost Zadako – Hitmen

Ghost Zadako - Hitmen
Photo: Qcplay Limited

Just when you thought the spooks couldn’t get any scarier, Zadako shows up. She’s one of the Demon Gods’ high-rankers and can go through terminal screens.

Talk about scary! Her redemption? AFTER the Demon God battle. Till then, just take cover and hide!

S Rank

Super Snail
Photo: Qcplay Limited

The sanctuary of the heroes in Super Snail. The snails in the list below are NOT to be forgotten:

  • Chichikaka – Partners
  • Ironball Thrower – Minions

A Rank

Super Snail
Photo: Qcplay Limited

The good kind in Super Snail; you’ll understand them eventually:

  • Chika – Minions
  • Koryeo Snail – Minions
  • Prince Nerd’s Soul – Partners
  • Jiro – Partners
  • Toyato – Partners

B Rank

Super Snail
Photo: Qcplay Limited

Don’t bother, consider them a waterwave. They come and go, yet the world moves on:

  • The Mechanic – Minions
  • Tomb Figure – Minions


In essence, Super Snail has a selective set of characters, and the game has been optimized in a way to ensure you can grasp victory no matter what.

The difficulty might vary, but it’s the same golden experience each time! Feel free to check this out: Best Android Gacha Games.

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