Super Snail Codes (September 2023)

Here, players can find working Super Snail codes.
(Last Updated On: September 6, 2023)

We’ve got the latest codes for Super Snail, on September 2023.

Super Snail is one of the most unusual Idle RPGs released in 2023. In this game, players can control a snail summoned by Gods from a dystopian future to save the world. You need to take down 8 powerful Demons, and we are here to help you with such a complex challenge. In this guide, we’ve collected redeemable Super Snail codes. They are very helpful, especially if you are a newbie.

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Super Snail Codes September 2023

MUTATEDRush Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 2h Travel Speedup, 500 B-Tadpoles
NEBULA PACK100 W-Tadpoles, 200 Nebula Chests
CHAN HEEATK-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, 1h Travel Speedup, 500 B-Tadpoles
GODDESSDEF-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
SHELL YEAH777 W-Tadpoles, 5 Lottery Tickets, 10 Novice Scrolls
MERCYLottery Ticket, 30 Blue Reagents, 777 B-Tadpoles
ENTERTAINEDHP-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
being1h Clone Speedup
the unispark1h Travel Speedup
houmuwu dingHP-Fungus, 500 B-Tadpoles
prometheus torchFAME-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
wish coin777 B-Tadpoles
here50 Time Chests, 1h Travel Speedup
facebook eventFAME-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents
relics1h Clone Speedup
snailcord30 Blue Reagents, 1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
leaf of yggdrasil50 Time Chests, 777 B-Tadpoles
ytobmh50 Time Chests, 777 B-Tadpoles
turtle speed1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
snailtokGolden Pickaxe, 777 B-Tadpoles
enjoy 2 Game Controllers
pre-orderATK-Fungus, 500 B-Tadpoles
thanksHP-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
forHP-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents
Mecha Hitman1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
Hitman2 Game Controllers
Kim chi-yum50 Time Chests, 1h Travel Speedup
Jiro ToyatoRUSH-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
shellboat50 Time Chests, 777 B-Tadpoles
turtle in a shellboatRUSH-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
turtle in a hot shell!!HP-Fungus, 1h Gene Speedup
voyager 1HP-Fungus, 1h Travel Speedup
showcaseHP-Fungus, 500 B-Tadpoles
somersault cloudART-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents
SNAIL FRIENDS50 Time Chests, 5 Novice Scrolls
SHELLTUBE30 Blue Reagents, 1h Travel Speedup
Enjoy the Snail Codes!10 Green Reagents, 1h Travel Speedup, 7,777 B-Tadpoles
BETASNAILSATK-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
The1h Travel Speedup
Launch PartyFungus Chest, 1h Travel Speedup
SNAIL CODE50 Time Chests, 1h Travel Speedup
TW7P7G1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
IGDSAQ1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
YTNX5W1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
REACT TO VOTEATK-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
MOONLIGHT50 Time Chests, 1h Travel Speedup
STARLIGHTATK-Fungus, 10 Green Reagents, 500 B-Tadpoles
SNAIL Pals2h Offering Speedup
FB2Z4G1h Travel Speedup, 777 B-Tadpoles
SNAILZERATK-Fungus, 5 Blue Reagents, Travel Speedup, 500 D-Tadpoles

How To Redeem Codes In Super Snail

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  • Open Super Snail and complete tutorial
  • Press the Settings button in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Once done, tap on Snail Code
  • Insert up to 50 Codes from this article into the text box following the instructions
  • Press Confirm

Should you have any trouble with getting freebies, let us know about it in the comments.

What Codes Do In Super Snail?

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In Super Snail, players can use codes to obtain various resources. Among the possible rewards, are Travel Speedup, B-Tadpoles, Time Chests, Reagents, and other materials that can help you progress faster. These resources are the most important in Super Snail, thus they can be helpful even for the advanced players.

Code Not Working – Super Snail

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There are many redeemable Super Snail codes available, so don’t get upset if you notice an expired one in the list. Instead, check out the spelling for mistakes, as it’s the most common reason why players cannot get freebies.

If the spelling is correct, scroll down and leave us a comment containing an issued code. We’ll review the list of active codes and remove any outdated ones from the list.

How To Find New Codes In Super Snail

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I you haven’t followed the official social media accounts of Super Snail, it’s your sign to do it right now. These are official Discord and Twitter, where new Super Snail codes are published regularly:

By following these social media accounts, you secure freebies for Super Snail regularly.


That’s all you need to know about Super Snail codes. As you can see, the game has overpowered freebies, and every player can take advantage of them.

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