Super Cat Tales: PAWS – Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Nivenka Stanton
Super Cat Tales: Paws

Super Cat Tales: Paws is an action mobile game developed by NEUTRONIZED that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Your ultimate goal is to complete a secret mission while protecting all of Neko Land. While battling to survive numerous attacks from critters, you obtain new friends along the way to help you with your secret mission.

With so many levels to pass, and obstacles to overcome, it is easy to see why Super Cat Tales: Paws is a popular game already, even though its release was on May 24th, 2023.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

Getting Started

Once you press begin, you will be taken on a joyride with fellow friends. Here you will be dropped off to begin your journey.

When your map comes up, your first white tile will be what you need to select to start Level 1-1. You will then enter the first level of World 1.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

As you begin the game, there are many helpful tips to help you get started. These tips are the difference between life and death, trust me!

A few tips to get moving:

  • To move left or right, select the directional arrows in the direction you would like to move towards.
  • To run left or right, double-tap on the directional arrow and hold it in.
  • To jump from one ledge to another ledge, double-tap the directional arrow and hold it in.
  • To climb the side of a building or wall, simply keep holding the directional arrow in after double-clicking the arrow to run.
  • To stop climbing, let go of the arrow and simply slide down.
  • To jump whilst climbing, tap the opposite arrow to jump in that direction.
  • To jump from ledge to ledge, double-tap the directional arrow.
Super Cat Tales: Paws

In certain places, there are jumping pads that assist you to jump higher. In this case, the best move would be to grab onto the ledge and climb up.

Attacking an enemy can be a struggle, it depends on what type of enemy you encounter, as well as the circumstances you find yourself in.

For example, if you are on land you can double-tap on the arrows in the direction of the enemy, and then run into them. If they have spikes, however, this will stun you and kill you if you repeat this a second time.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

If you are underwater, you cannot kill the enemies by swimming into them yet. You will be stunned if you attempt it, and on the second try, you will die.

Your best bet would be to avoid them at all costs and watch out for the sea urchins!! They are all over the walls and ceilings.

In order to swim, you need to keep tapping the directional arrows, if you let go of the arrows, you will sink. If you want to ascend, you need to keep holding the directional arrows in.

When you are in various areas of the map, make sure you keep an eye out for secret areas. Certain areas have secret places that you can find.

It could be up a tree, through the other side of the map, or even through obstacles that you encounter.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

Some enemies are harder to kill than others. If you see a block or a stone, it does not necessarily mean it is just a block/stone. They can easily turn into an enemy, so beware!

Some enemies will roll over you, some will throw fireballs or other objects at you.

In order to finish a level, you will need to look for the checkered tiles in each level. Simply run over to the checkered tile to end the level.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

Another alternative to ending a level is if you proceed back through the left-hand side of the screen, which will then take you back to the World map.

You can also select the pause button on the top-right-hand side of your screen, and select the bottom-left-hand side menu icon. Note that all progress will be lost if you do this.

Some levels have doors you will need to enter, you can do so by standing still in front of the door, which will then take you to the next area.

On each level, there are coins that can be collected, as well as 3 bells, that look like honeycombs. (At least that’s what I thought they were at first glance). Wherever you can, try to collect as many as possible, as you will need the bells to be able to fight the bosses.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

Once you have finished a level, after stepping on the checkered tiles or doing the missions that the level requires, you will be taken back to the main map, where a new white tile will appear.

Selecting the white tile will take you to the next level of that World. For example, World 1, level 1-1.

Certain levels have hidden objects, such as eggs. You can collect these in levels. A tip appears on the screen showing you an eggs nest with an egg in it.

The egg can be in any of the levels closest to the nest. Once you have collected the egg and completed the level, the egg will appear in your inventory bag.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

Bosses need to be killed before you can progress to the next World. As I said earlier, bells are required in order to enter boss levels.

You can return to previous levels and obtain bells if you did not collect them the first time around.

Coins also respawn after you have completed a level, so this is an easier way to obtain coins if you are willing to grind a bit.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

In-Game Currency and store

The in-game currency in Super Cat Tales: Paws, are coins. Coins can be used to travel and to buy certain items that will help you throughout the game.

A good idea would be to try and grind as many of these coins as possible.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

In order to open Paws Base, you need to pass the first few levels of the first World. Once you have done that, Paws Base becomes available on your World map.

Here you will find a few secret places, as well as a few mini-missions. The arcade is also located at Paws Base, where mini-games are available to play.

Super Cat Tales: Paws

You can also customize your cat’s style by adding a funky hat to your cat. Hats can be purchased in the store as well.

In-game purchases are also available.

Inventory and Pause Menu

If you are not sure what you have collected in terms of items, you can access your inventory, as well as the store, by selecting the top left button on your screen. The icon is a square with a fruit located in the middle.

The following image will appear:

Super Cat Tales: Paws
  • The first icon on the left-hand side is where you can buy helpers.
  • The second shirt icon on the left-hand side is where you can purchase hats for your furry friends.
  • The third key icon is your inventory bag where you can see your items collected, obtained, and purchased, throughout the game.
  • The fourth left arrow icon is where you can return to the game.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen is where you can add coins by making in-game purchases, and also see the amount of coins you currently have available.

Finding Furry Friends

Super Cat Tales: Paws offers you a variety of different perks. One of the many perks is obtaining a new cat on certain levels.

These extra cats, once obtained, are with you on each level. To switch out a cat, simply select the cat icon on the top-left-hand side of your screen. Select your cat and off you go!

Super Cat Tales: Paws

What are the benefits? Different cats have different skills. Some allow you to crawl into hard-to-reach places, others double jump after attacking an enemy, and some even allow you to swim underwater.

Rigs is efficient in double-jumping after striking an enemy, which comes in handy if you are facing monkeys and other enemies, and need to grab onto a ledge, or hanging rope that is just out of reach.

These are only a few examples of skilled cats that are able to help you during your missions.

To obtain Mara, you would need to do a few things before she joins your team. She is an excellent swimmer, considering how much most cats detest water!

Super Cat Tales: Paws

She is located in Portobello, up in the clouds so to speak. Once you speak to her, she will request that you catch fish for her. Once you have done that, she will join your team permanently.

Super Cat Tales:Paws

Fishing for a Catfish?

Fishing is a whole new aspect that makes this game even more fun. There is a certain mission that you will need to complete in order to start fishing.

There is a wide variety of fish and sea creatures you will be able to catch, so make sure to go to Portobello and find out exactly what type of fish is required to earn an extra prize.

Find Mara in Portobello, where she will be waiting for you to bring her some fish. You will find her if you jump onto a certain ledge and exit through the right-hand side of the screen.

You will then need to enter a door and take a lift to speak with her.

You will be able to sell the fish that you caught as well, however, make sure you give Mara her fish first.

Below I will give you a few tips in order to open up fishing areas:

  • Start off by going to World 1-6 (Fallen Rocks)
Super Cat Tales: Paws
  • Proceed through the level as you normally would, but look out for when you reach the second boulder. Wait for the boulder to form into an enemy, and then attack him by running into him.
  • There will be a wall on the left-hand side which you can break by running into it. When you have done that you can run straight through and stand on the blue-checkered tile.
Super Cat Tales: Paws
  • You will then travel to the main map after a screen appears saying you found a secret exit.
  • The map will then have a fish-shaped tile, instead of your normal square-shaped tile. Select the fish tile and watch as you enter the fishing map. World 1-fish
Super Cat Tales: Paws
  • In order to fish, you need to stand on the ledge as far to the right as possible. You will not fall in the water.
  • A bar will appear at the top of the screen, showing you how far you can cast.
  • Tap on the right-hand side of your screen to cast when the bar is moving.
  • If the bar is more to the left, your cast will be short. If the bar is more toward the right, your cast will be further.
  • Once you center the crosshairs over a fish, the fish will grab the line.
  • In order to reel in, you need to reel according to the directional arrows that appear on the sides of the fish you are catching. They do change so try to keep up the pace here otherwise the fish will get away.
Super Cat Tales: Paws

Fishing Area 2:

  • The second fishing area is located on World 2, Level 2-Base (Portobello)
  • Here you will find the captain that asks you if you would like to sail to Hermit Island.
  • Once you agree and pay the required coins, he will sail with you to the second fishing area, where you will be told again that you have found a secret exit.
Super Cat Tales: Paws
  • When you are on the main screen, a fish tile will appear instead of a normal square tile. Select this tile to go to World 2-fish area.
  • Remember that you can upgrade your fishing rod in Portobello in order to cast further.
  • Also, note that certain fish are available during specific times of the day/night. The time changes according to your time zone.


Super Cat Tales: Paws is fun to play, and exciting with the various levels and missions for you to complete in order to obtain your goal.

This game can keep you entertained for hours, with no waiting limit on lives or how many times you can enter a level.

I hope you will find these tips helpful, and that your gaming experience is as enjoyable as mine has been in this game. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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  1. That is really strange… Portobello is part of the map, so you have to be able to reach it. It is impossible to progress further without going to Portobello, as that is where you will find all sorts of help to reach further levels.. @James, did you defeat the first boss, etc?

  2. What can’t I get to Portobello? I beat the level 2-4 getting all three bells and I have lots of bells from the other levels, 43 in total. There’s no white square or path to another level.

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