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11 Super Adorable and Kawaii Games on Android

If there’s one word that defines “cuteness overload”, it’s the word “Kawaii”. This Japanese word describes anything that’s pure adorbs and is quite popular among anime fans from all over the world! Sanrio’s Hello Kitty was one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of kawaii culture in Japan and today this cute culture keeps evolving globally. You will find kawaii artbooks, emoticons, toys and games. There are even tutorials on how to draw cute characters. Such is the kawaii craze!  

Best Kawaii Games

Best Kawaii Games for Android

It’s not difficult to spot kawaii characters and creatures. Hand-drawn and pastel-colored, they look extremely charming and often have tiny bodies, big heads with innocent faces and beady eyes to make you go weak in your knees. Visually simple yet adorable, they get featured in toys, merchandise and several Android games. Here are some of the best games that capture the essence of Japanese culture of cuteness!

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