SUP Multiplayer Racing: 10 Tips and Strategies for Beginners

SUP Multiplayer Racing
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Most gamers would love to play a racing game that has no complicated control system. SUP Multiplayer Racing is one of those games that has got the basics right.

With just two buttons – one for switching lanes and another to increase your car’s speed – SUP has already won hearts due its simple, yet practical controls.

The two-button system may seem too basic for many, but a player can make use of them to perform drifting, smash into opponents and pull off air tricks.

Players can also create their own race tracks and publish them for others to test and up vote their tracks.

If you have just downloaded the game, just follow our quick tips and strategies to know how to use track creation mode, speed up upgrades, perform a few tricks to get ahead of opponents and win races:

1. Try Slipstreaming and Overtaking Cars to be Ahead of Them

Slipstreaming is a popular technique in car racing. It is also known as “Drafting”. To try this technique in SUP, all you need to do is to follow closely behind an opponent’s race car to get close to its slipstream.

Slipstream and get past opponent racers

Entering a rival race car’s slipstream will increase your speed. Once you get an opportunity to overtake, just tap the “change lane” button and press the boost button to move past it.

Try not to allow your opponent stay behind you. The best strategy to stop an opponent enter your car’s slipstream is to quickly switch lanes and press the boost button when you see one of the race cars follow your vehicle closely.

2. Push a Car off the Track If There Are No Rails

You can perform a take-down immediately after slipstreaming and overtaking a rival car. Move behind get and closer to your opponent.

Now, switch lanes. Don’t press the boost button to move ahead of your opponent. Instead, press the change lane button again to ram into the enemy car.

This will surely slow it down, if not push it off the race track. You should change lanes when your car is positioned beside the enemy’s car. You can also tap “boost” if there is no railing to push it away from the race track.

3. Pull Off an Air Trick to Get Bonus Coins

There will be yellow ramps randomly placed on a race track. You will have to take advantage of a ramp to display some cool mid-air stunts.

When your car jumps off a ramp, the “change lane” turns into “air tricks” button. Tap that button when your car is in the air to perform a stunt.

You will get more bonus coins when your car does a full 360 degree rotation when it’s in the air. To do this, tap and hold the left button.

4. Drifting Might Not Be a Good Idea If You Want to Win a Race

Besides performing a mid-air trick, you can also perform drifting to receive bonus coins. Drifting reward is time-based, so the amount of coins received depends on the time taken to perform a drift.

To drift, your car needs to be in top speed. You can press the boost button to increase its speed. You may also wait for all 3 boosts to fill up, tap the boost button repeatedly to reach top speed and then change lanes to perform a drift by switching lanes.

You can perform drifting if you are not serious about winning a race as this stunt slows down the car. Also, the bonus coins earned for a drift aren’t worth the effort made to perform this stunt.

5. How to Speed-Up Opening a Chest

The chests you receive after a race can’t be opened instantly. You may have to wait for a few hours to open one.

It takes 2 hours to open blue chests, whereas golden chests take longer time (6 hours max) to open. You can get a maximum of 4 chests from a race.

You get a chest after finishing all 3 rounds of a race. Try for a first or second place in every race to increase your chances of getting gold/silver chest as they contain better rewards than bronze chests.

When you receive a chest, quickly tap it to start the countdown. Do this for a chest that takes 2 hours to open. When the countdown hits zero, tap again to open it.

You can speed up countdown time. On the countdown timer, tap the “Open Now” button and then tap “Watch Video” to speed up time.

After watching a video, 30 minutes will be deducted from the total time required to open one. You can watch videos multiple times to keep decreasing the total time.

Try to keep at least one or two empty spaces to accommodate chests and follow the above tip to quickly decrease time. If all 4 spaces are full, you won’t get any new chests after finishing all 3 races.

6. Use Power-Ups to Have an Edge in Racing

You get power-ups from chests. There are higher chances of getting a power-up from a gold chest than from a silver chest.

Nitro Items Booster, Golden Havoc and Gold Coin booster are a few examples of power-ups you might get from a chest. Don’t forget to equip a power-up when you receive it.

Example: When you receive a nitro items booster from a chest, quickly equip it to your best car. This booster will increase the value of nitro bottles that you collect during a race, ensuring faster nitro bar fills.

Before choosing a car, do have a look at your garage’s suggested race car. Your garage displays a random car with a “recommended” label above it.

Choosing a suggested car for a race will double the trophies you receive in a single race. Since cars are chosen randomly, the recommended car might not be as strong as your favorite vehicle, so you may have to spend some time upgrading all recommended parts, evolve it and then use it to get extra trophies per race.

Choose a recommended car in SUP Multiplayer racing

A recommended car will be available for a few hours. Select use it in every race until the time limit is over to earn more trophies per race.

8. Upgrading Your Car’s Parts and Evolving It Will Boost Its Performance

Before tapping the green “Race” button, have a look at upgrade recommendations. Tap the upgrade button and level up all recommended parts of your car. You will need to spend some coins for each part upgrade.

Upgrade car parts to improve its performance

Once you complete upgrading all suggested car parts, you are ready to evolve your car. Evolving increases stats of all 4 attributes (Power, Weight, Nitro and Handling) and unlocks new upgrades. You will have to spend coins to evolve your car.

Once your car evolves and reaches a new stage, you can again upgrade all new recommended parts, but make sure you have saved lots of coins.

9. Speed Up Part Upgrades

Upgrading your race car’s component takes time, and it’s not a very good idea to wait for 10 or 20 minutes to complete an upgrade and play a new race when there is way to speed it up. You can watch a short video to get a component leveled up instantly.

Whether leveling up a part takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes, watching a 30-second video ensures instant upgrades. Try leveling up all recommended parts and speeding up time before racing.

10. Create Your Own Race Track to Earn Diamonds

Creating race tracks is one of most unique features of SUP multiplayer racing. The best part of this is that your newly created track will be played worldwide.

After each race, the game will allow all players to vote for your track (in case your track is being used for that race). The more up-votes you receive, the more diamonds you will earn. You can get a maximum of 7 diamonds if you receive 120 votes.

The track creating mode has a few tools and lots of presets for objects, ramps and platforms. You can select a bumpy road, add obstacles, place ramps, add or delete blocks etc.

You can use presets and tools to create your own track or just tap the “Random Track” button to let the AI decide what’s best.

It’s really up to you, but I would recommend using tools and presets to come with your own tracks, make it a bit challenging (but not too difficult) so that you get more up votes.

You can experiment a bit by creating a race track using tools and a random AI-generated track just to see which of them earns more votes.

Once a track is ready, tap the publish button to make it go live. You can see how many votes you have received any time. Publishing a track requires coins. You can publish the same track over and over again, but you may have to spend more coins when you publish the same race track again.