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Summoners War
Photo: Summoners War
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

Summoners War is a captivating and critically acclaimed mobile role-playing game from Com2uS, the creator of titles like The Walking Dead: All-Stars, Inotia, Wonder Tactics, and many more famous games available on Android and iOS at the Play Store.

Immerse yourself in the game where players embrace the role of summoners, wielding a diverse array of elemental monsters in strategic turn-based combat.

Your objective is to gather, evolve, and empower your monsters to assemble potent teams for victorious battles, which can be challenging for new players. That is why we are here to help you!

This article serves as your introductory guide to Summoners War, offering valuable tips to help you embark on your adventure with ease.

Summoners War Beginner Tips: Get a Strong Starter Monster

Summoners War
Photo: Summoners War


Right off the bat, the game will give you a random 3-star monster as your first summon, which you can potentially replace with a stronger monster through the early-game summoning events or by enrolling your account.

Rerolling involves repeatedly restarting the game until you get a desirable 5-star monster for the initial summons. It sounds tricky, but your efforts will be rewarded.

Here are some strong 5-star monsters that players often aim for when rerolling:

  • Veromos (Ifrit – Dark): This powerful fusion monster is widely used for its strong debuff-cleansing abilities that put your team at an advantage.
  • Perna (Fire Pheonix): A versatile unit capable of healing and dealing significant damage, making Perna a valuable choice for a wide range of PvP and PvE challenges.
  • Lushen (Wind Joker): Renowned for his exceptional area-of-effect (AoE) damage that is perfect for crowd control, which makes him excel in various areas, including efficient farming and PvP battles.

Beginner Tips: Focusing on Scenario Mode

Summoners War
Photo: Summoners War

The Scenario Mode serves as your primary avenue for gaining experience points and resources as you advance through the early-game content of the game.

Concentrating on completing scenario stages, not only will your monsters level up rapidly, but you will also unlock access to various maps and levels for resource farming.

Early Farming Mana Stones

Mana Stones are a fundamental currency in Summoners War, with versatile applications.

Mana stones
Photo: Summoners War

They play a pivotal role in empowering monsters and enhancing runes, both of which are crucial for late-game progression. Early Farming of Mana Stones is highly advised.

Here are the best farming locations for Mana Stones:

DungeonsEXP per MonsterRune Sellback (Mana Stone)
Mt. White Ragon (Stage – 2. Hill)Normal: 457
Hard: 827
Hell: 2100
1* 361 Mana Stone
2* 800 Mana Stone
3* 1288 Mana Stone
4* 2296 Mana Stone
Faimon Volcano (Stage – 1. Path)Normal: 756
Hard: 1276
Hell: 2730
1* 823 Mana Stone
2* 1824 Mana Stone
3* 2937 Mana Stone
4* 5236 Mana Stone
Chiruka Remains (Stage 1. Outer Wall or 4. West)Normal: 887
Hard: 1475
Hell: 2146
1* 780
2* 1728
3* 2783
4* 5236
  1. Mt. White Ragon (Stage – 2. Hill): Unlike other stages in Mt. White Ragon, where monsters can stun lock and even prevent your unit from using recovery. In Stage 2, you’ll encounter primarily Water Warbears, posing a minimal threat to your monsters with their low damage output. Making Stage 2 the most efficient to farm in.
  2. Faimon Volcano (Stage – 1. Path): There are strange and strong monsters found in Faimon Volcano. However, Stage 1 stands out as the most optimal and efficient choice to farm with its weak monster, Fire Hellhound.
  3. Chiruka Remains (Stage 1. Outer Wall or 4. West): Great for Exp and Mana Stone farming, Outer Wall and West are the most farmable stages within Chiruka Remains, but the map can be challenging due to its specialized monsters, so be prepared.

Awaken Monsters!

Monster awakening
Photo: Summoners War

Don’t hesitate to Awaken your Monsters as soon as possible. This enhances their abilities and strengthens your units, which helps you breeze through scenario quests and dungeon farming.

As your monsters grow stronger, you’ll find yourself clearing farm stages more quickly, thereby increasing your mana stone income.

Complete Missions and Achievements

Photo: Summoners War

Doing your Daily Missions and Achievements yields plenty of rewards, offering a rich assortment of prizes, including experiences, mana stones, summoning scrolls, and even valuable runes for your growing monsters.

So make sure to log in at least daily and do your Daily Missions to benefit from it.

Spend Crystals Wisely

Crystals are known as the premium in-game currency, which can be obtained through Achievements, Daily Special Gift, Event Rewards, or purchasing in the Cash Shop.

Photo: Summoners War

One of the most frequent mistakes made by beginners is spending their crystals on energy refills early on in the game. It is wiser to reserve them for acquiring summoning packs or expanding your storage for monsters and runes.

Participate in Events

Photo: Summoners War

At least every month or per season, Summoners War held different types of events where you could either farm, experience guild content, and do event missions such as collecting tokens by doing various tasks that will yield huge rewards like Mana Stones, Summoning Scroll, EXP and more!

Join Secret Dungeon

Secret Dungeon is one of those hidden Dungeons that can be found by yourself or your friends.

join secret dungeon
Photo: Summoners War

These dungeons have the potential to be unlocked when you engage in battles within the five Elemental Halls (Fire, Water, Wind, Dark, and Light) and remain open for a limited one-hour window.

Each Secret Dungeon comprises 10 stages, culminating in a challenging Boss encounter in the final stage. Upon successful completion, you will be rewarded with a Summoning Piece.

By amassing a sufficient number of these pieces, you gain the ability to summon a monster of your desired grade. It’s a perfect method for acquiring the specific monster you’ve been yearning for!

Join a Guild

Photo: Summoners War

Playing solo in Summoners War is equally fulfilling, but joining a Guild opens up new opportunities for cooperative play and rewards.

By participating in guild battles and contributing by fighting monsters inside Tartaros Labyrinth, you will receive various rewards, including Guild Points, which you can spend on purchasing scrolls, rune boxes, and summoning pieces in the Guild Shop.


The game may seem complex, but employing good strategy and early planning allows for more efficient resource utilization.

Engaging in farming, completing daily quests, and actively participating in events and guild battles offers a consistent means of acquiring the currency and upgrade materials needed for your growing monster team!

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