Summoners Greed – Ultimate Game Guide

summoners greed ultimate game guide
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

PIXIO, the Russian game development studio, has been entertaining us multiple times with their signature “Tap-Tap” games since 2016. Summoners Greed stands out from the crowd as an amazing tower defense game.

You can download Summoners Greed from the Play Store.

With our Summoners Greed Ultimate Game Guide, we will cover the most basic of basics, as well as deep diving for the more advanced strategies, as well as tips and tricks. 

This way, regardless of whether you’re a complete noob spellcaster or a more seasoned summoner, you’ll find something interesting and exciting to read.

Let’s unleash the magic!

Disclaimer: This guide is for version 1.60.8 of the game. With future updates, the info in this article might change.

summoners greed ultimate guide
Photo: PIXIO

Covering the Basics

As promised, we’ll briefly cover the most fundamental aspect of this marvelous game.

How to Play Summoners Greed

The idea of the game is for you, The Summoner, to summon minions (monsters), drag and place them into their designated areas, and watch as they massacre hoards of knights that are trying to get your treasure.


summoners greed game
Photo: PIXIO

The Goal

Keep those pesky knights at bay from acquiring your magical gems by using any means necessary. With each wave that’s defeated, you’ll earn rewards.

And, of course, the further you go in Summoners Greed, the more exquisite the loot.

Basic Strategy

summoners greed how to play
Photo: PIXIO

Start with low-cost monsters since your bank is low.

Try placing damage dealers in the front, stunners/slowers in the mid-row, and filling the back row with utility/support monsters.

And as you earn more gold, invest in more monsters while balancing offense and defense.

Best Monsters by Tier

There are many monsters to choose from in Summoner’s Greed.

To make progression easier, all of them are scattered across different strength tiers (common, rare, epic, legendary, special, and mythical).

Here, we’ll focus on which monsters are best in each of the tiers.

This way, you can speed up your game progression and save resources that would otherwise be spent on something that isn’t worth it.

Common Tier

summoners greed common monsters
Photo: PIXIO

In the common tier, we really do only have two monsters that are considered good and are worth investing in: Mr. Flamey and Sparky.

Sparky is a pretty decent stunner, while Mr. Flamey is a really solid clear. The rest of the common monsters are not really worth any investment.

They are cute, though.

Rare Tier

summoners greed rare monsters
Photo: PIXIO

There are a few more rare monsters to choose from in Summoners Greed.

The ones that stand out are Stacky and Cappuccino (in terms of damage), while Fury is a very solid AOE stun. Cappuccino is also a pretty reliable stun, as well as being a damage source.

There are some other noteworthy picks, but as we’re trying to focus on the best of the best, we will leave them for now.

Epic Tier

summoners greed epic monsters
Photo: PIXIO

The epic tier also boasts a dozen picks, but we can narrow them down to two clear winners: Speedy and Mighty.

Both are staples of many gaming strats and setups and are generally well-known in the Summoners Greed community.

While both are close, Speedy tends to retain its usefulness a bit more as the game progresses.

However, both are still close!

Legendary Tier

summoners greed legendary monsters
Photo: PIXIO

The legendaries have a lot of monsters to choose from, and while their abilities do make them special and can create some unique strategies, it is commonly agreed that Slime King and Felina are the two best ones in this tier.

Slime King starts off as a great carry while being an amazing stun.

As a carry, he will fall off a bit as you go through the game, but Felina, on the other hand, is amazing.

Keep in mind that Slime King needs less gold to be better, while Felina requires the full 40M gold to start being competitive.

Special Tier

summoners greed special monsters
Photo: PIXIO

The special tier holds the widest variety of monsters in Summoners Greed. But without question, Hellhound and Ifrit are the top picks out of all of them.

The rest of the specials really don’t compare, (even though some might be considered viable).

Mythical Tier

summoners greed mythical monsters
Photo: PIXIO

The mythical tier holds a tie between Horus, Jiraiya, and Amaterasu.

The opinions vary wildly in which one of them is the best, with a lot of the community saying that Amaterasu holds the crown, but we disagree.

A Jiraiya and Horus combo really performs spectacularly. 

Best Monster Composition

There are nine available monster placement areas in Summoners Greed: the front row (3 places), mid row (3 places), and the back row (3 places).

summoners greed monster placement
Photo: PIXIO

The idea is to use an effective strategy that will conquer the incoming enemies in Summoners Greed. But which strategy is the best?

Well, here is the general idea to help you create the best strategy that works for you but still is able to propel you through the game’s progression:

Front Row

summoners greed front row
Photo: PIXIO

The front row should be Speedy + Mighty, with your DPS in the middle.

Mid Row

summoners greed mid row
Photo: PIXIO

Your mid-row should hold stuns. If you cannot get a stun, then use slow.

Back Row

summoners greed back row
Photo: PIXIO

The back row should be filled with your secondary DPS to get strays, as well as your utility monsters.

Expert Tips & Tricks

This Summoners Greed Ultimate Guide has the purpose of teaching you how to progress throughout the game with more ease by being effective.

Getting stuck and having your progression slowed or halted is boring and sometimes even frustrating. 

Let’s avoid the stress and teach you how to progress successfully!

  1. Prioritize upgrading your front-row
  2. Stuns/slows don’t require upgrades to be effective
  3. You need 45k summoning stones to upgrade a special monster to 3 gold stars
  4. The AFK gold cap is 432k (considering you have an LVL 500 monster)

Final Words

We’ve covered the basics, the monster tiers, and monster setups, as well as some handy but potent tips to conquer normal/hard/nightmare Summoners Greed.

We hope that this concise guide has proven valuable and insightful and will help you in releasing your summoner potential.

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Go claim those magical gems, shiny gold, and epic loot. 


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