Stunt Corgi Value – Pet Sim X (February 2024)

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The Yeet Event 2023 added new pets to Pet Sim X. Among them is the Stunt Corgi, a coveted and adorable Corgi wearing a stunt hat. However, like all limited-time events, acquiring this Stunt Corgi can be time-consuming, so many players choose to spend Diamonds and buy their Stunt Corgi on the market.

To assist you, we have created a table with the current approximate values of the pet, as they vary depending on the player’s booth. Check here for the updated price of Stunt Corgi Value in Pet Sim X for August 2023.

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Value in DiamondsRegularGoldenRainbowDark Matter
Normal45 million60 million150 million179 million
Shiny80 million200 million450 million1.5 billion
Hardcore60 million110 million300 million800 million
Hardcore ShinyN/AN/AN/AN/A

Although we would like to provide factual prices, often, the values fluctuate based on the supply and demand in the Trading Plaza. Players’ booths are governed by real people who decide the cost of the Stunt Corgi as they see fit. Therefore, if you are a longtime player, we suggest going after your own pet.

How to Get a Wild Egg for the Stunt Corgi

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The Stunt Corgi can be hatched by buying a Wild Egg. Wild Eggs are found only in the Yeet World, an event in Pet Simulator X that started in July. To get to the Yeet World, climb aboard the rocket found in the Spawn World.

The location is a small arena filled with orbs, six egg options initially locked, and the “Throw your Pet” feature, the only way to acquire Yeet coins.

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Players who want to acquire the Wild Egg must collect the orbs around the field. Each orb also provides more throwing strength; the farther we throw the pet, the more coins we acquire.

Collecting 5 billion Yeet Coins is necessary to unlock the Wild Eggs. After that, each regular Wild Egg costs 3 billion, while the Golden Wild Egg is priced at 27 billion Yeet Coins. Both have a 0.32% chance of hatching a Stunt Corgi, which can increase as you acquire more upgrades in exchange for Yeet Orbs.

Check the Trading Plaza

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You can make your own market analysis by visiting the Trading Plaza. Go to the Shop in the Spawn World and climb the stairs to access it. It’s a portal on the right side and requires the Impossible Rank plus 1 million Diamonds to unlock.

Inside, you can check the players’ booths for various pets or search for the one you desire in the Trading Terminal. Just type “Stunt Corgi” in the search, choose the type of pet you want, and you will be teleported to the booth containing it.


Photo: BIG Games

The Stunt Corgi is one of the exclusive pets of the Yeet Event 2023. Its value can vary according to the booth you check out and according to its supply and demand. The Yeet Event 2023 also introduced other novelty pets, like the Stunt Unicorn, Stunt Bobcat, Stunt Chick, among others.

Don’t forget to check our list with the updated values of the Stunt Corgi! Do you play Pet Sim X? What is your rarest pet?

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