Strange World Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Strange World Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Strange World: RTS Survival combines real-time strategy with RPG elements. The game has a post-apocalyptic setting where a group of a rag-tag survivors try to find the cause of the alien invasion. They wake up from a deep “cryosleep” only to find themselves surrounded by mutants, bizarre flora and fauna and several deadly enemies. With the help of a robotic mobile base, they start exploring the abandoned world in search of secrets and answers.

Strange World Game Guide

The game will allow players to control up to 4 characters. They can order their team to explore, scavenge and collect resources, craft and manage weapons and equipment. Its story mode has more than 30 chapters and over 16 characters, each with unique abilities ad skills. You can also play the game in offline mode. There tons of weapon, food and equipment that can be crafted. There are also additional five game modes and also a separate “idle” mode. Our complete Strange World game guide, tips and strategies will help you get started:

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How to Make Proper Use of Your Mobile Base

Before reading further, have a look at the screenshot below to know various icons and their uses when you tap on the stationary base:

Base Icons

1. Building mode: Opens up buildings that need to be constructed near resources to collect them. The building mode also lets you build campfires to make your survivors warm at night.

2. Storage: This is where all crafted items (weapons, medkits and torch) are kept. Tap on your character’s icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap on the storage to access his/her backpack. You can then tap on a crafted weapon to equip it to them. Storage also contains animal meat dropped by defeated creatures. These animal meat can be used to cook food in the cooking station.

3. Crafting Station: Tap on it to access a myriad of weapons and other items. You can start crafting them once you have obtained the required resources.

4. Cooking Station: This is where food is cooked. If there’s no food, your characters’ HP (health) will decline gradually and they will die of hunger when their HP bar reduces to zero.

5. Base Upgrade: Upgrade your base using stones, scrap and iron to unlock new crafting recipes and buildings. Your base also gets more Health points once it gets upgraded.

6. Base Transformation: Tap on this to convert a movable base into a stationary base and vice versa.

Your mobile base is actually a bipedal robot. It looks like a Transformer robot and is pretty rad! However, there are no weapons attached to it, so it cannot defend itself. You will have to guard it with your characters while exploring. 

You can move it along with the survivors while exploring an island and place it anywhere where are aren’t any obstacles. Drag your finger over the monitor icon along with other character icons on the bottom-left corner of the screen and tap on the screen to move the bipedal base. It will start moving with your survivors.

Once you find a proper location, press the transform button on the lower-right to transform the bipedal robot into a stationary base. Make sure you place it in an area where there are ample resources (trees/shrubs, rocks, scraps etc.)

In Strange World: RTS Survival, your mobile base lets you construct buildings/collecting stations to gather resources. It also allows you to craft food, weapons and equipment needed for survival. You will have to build turrets to defend your base as well as resource-generating buildings. Everything is available on the base.

To construct a resource collecting building, tap on the base and then tap on the building mode button on the lower-right corner of the screen.

You will get access to collecting stations, such as the fruit harvester (used to collect food) stone mill (cut and collect stones from rocky hills), iron refinery etc. You will need materials, such as stones to build these collecting stations. Read our List of Collectors & Resources to know more about them.

You don’t need to construct collection stations close to your mobile base. But you should place them close to the resources to collect them. Explore the area to find resources and construct a collecting station next to a resource. Bear in mind that an isolated collecting station will be vulnerable to enemy attacks, so make sure you place a turret next to it to protect the building.

Turrets can also be built anywhere and it’s not necessary to build them near your mobile base. Place turrets near your base in case you want to protect it. Additionally, you can also place turrets around collecting stations to defend them against enemy attack. These collecting stations can be placed anywhere close to a resource bank, but it’s not necessary for the main base to be near them.

Resources in a particular area will be depleted over time as more and more drones will collect them. Explore areas where there are additional resource banks and then set up collecting stations near them to gather resources.

Level up your base once you acquire enough stones, scrap and iron. At level 2, additional drones will be unlocked. These drones will be deployed from your base itself, so you don’t have to build collecting stations for a while. Of course, you may want to spread out, explore and build these buildings on remote areas far away from the base and they will still collect resources for you.

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Food Types and Crafting Ingredients

In Strange World: RTS Survival, a player can craft food, weapons and medkits from the base. Make sure you build collecting stations to gather materials for crafting items.

To craft food, you will need to access the “Cooking Station”. Tap your base and then tap on the buffet bowl, which is located on the lower-right corner of the screen.

Under “Food”, greyed out panels means that not enough materials have been gathered to craft that food item. Those food that can be crafted will be colored.

Tap on a colored food item and then press the start button. It will take a few seconds to prepare food. Some may take over 20-30 seconds, but you will get higher amounts of food.

Once food is prepared, the total amount of food displayed on the top-left corner of the screen will increase. If you craft fruit juice, then 125 food will be displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. Craft another and 125 more food will be added to your total.

Here’s a list of ingredients needed to cook various types of food:

Wolf meat: Wolfs defeated during combat may drop meat.

Bear Meat: Defeat slow-moving bear to obtain bear meat.

Bird Meat: Defeat white colored birds (they have feathers that look like flower petals, they hover above air and attack when someone comes close to their range)

Wrib Meat: Defeat harmless frogs to obtain it.

Snake meat: Defeat those slithering poisonous snakes to get snake meat.

Arms of Mandragora: The mandragora is a large carnivorous plant that attacks from a fair distance. Attack using melee weapon to defeat her and you might obtain her arms as meat.

Ram Meat: Defeat charging rams to get their meat.

You can cook up to four different food items at a time.

Some food items require a combination of 2 or more ingredients.

Tips and Strategies

Always have a mix of ranged and melee characters in your survivor team. If you have recruited two characters, then equip a ranged weapon to one character and a melee weapon to another. The melee character will attack enemies at a close range whereas the ranged survivor will attack from a distance.

Check a weapon’s range before equipping to a character. Bows have shorter range than other ranged weapons. You can check a weapon’s range from the crafting station. Tap on the hammer icon and then tap on a weapon’s icon to reveal its stats.  The range stats have a bullseye icon.

Protect your base and collecting stations/buildings. Place turrets close to them. You can also lay down animal traps to stop beasts like wolves from attacking your base.

While exploring, your stationary base will be attacked by enemies since there’s no one to guard it. The game will warn you about that. When you see the warning message on the top of the screen, tap on the red exclamation mark beside the message and the camera will move to the attacked building. You can then select survivors and move them back to base if they are not protected by turrets.

Turrets can be installed anywhere on explored land. Applies the same for collecting stations. While exploring, if you find resources, just tap the building mode and construct a collecting station next. It will send drones to collect resources.

The Strange World RTS game has a day/night cycle. Equip torch to your characters if you are exploring uncharted territories at night. An explored land is where you can place buildings, so using a torch is mandatory. To craft a torch, tap on the hammer icon on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on the torch icon. Make sure you have at least 16 stones and 8 iron.

Each weapon has durability in percentage. A weapon is unusable once the durability reaches 0%. A melee weapon equipped to a character will lose durability only when the enemy attacks the character. However, firearms will lose durability gradually whenever your character attacks enemies.

Each character has a unique skill, which is displayed on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Use skills only when you are being suppressed by enemies.  Tap on character and then tap on the skill icon.

A skill has a Cooldown time. You can’t use one until its cooldown time is over. However, you can decrease the cooldown time when your character reaches certain level – The cooldown time is reduced by 15% when he reaches level 10, 30% when he reaches level 20 and 50% when he reaches level 30.

Pay attention to a character’s stats, abilities and skills before including him/her to your survivor team. Open the app and then tap on the “Survivors” button. Next, tap on a character’s portrait. A new page will be displayed on the screen. Check all stats and skills.

Character Leveling and Awakening

Leveling up a survivor improves key stats such as health, damage etc. Upgrading a survivor will make him/her stronger. They will be able to fight more powerful enemies as players progress through the story mode.

Leveling up a character

To level up a character, tap on “Survivors” on the home screen. This button is next to the “Play” button.

Tap a character’s icon and then tap on “property”. Tap on the “Level up” button.

You will need EXP (orange token) and coins to level up a character. You will obtain EXP after you successfully complete a story mode chapter. You will also obtain EXP by playing survival, defense, bounty, escape and treasure hunt game modes under “Daily”. The Daily game mode can be accessed after tapping the Play button. You will earn coins from the main story mode as well as all game modes.

Awakening a character in Strange World will improve his skills. To awaken a character, you will need his duplicate “fragment”. Purchase character fragments using gems at the shop. You can earn gems after completing a story mode chapter as well as from all additional game modes.

You might also receive a fragment from the “Daily Reward”. Play the game every day to obtain gems, a new character or their fragments. Daily rewards can be accessed from the gift box icon on the right side of the screen.

Purchase Missing Materials and Ingredients from the Shop

The shop is the best place to purchase not only weapons and medkits, but also crafting ingredients. Tap on the Shop button on the left side of the Play button.

You can purchase equipment using in-game coins. Ingredients such as scrap, iron package, scrap package and survival bundle can be purchased using gems. To know how to get gems refer our previous tip: Character Leveling and Awakening.

Unlock and Research New Technologies

Research various new technologies that can help you in your adventure in one way or the other. You can research melee and range weapon damage which will allow your characters to defeat enemies faster as the damage dealt will be higher than normal post-research.

There are also other technologies to research in Strange World: You can research building-based technology. This will increase your mobile base and collecting station’s HP. It will also increase turrets attack damage and construction speed of buildings.

There are also technologies based on Utility. Research them to increase crafting speed, cooking speed, the amount of coins received as rewards in each stage, movement speed of drones etc.

The research button can be found in the home screen, below the “Play” button.

You will need a certain number of data devices to research thesetechnologies.Obtain these devices from the Bounty, Survival and Escape game mode under Play > Daily.

Pay Attention to Food Consumption

The total amount of food is displayed on the top-left corner of the screen. Just beside the total food is the amount of food consumed (in red). Food is consumed by all characters and buildings/structures at regular intervals.

Tap on the total food amount to open the “hunger overview” window.

Under team, you will see a list of all recruited characters that are consuming food. But that’s not all. Collecting stations and turrets also consume food. So if you see an increase in the food consumption (the numbers in red), just tap on the total food and see which buildings consume food.

Stock up on food. The easiest way to prepare lots of food is to gather fruits and prepare “Fruit Juice” at the cooking station. Tap on your base and then tap on the buffet bowl to access the cooking station. Next, tap on the first icon (fruit juice) and press the start button.

Turrets and their Strengths

Building Mode not only lets you construct collecting stations, but also lets you place campfires and turrets. Tap on your base and then tap on the building mode to get access to them. The turret section has a cross sword icon. Tap on it to get the list:

Turrets are stationary fortifications and used to protect your base and collecting stations. There are different types of turrets and each require a certain amount or materials to build them. For example, you will need only 30 stones to build the crossbow turret, the most primitive fortification, but will require 40 iron, 35 stones and 60 scrap to build the shotgun turret, which deals more damage to enemies.


Each turret has its own strengths:

Crossbow: Simple low range turret. Can be effective against common enemies such as wolves.

Defense Turret: Another low-range, but high power turret. Fires at enemies that get too closeto it.

Shotgun Turret: High defense turret. Very powerful at close range. Has taunting effect. Enemies will attack the shotgun turret first instead of the base, thanks to its taunt effect.

Cannon Turret: Fixed cannon. Has high range and can be a great deterrent. It will attack enemies trying to stop it even before they come close to your base.

Besides turrets, there are also traps used to stop mutants and monsters from entering the base:

Animal Trap: Immobilizes most small animals that step onto it.

Land Mine: Deal a great deal of damage to small and large animals/mutants.

Ice Trap: Enemies that step on this trap will be frozen for a short period of time.

Note: Turrets consume food, traps don’t.

Place Campfire to Avoid High Food Consumption

It will be too cold at night, and if there’s no campfire, your characters will consume more food than normal. You can see the difference for yourself by paying attention to the food consumed at the top-left corner of the screen during daytime and at night.

At night, you must build a campfire to keep your characters warm. This will also ensure that they consume food as they would do normally during day time.

There are three types of campfires: Small, Medium and Large:

The smallest one is used to keep warm for a few in-game hours. Since it has a minimum heat range, characters must be closer to it to get heat.  Also it extinguishes quickly.

The medium campfire is enough to keep your characters warm for one night. Takes time to get fully extinguished. Has a better vision radius than the small campfire, so characters can still get heat if they are a bit far away from it.

Large campfire can keep characters warm throughout an entire night! Maximum range.  

Upgrade your mobile base from time to time to unlock new collecting stations, building recipes, crafting recipes and cooking recipes.

List of all Collectors and Resources

There are six types of resources in Strange World:

Fruit, stone, iron, scrap electronic, pink crystal and uranium.

You will need them to craft food, weapons and items for survival.

Construct collecting stations or collectors near a resource to gather them. For example: Construct fruit harvester close to fruit plants. Stone mills closer to stones. If you build a collector on an empty area where there are no resources available, then it will difficult for it to collect that resource as the drones can’t go too far away. The game also warns you about this. Drones can only gather resources that are within their range.

Here’s a list of collecting stations or collectors that are required to gather crafting materials:

Note: All collecting stations consume food. So if the food consumption count on the top-left of the screen has increased, don’t blame your characters. It’s because you have constructed too many of these buildings.

Fruit Harvester: Specializes in gathering fruit. Build near shrubs/fruit plants and it will send drones to collect fruits within their range.

Requirement: 15 stones to build this station.

Food consumption: Consumes 2 food at regular intervals.

Stone Mill: Specializes in collecting stone. Sends drones automatically to small stony areas to collect stones.

Requirement: 20 stones to build. Consumes 3 food at regular intervals.

Iron Refinery: Specializes in gathering scrap iron. Place it near Iron Mountains and it will send drones to collect them.

Requirement: 40 stones needed to build this collection station.

Consumes 4 food.

Scrap Recycler: Specializes in collecting scrap electronic. Place it near scrap piles and it will deploy drones to collect them within their range.

Requires 40 stones.

Consumes 4 food at regular intervals.

Elemental Forge: Specializes in collecting pink crystals. Place it near pink crystal mounds to collect elemental crystals.

Requires 30 iron and 30 scraps to build it.

Consumes 6 food at regular intervals.

Uranium Deposit: Specializes in collecting uranium from yellow crystals. Place this collecting station near yellow crystal mounds to collect uranium

Requires 30 scrap and 30 iron.

Consumes 6 food at regular intervals.

Note: You must upgrade your base to level 2 in order to unlock iron refinery, scrap recycler and elemental forge. Next, upgrade it to level 3 to unlock more collecting stations, such as the uranium deposit.

To upgrade your base, tap on your base and then tap on the bar graph icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You will need lots of stones, scrap and iron to upgrade your base.

For example: To upgrade your base from Level 1 > Level 2, you will need 40 stones, 40 iron and 40 scraps. To upgrade from level 2 to level 3, you will need 60 stones, 50 scrap and 60 iron.

Tip: Upgrading your mobile base will also increase its HP.

Weapons and Medkits

You can craft and equip weapons to your characters. Make sure you have gathered enough resources to craft them.

Tap on the base and then tap on the hammer icon on the lower-right corner of the screen to access the “Crafting Station”.

To access weapons, tap on the cross sword icon. Now tap on a weapon and press the start button.

Greyed out weapons can’t be crafted as some materials will be missing. You will have to collect those through collecting stations. Build them near resources.

To equip a weapon to a character, tap on the character’s icon on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on the open box icon to access “storage”.

Next, tap on the weapon under “equipable” to equip it. You can add up to 5 weapons on weapon slots. These weapons will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. Tap on the survivor and then tap on the weapon panel on the bottom of the screen to select and equip it to him.

For most melee and ranged weapons, you will need a certain amount of stones, scrap and iron. Tap on each weapon icon on the crafting station panel to know what are the required resources and how many are needed to craft them. Some advanced weapons may need other materials, such as uranium and pink crystals.

Crafting Station
Tap on a weapon’s icon on the left to see a list of stats on the right

Also, don’t forget to check each weapon’s stats – damage dealt, speed, range, HP etc. Each weapon has varied stats. “Damage” dealt to enemies has a sword icon. Range has a bullseye icon, HP has a battery icon and speed has a shoe icon (check the above screenshot). Always check the range stats between various ranged weapons. The weapon stats are displayed on the right side of the screen when you tap its icon.

Once you have crafted a weapon in Strange World, you can now equip it to a character. But before equipping it to someone, check whether that character can wield it. Not all weapons can be equipped to a survivor.

When you are in the crafting station panel and crafting a weapon, tap on the tiny character icon on the top of the panel to know whether he/she can wield that particular weapon. You will also see tiny orange and green colored icons beside characters and similar looking colored icons beside weapon icons on the crafting panel. So if there are is an orange icon next to a character’s icon, then only those weapons can be equipped to him that have the same orange icon beside their icons. Check these orange/green colored in the screenshot below:

Green and Orange Icons Beside Characters
Green and Orange icons beside character and weapon panels

Each character will have a unique colored icon. The above is green and orange. Others may have blue, red etc. These icons only give hints about the weapons which can be equipped to a character.

To unlock new weapon recipes, upgrade your mobile base. You will need stones, iron and scrap to upgrade it.

Along with weapons, don’t forget to craft medkits. They can be extremely useful to heal injured survivors. A small medkit requires 20 stones and 15 fruit and can heal a small amount of health. You can also craft advanced medkits if you have frog meat and bear/wolf meat.

Fight in Smaller Groups

Survivors will automatically attack the closest enemies. However, things can become difficult when they are attacked from all sides. The only solution is to split up. Issue orders to your characters to attack enemies separately, especially when you are surrounded by them.

Tap on a survivor’s icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap on an enemy. Do the same for other survivors.

If you are focused on attacking only one side, then your team will be decimated in no time. Splitting up your team and then attacking enemies all around them the ideal strategy to take them down.

To move all characters (survivors), drag your finger over their icons located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Next, tap on the ground to move them.

But when you are surrounded by enemies, it’s time to command actions to individual characters and order them to fight in smaller groups once you have recruited four characters in your team. Tap on a survivor’s icon and then tap on an enemy to attack it.

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