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Strange Hill
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

Welcome to Strange Hill, where nothing seems normal, starting from Dr. Wood, who betrayed his best friend to take over the neighborhood, to the rabbits that you need to neutralize.

Strange Hill is an open-world adventure game where you take on the role of a young adventurer who gets involved in strange and dangerous situations while trying to save the neighborhood.

The game was developed by Paga Games on September 29, 2023, and it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Strange Hill revolves around puzzles to be solved; some are easy, and some take forever, so this article is the full Strange Hill gameplay guide to help you solve the puzzles.

Strange Hill – Basics and Act 1


camera movement

Let’s get started with the basics in Strange Hill, where all you have to do is swipe the right side of the screen left and right to look around. Since Strange Hill is an open-world game, you will be able to move freely with no restrictions.

On the other half of the screen, you will be able to move the character, as you will have four directions to move freely as well.

crawl and jump

Looking at the other control buttons, you have the crawl option on the right lower side of the screen. This is used to crawl through small spaces.

The crawl option is not only to be a great turtle but it can also be used to sneak without making a sound so that you can get past hoppers, which we will mention later on.

Right above the crawl button, there is the jumping button, which you will need to jump over obstacles from one place to another, or even use the super jump, which will be unlocked later on.

neutralize the hopper button

As for the neutralization button, it is one of the most important ones to use in Strange Hill.

To activate it, you need to get closer to hoppers, which are your main enemies in this game. One hit would cost you your life.

Once you are close enough to them, a button will appear, which you can use to take them out. Going close to them would require the crawl button so that you don’t can sneak up on them.

picking up items

Remember that for anything you want to use in Strange Hill—doors to open or items—you will need to get close to it and aim so that the pointing button appears.

Ben, who is your robot assistant, is the one helping you through your adventure.

throwing items

Now that you know how to control your character, you can pick up most of the items you find on the ground, such as bricks to break a window.

In the center of your screen is your inventory, you will find anything you have obtained during gameplay in here.

Choose the item you want to throw, then the throwing button will appear right next to the jumping button. Aim and throw to break glass or even stun hoppers.

minion's threat zone

Also remember to stay out of the minion’s threat zone, as they would warn others and keep following you to kill you, so try to stun them before neutralizing them.


Remember that you have a lot of lives that are shown up there, which you can increase by picking up HP from the ground or even purche from the shop.

Every time you get hit by a hopper or laser, you will be returned to the last checkpoint; unless you have extra HP, in which case you won’t die instantly.


Missions and Quests

The main objective of Strange Hill is to complete missions and quests. The quests tab can be found right next to the HP bar, where you find the main quests, acts, missions, and much more that will be introduced later on.

Additionally, you can choose any quest and then click on Follow, which will keep track of the mission on the screen while playing so that you can keep track of your progress.

And in case you find yourself lost, not knowing what to do with the quest, there is a “get a hint” button that shows you a couple of hints. Keep in mind that a single hint would cost you coins.


Shooting glove

Now that you are a great adventurer, you will need a weapon; that’s where the glove comes into play.

You will receive a glove that shoots at targets and stuns hoppers.

The glove has 2 shots, then it will reload for another one, but you can always instantly reload it using 10 orange coins.

To use it, you press on it and hold to aim, then release. It stuns hoppers so that you can go and neutralize them safely.


wearing equipment

One last thing before we dive into the acts in Strange Hill: clicking on the bag in the top corner will show the character equipment that you will acquire through the course of the game, just like the glove.

And before you start Act 1, you will gain speed sneakers, which will require you to unlock the foot slot for as little as 0 coins; however, take note that the head and belt will be unlocked for 50 coins each.

The speed sneaker allows you to run much faster, but don’t overuse the speed, as you could fall and die.

Strange Hill – Act 2: Save the Private Rabbit

Act 2

Act 2 is all about saving the private rabbit that is locked inside the villain’s crib, which is Dr. Wood’s house.

Dr. Wood's private room

All you have to do is enter the villain’s crib and go to the highest floor. You will find a red door, which is the only red door you will ever see.

Computer puzzle

Once you enter the door, you will find Dr. Wood’s private room, where he has locked up the private rabbit. To free the rabbit, you will need to enter the right code on the computer.

Proceed to the back of the chair, where you will find the correct order to unlock the cage. Now you need to aim at the computer’s screen and solve the puzzle by arranging it according to the order on the chair.

escaping Wood's house

Once you have unlocked the cage, the house will be under emergency lockdown, where a laser will appear, so you need to walk down the required path, and attempt to get the private rabbit out of the house safely.

On your way out, you will find hoppers that you will need to neutralize.

going to the vault

Once you have helped the rabbit to get to safety, he will ask you to go back to the house, as he missed something. You will be required to go back to the chair and press the button.

The chair will turn into an elevator, which will take you to the vault in the secret place, and then you will be asked to find 3 keys to unlock the vault.

target behind the picture

One of the keys will be unlocked once you find the 5 targets.

The first target you will find is in the vault; the second target you will find is in the bathroom.

Here you will need to proceed to the tub and open the water so that you can get the switch you will use to turn on the power, in order for the picture to move.

Once the picture moves, you will find the 2nd target behind it. Use your gloves to hit it.

The 3rd target is in the hall, the 4th target is in the garage on the higher floor, and the 5th target can be found in the scientist room on the outside, which is in front of Dr. Wood’s room. You would reach this room by going out of the house and walking on the roof.

2nd key

The 2nd key is in the library, where you will need to press the button and follow the 3 wires, each of which will take you to an electricity switch that you will need to turn on.


The 3rd key is in the garage, where there is a small elevator that would be unlocked by entering the right code, which is “592.” This password is based on the geometrical shapes above the code.

The shapes are square, circle, and triangle in order. While searching the house, you will find those 3 shapes that you will need to pick up, and then you will find them in your inventory.

Once you’ve unlocked the elevator, proceed to the higher level, where you will find the 3rd key along with one of the targets we have mentioned before.

opening vault

Once you have the 3 keys, go to the vault and place the 3 keys to unlock the vault.

Take the missing piece from inside and head back to the rabbit, which you will find in your home. Remember that your home is on the other side of the road from the villain’s crib.

Strange Hill – Act 3: New Friends

jumping pads

Once you are done with the rabbit, you will receive the jumper, which is a great way to jump far distances or even fly from one place to another.

The jumper is a skill that appears once you are near a jumping pad; all you have to do is press the button once you are near it, then jump on it.

A trick to keep in mind: you can activate it while in mid-air so that you can keep jumping from one place to another, unstoppable.

Croleone, the head of the Hoppland mafia

The first thing you will need to do is find William, who will help you find the head of the Hoppland mafia, Croleone. You will need to set Croleone free first, as he is bound to a tree. Only then are you able to receive the challenges.

Croleone place

Once you set him free, he will go to his place. You will need to proceed to his place every time you finish a mission, use the elevator to reach him underground.

returning the hopper

The first mission is to set a few rabbits free that have been taken hostage by some hoppers.

Once you set them free, you will need to head back to Croleone so that he can assign the next mission to you.

the maze

Head to the portal, which will take you to the maze. You should find 3 power supplies which you will be able to turn on.

Looking closely in the maze, you will find 3 paths, however, if you go through the left one and find the power supply, as an example, keep following the laser above you so that you know where you should head next.

Stay focused in the maze, as you will find a lot of hoppers, moving lasers, and obstacles.

Once you turn on the 3 power supplies, the center will be unlocked, and you will obtain the glasses and find the portal.

Strange Hill – Act 4: A Symbol of Power

Act 4

Before we dive into Act 4, we mentioned the glasses above, these will have their own unique button alongside the inventory icon at the bottom of the screen.

The glasses can be used to see invisible things, some invisible items, places to go, land to jump on that otherwise can not be seen, or even clues for the missions.

The Bar

The first thing is to head to the Bar for the first puzzle.

Once you are at the Bar, you will find many hoppers outside and inside of it. Some of them will drop items that you will use to solve the puzzle, so make sure to pick them up.

Act 4 is relatively shorter than other acts in Strange Hill, though.

unlocking the carrot

Once you have neutralized all the hoppers, (don’t forget the hopper that stands on the balcony!), you will have to crawl under the boxes and go to the next room to find clues.

You will have to get the carrot by placing the 4 items you have collected in the order you can see according to the clues on the right-hand side.

Make sure to have them in the right places in the right order to make sure you unlock them.

Strange Hill – Act 5: Disconnection

Act 5

Unlike Act 4, Act 5 is a bit longer, with more challenging missions found in Strange Hill, and, of course, harder ones.

rescuing the hopper

The first thing you will be asked to do is free the hopper from the cage by pressing on the panel in front of him, then connecting the two batteries together.

activating the bomb

You will need to activate the first bomb, which you will find in front of the reactor as an almost invisible item.

going to the lab through lava

After that, the fun begins, where you should go all the way through the lava to the other side.

You will be asked to activate many bombs, take out a lot of hoppers, and solve tons of puzzles.

first partition in the lab

Once you are in, there will be 4 partitions, which are A, B, C, and D. You will be asked to find and activate 4 bombs and save 4 family members.

Each letter has 1 of each, so it won’t be hard to find all of them.

entering the gate code

One of the tricky parts you will find is the code to the door, which is “153,” which you will find on a piece of paper in the same room.

The other tricky part is that this is the act where you will need to use your glasses a lot, as the bombs will be invisible.

But most importantly, in the A section, the rabbit trapped will need 2 buttons to be free; the first one is so obvious, and the second one is invisible, which you will need to use the glasses to find.

After you are done with the bombs and family members, you should escape the island.

The end of main acts


Strange Hill is one of the games that you won’t get bored of; there are a lot of puzzles waiting for you to solve.

And it’s not only about the 5 acts; there are a lot of side missions that you can do, especially since it’s an open world, so you can do whatever you feel like.

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