Story Quest Guide – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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Story Quest Guide - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Story Quests are the Main Quest equivalent of AFK Journey (AFK2). These quests progress the story of AFK Journey, as players accompany an amnesiac Merlin during their journey of rediscovery.

Check below for a full list of Story Quests, as well as additional information!

List of All Story Quests

Story Quest Walkthroughs

Story QuestRecommended Lv.
Journey Guide (Story Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Journey Guide
AFK Journey - Holistone Mystery Feature
Holistone Mystery
Journey Quest Completion
Resonance Level 10
AFK Journey - North and South Quest
North and South
Holistone Mystery Quest Completion
Resonance Level 18
AFK Journey - Vineyard's Secret -Story Quest
Vineyard’s Secret
North and South Quest Completion
Resonance Level 28
Truth Behind Fire - Story Quest - AFK Journey
Truth Behind Fire
Vineyard’s Secret Quest Completion
Resonance Level 30
AFK Journey - Franz the Suspect - Story Quest
Franz the Suspect
Truth Behind Fire Quest Completion
Resonance Level 30
AFK Journey - Golden Banquet - Story Quest
Golden Banquet
Franz the Suspect Quest Completion
Resonance Level 35
AFK Stage 55
AFK Journey - Source of Magic - Story Quest
Source of Magic
Golden Banquet Quest Completion
Resonance Level 35
AFK Stage 55
AFK Journey - Merlin's Ward - Story Quest
Merlin’s Ward
Source of Magic Quest Completion
Resonance Level 40
AFK Stage 88
AFK Journey - Whispering Woods - Lucent's Lament
Whispering Woods
Merlin’s Ward Quest Completion
Resonance Level 45
AFK Stage 125
AFK Journey - Strange Situation - Story Quest
Strange Situation
Whispering Woods Quest Completion
Resonance Level 50
AFK Stage 150
AFK Journey - Lunnos Lakeside - Story Quest
Lunnos Lakeside
Strange Situation Quest Completion
Resonance Level 55
AFK Stage 185
AFK Journey - Story Q - Thorned Sage Feature
Thorned Sage
Lunnos Lakeside Quest Completion
Resonance Level 60, 70
AFK Stage 215, 255
AFK Journey - Story Q - The Getaway - Feature
The Getaway
Thorned Sage Quest Completion
Resonance Level 70
AFK Stage 255
AFK Journey - Story Q - The Sage's True Self - Feature IMG
The Sage’s True Self
The Getaway Quest Completion
Resonance Level 71
AFK Stage 300

How to Unlock Story Quests

Unlocks Immediately and Sequentially

Journey Guide (Story Quest) How to unlock

Story Quests are immediately available as soon as you finish creating your version of the playable character, Merlin.

Players will start things off with a cutscene before the tutorial for the game’s basic mechanics begins. Once the tutorial for the Story Quests has concluded, players automatically acquire the next quest in the main quest line.

Making choices in the Story Quest will not affect the outcome of the event, so feel free to choose whichever option resonates with you.

What Are Story Quests?

Main Quest Line

Story Quest AFK Journey

Like we’ve mentioned above, Story Quests progress players through the main storyline of AFK Journey.

These quests are completed in sequence and allows players like myself to undertake an adventure, or a journey, through a sprawling landscape as we rediscover pieces of Merlin’s memories through his encounters with his companions.

In this beautifully crafted world of magic and adventure, there are plenty of secrets to unveil, long journeys to embark on, and conspiracies to uncover. Discover every treasure, make new friends, and fight the strongest monsters and bosses. It’s your mission to unearth every bit of the story to find your true self and explore Esperia to the fullest.

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