Stormbound: Kingdom Wars – Tips and Strategies to Win PvP Matches and Campaign Missions

Anurag Ghosh
Stormbound Kingdom Wars

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a more artistic version of Clash Royale. The overall layout is very chess-like, and everything from playing the right card to using spells will require proper planning to outwit your opponents. There’s no doubt that this game has deep strategy, but yes there’s an element of luck involved as cards from your deck are chosen randomly. With 4 randomly drawn cards from your deck, the game will test your tactical decisions.

If you have just begun playing Stormbound, then you should have a clear idea about rules of the game. If you already know how to play it, then skip to the next section. In the guide below, you will learn about game modes and the rewards you will receiving after completing missions/matches, card icons, battle basics and how to use mana:

How to Play

The game has two play modes: Campaign and Battle. In Campaign missions, you will be battling AI enemies. In Battle, you will play against a similar-ranked random human player. Defeating a player in Battle mode will help you gain ranks and receive coins, rubies and splendid books. You must win two consecutive matches against players in order to gain a new rank and rewards. If you want to get a free card, then I would suggest playing the campaign mode. You will receive a random card on winning a chapter.

Your goal is to destroy enemy base. Whoever destroys his/her opponent’s base first wins the game. Once the enemy base score hits zero, you win.

Check the frontline. It’s a thin blue line that can be seen on the first row. You can place units on empty tiles behind this line. The blue line is pushed forward whenever your units move to the next row of tiles. Place unit card on a tile behind the blue line. Those unit cards that have a number shown on the speed/movement icon will move forward when you place them behind the frontline. Example: “Gifted Recruits” unit will immediately move forward, pushing the frontline up when you place them on an empty tile.

On a unit card, there are two important icons on the left and right side. On the left side is the “Strength” icon which shows how strong your units are and on the right side is the “Movement/Speed” icon which shows how many tiles a unit can move when placed behind the frontline.

Stormbound Kingdom Wars

Battle begins when your units move to a tile where an enemy unit is placed. The outcome of the battle will be determined by both units’ strength. Both will lose strength until one of them wins and captures the tile (it’s usually the one whose “strength” does not reach “0”).

Before placing a unit card on an empty tile, check the mana amount on the left side of the screen and how much mana is required to deploy the card. The mana icon on the top of the card shows the total cost required to play it. So if the total mana is 2 and mana cost of your card is 3, then you cannot play that card. You may play another card that costs “2” mana. Try replacing an unwanted card hoping that the new random card will cost 2 or less mana or just tap “End Turn” and wait for the next turn to get an extra mana.

In every new turn, mana replenishes by 1 and any unused mana will be carried over to the next turn. So if you have 3 unused mana, you will be able to use 3 + 1 additional mana = 4 mana in the next turn to deploy cards.
Along with unit cards, you should have a few spell cards on your deck. You can use them directly on enemy units, All you have to do is drag it on to your target, but make sure you tap a card to check what type of damage it will deal to your enemies.

In every turn, you can replace one card. Just drag an unwanted card to your deck on the left side of the screen to replace it with a random card. Try not to replace spell cards with new cards as they will be very useful to get rid of attacking enemy units.

Now that you know how to play Stormbound, it’s time to learn a few ways to defeat enemies and destroy their base. You will also learn how to make your units more powerful, make proper use of structures and craft cards:

1. Include Cards That Possess Dual Abilities

Some cards provide battle advantage in more than one way or the other. Such cards can give additional strength to friendly units, deal extra damage to surrounding units or spawn more units. Cards such as “ChillBeards” “Dreadfauns”, “Personal Servers” and “Joust Champions” can be serious game-changers in PvP multiplayer battles.

2. How to Make Use of Structures

Don’t forget to place structures such as “Pillars of Doom” “Emerald Towers” or “Fort of Ebenrock” whenever an opportunity arises. They can be used to defend your kingdom against incoming attacks or stop enemies from advancing for a brief period of time. Emerald Towers has more than one advantage. Not only can it can defend your base against enemies but also give extra strength to all units in the front. The best position for Emerald Towers is the first row, close to your base. You can place it on the second row, but always try to place it farther away as it gives strength only to those units in the front and not behind this structure.

The Fort of Ebenrock can be placed anywhere as it is used to temporarily stop incoming enemies. You can place them in front of a large number of units. The structure can take “5” damage, but can take more if you upgrade it. You don’t need to place it close to your base. You can place it near your enemy’s kingdom to paralyze enemy movement for one or two turns while your units move forward. The screenshot below shows how the Fort of Ebenrock can be used to tackle opponent’s units in a multiplayer match.

Using Structures in Stormbound

The Pillars of Doom structure is the opposite of Emerald Towers. Instead of increasing strength of friendly units, it deals “1” damage to enemy base at the start of every turn until it gets demolished by enemy units. It can be pretty handy if you want to keep reducing your enemy base’s points in every turn. You must place it on the first row as it will take some time for enemy units to come close to it and destroy it and by the time they raze this structure, you will be able to deal some damage to enemy base.

3. Use Duplicates to Upgrade Cards

Upgrade your cards to make them stronger. To do this, you must have duplicate copies of the same card. You can get them at the “Shop”. Use coins earned in PvP battles to buy duplicate cards and then go to “Starter Deck” to upgrade the original one. Before leveling up a card, check how many duplicate cards are required to upgrade it. Just go to your deck and tap “Collection”. Now select “Neutral” under “Filter By” to get a list of all cards. Now tap a card that’s on your deck and check the number below. It will show “0/2”, which means you will need two duplicate cards to upgrade it. You can also use fusion stones to level up a card. Make sure you have enough coins as you will need to spend some of them at the time of an upgrade.

4. How to Get Cards

There are two ways to get cards in Stormbound Kingdom Wars:

1. Play the campaign mode and complete a chapter to get a random card.

2. Play against humans opponents, reach a new rank and earn coins. Use them to buy a new card. You can also get splendid books which contain several cards.

3. Complete quests to get splendid books.

But there’s another way to get them. You can craft cards using fusion stones, which can be acquired by playing PvP matches, completing quests etc. You will have to rank higher up to get fusion stones. You will get your first 5 fusion stones when you reach rank 15. Collect fusion stones and then head straight to Starter Deck > Collection. Tap a shadowed card and then tap the Craft button. You will need at least 50 stones to craft a card of your choice.


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