State of Survival Gift Codes – February 2024

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We’ve got the latest State of Survival gift codes for February 2024.

State of Survival is one of the most popular survival mobile strategies. In this game, players need to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, build a well-protected base and battle zombies to survive. Your resources are significantly limited, and we are here to help you!

This article lists new and working State of Survival gift codes for February 2024. Codes can be redeemed since the early game’s stages, so redeem codes from the start to get a significant boost.

state of survival gift codes
Photo: FunPlus International A.G.

State of Survival Gift Codes February 2024

STATEOF2024Free Rewards
halloween2023sosFree Rewards
foreversnowingFree Rewards
S9B5397B85A6Free Rewards
S7D56DEBDDCBFree Rewards
S7779006439AFree Rewards
DOFINALS23Free Rewards
eliminationroundsFree Rewards
DalmaZerosAllFree Rewards
THEGURUFree Rewards
PCVersionXAprFree Rewards
PCVersionXMarFree Rewards
sos1234Free Rewards

How To Redeem Gift Codes In State of Survival

state of survival redeem codes
Photo: FunPlus International A.G.

Follow the instructions provided below to redeem codes in State of Survival:

  • Open State of Survival and finish the tutorial
  • Tap on the Profile Picture in the top-left corner of the screen
  • In the next menu, tap on the Settings button
  • Here, head to the Gift Redemption tab
  • Enter the code into the newly appeared text box
  • Press the button Redeem and claim freebies

What Gift Codes Do In State of Survival?

In State of Survival, codes can be used to obtain the most important resources used for survival. Wood, Food, Metal, Gas, Search Maps, Biocaps, and other materials can be obtained by redeeming codes.

However, it’s worth noting that codes are temporary and have random expiration period. We recommend redeeming every code as soon as you see it in this article so as not to miss any freebies.

State of Survival Gift Codes Not Working

When redeeming State of Survival codes, be sure to double-check the spelling for any errors before submitting them. If possible, copy/paste the codes instead of typing them manually. Incorrect spelling is the most common reason why players can’t get free materials.

If the spelling is correct and the code does not work, it t may have expired. Let us know in the comment section if any of the codes featured in this article did not work!

How To Find New Codes

state of survival new codes
Photo: FunPlus International A.G.

Players can search for the latest codes for State of Survival on the next social media accounts:


That’s all you need to know about State of Survival gift codes. As you can see, codes in this strategy game can be used to get Wood, Food, and other materials required for survival.

Before you leave, check out our codes webpage containing code articles for over 300 mobile & Roblox games.

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