Stardew Valley Favorite Thing – What Does It Do?

Charles Judd

ConcernedApe made Stardew Valley a game filled with surprises based on the player’s choices. And since your Favorite Thing is one of the few pieces of information asked of you at the start, it’s reasonable to wonder what kind of surprise it could eventually bring. So, what does Stardew Valley’s Favorite Thing really do?

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The Use of Your Favorite Thing

When you start a new game, there are three text fields you must fill up: Name, Farm Name, and Favorite Thing. You can type in whatever you want in these vacant spaces because they don’t have any gameplay effects.

Yes, that includes your Favorite Thing. This personalized detail is only for aesthetics, and you can only see it used when you obtain a Stardrop, a special item that boosts your max energy.

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After your avatar consumes a Stardrop, one of two texts featuring your favorite thing will appear. It’s either “Your mind is filled with thoughts of [Favorite Thing]” or “It’s strange but the taste reminds you of [Favorite Thing].”

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Favorite Thing Easter Eggs

Apart from the two Stardrop default texts, the developer embedded some easter eggs that will activate if you set certain words as your Favorite Thing.

According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, if you enter ConcernedApe as your Favorite Thing, it will say, “Your mind is filled with thoughts of… ConcernedApe? (Well, thanks!).”

If you put anything with the word “Stardew” in it, the text displayed will be “You feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself.” You have to capitalize the correct letters to prompt these secret texts.

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How to Get Stardrops

Before you can see any of the Favorite Thing texts, you must first know where to acquire the seven mystical Stardrops.

Stardew Valley Fair

You can play games and win star tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair. Rack up 2,000 star tokens to exchange for a Stardrop at the shop near the event’s entrance.

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The Mines

The Mines are where you can break rocks and fight monsters for loot. The best loot you will get is the Stardrop at floor 100.


If catching fish is your favorite aspect of the game, you will someday get the Master Angler achievement. The day after that, you will receive a Stardrop in the mail. For a complete fishing guide of Stardew, click here.

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Your relationship with NPCs is determined with hearts. Give them gifts and do them favors until you reach 12.5 hearts. Then, they will give you a Stardrop in return.

The Museum

Whenever you find a new mineral or artifact, you can donate it to the local Museum. You will be rewarded with a Stardrop after donating a total of 95 items.

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The Sewers

When you get the Rusty Key as another Museum reward, you can open the Sewers where Krobus is. He sells special stuff, which includes a Stardrop.

Secret Woods

The Secret Woods features a statue that asks for the “sweetest taste.” Give it a Sweet Gem Berry, and it will give you a Stardrop.

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While there are many hidden Stardew Valley features that can drastically impact your game, your Favorite Thing is not one of them. It’s simply a personal detail that appears when you get a Stardrop.

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