Is Stardew Valley Cross Platform?

Charles Judd
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has been the king of cozy indie farming games for some time. It started as a small project by ConcernedApe, but it’s now a wildly successful product available on numerous gaming platforms.

This is why some players wonder if their game data on their mobile devices can be loaded to their PC or console and vice versa.

Stardew Valley is also known for its co-op feature, which leads some to ask if they can connect with friends who use a different gadget.

So, is Stardew Valley a cross-platform game? Unfortunately, no. The open-ended farm sim currently doesn’t have options for cross-platform gaming or crossplay.

Stardew Valley - Intro
Photo: ConcernedApe

Will Stardew Valley Ever Be Cross-Platform?

In a 2022 interview, ConcernedApe stated that he was interested in adding crossplay features. A year later, he announced the 1.6 version of Stardew Valley. It isn’t out yet, and there are no follow-up statements regarding the release date.

The developer promised changes that would be very useful for modders. Other notable upcoming tweaks include three new festivals, a new farm layout, and more NPC dialogue. There will also be an update in the multiplayer options.

Stardew Valley Fair
Photo: ConcernedApe

Presently, the game only supports up to four players. We can expect that the 1.6 update will let up to eight users play together. However, there is no news of cross-platform capabilities being incorporated in the new version.

How To Play Co-Op in Stardew Valley?

There are two ways to play multiplayer in Stardew Valley: online and split-screen. A disclaimer, though, is that these methods are not available for Android and iOS users.

Those on PC, Mac, or Linux can play with each other, which is the Stardew Valley’s closest thing to crossplay.


On the game’s welcome page, tap the Co-op button. Go to Host and select Host New Farm. Customize your character, then specify the rules for your multiplayer game. The settings you must adjust are on the left side of the customization panel.

Customization panel
Photo: ConcernedApe

The first one is your Starting Cabins. Choose from one to three cabins, depending on how many players join. If someone else connects later, you can have Robin build another home on your farm.

Your Profit Margin is put to normal by default, but if you want a challenging session, you can decrease the rate. You can set the Money Style to Shared for everyone to have the same money pool or Separate so that it’s every player for themself.

After you start the game, go to the Menu and click on the gamepad icon. Scroll down to find the Invite Friends button, and let the fun begin.

Multiplayer starting cabins
Photo: ConcernedApe

Split Screen

If your device is compatible, you can enjoy a local or split-screen multiplayer game on one device. Just have a dedicated keyboard or controller for each player.

To begin, you can start a new game and select the wrench icon on the customization panel to set your Starting Cabins under Multiplayer Options. Alternatively, you can load an existing farm and build cabins via Robin.

New game multiplayer options
Photo: ConcernedApe

In the game, place your avatar inside your main house. Go to the Menu gamepad icon and find the Start Local Co-op button. Press start on the extra controller, and you’ll then have a split-screen game.

Start local co-op
Photo: ConcernedApe


There are lots of admirable features in Stardew Valley, but cross-platform play isn’t one of them. At least not yet. It’s not hard to imagine a future where this awesome multiplayer game becomes crossplay-friendly.

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