Star Stable Codes – February 2024

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Star Stable - Introduction
Picture: Johan Sjöberg

In the game, Star Stable lets you harness your inner jockey as you advance from a novice to a fully qualified seasoned horseback rider. As you explore this enchanted environment, you’ll come across a number of different tasks to take part in.

While playing Star Stable, you can redeem a variety of codes that improve gameplay in many ways, such as by granting access to free things that alter your appearance or even your stats. We have included all of the Star Stable codes that are currently in effect for February 2024 to aid you on your journey.

February Codes for Star Stable

Star Stable-Gameplay1
Picture: Johan Sjöberg
SSOCON23ALLRewards include SSO Convention 2023 T-shirt
RAINBOWUNITYRewards include Rainbow Head Ribbon
BLIZZARDRewards include Celebrity Ski Trip Bridle and Saddle
TEAMCARROTSRewards include Purple Carrots for Saddlebag Pet
PONYRewards include Pony Leg Wraps
FORTPINTARewards include Fort Pinta Leg Wraps
1WEEKSR2023Rewards include 7 days of Star Rider membership
MOORLANDRewards include Moorland Leg Wraps
BROWNRewards include Brown Pet Rabbit
GREYRewards include Grey Pet Rabbit
AREWETHEREYETI22Rewards include 300x Star Coins
BACKUPBLANKETRewards include Blanket
BEARHUGRewards include Bear Hug Helmet
SKIDELUXERewards include a Bear Hug Helmet
ALLIN2022Rewards include H&M Gear
FREEPLAYER11Rewards include 11 days of Star Rider membership
HAPPYHORSERewards include 3x Apple Treats / 3x Horseshoes / 3x Party Hats
RIDEWITHUSRewards include Sweater
FEELINSPLENDIDRewards include Imperial Splendor’s Set
SILVERJACKETRewards include Silver Jacket Cosmetic
BRONZEJACKETBronze Jacket Cosmetic
DEERMASK4UDeer Mask & Reindeer Mask
THUMBSUPRewards include T-shirt
READTHEBOOKRewards include Starshine Plush Saddlebag Pet
HORSESNACKRewards include Apple, Carrot treat
STARSTABLEVESTRewards include Vest
STARSHINEPLUSHStarshine Plush Saddlebag Pet (replaces READTHEBOOK)
STARSTABLEHONEYRewards include 4 days of Star Rider membership (new players only)
INSPIRATION2018Rewards include Light Bulb T-Shirt

As of this writing, every code on the above list is working. You can only redeem one code per minute with Star Stable, thus you will have to wait to redeem more than one code. Since there is rarely any notice of these codes’ expiration, you must use them as soon as possible.

Star Stable-Gameplay2
Picture: Johan Sjöberg

How do you redeem codes in Star Stable Game?

You may obtain Star Stable coupons without logging into your game by redeeming them directly from the website! It’s really easy to do! Use the procedures listed below to redeem your codes:

  1. Visit the official game website.
  1. To create a new account or to log into an already-existing one, sign up.
  1. On the screen, click the Account button located in the upper right corner.
Star Stable-Gameplay3
Picture: Johan Sjöberg
  1. Copy and paste any of the currently functional codes into the designated area.
  1. Press the Redeem button.
  1. And that’s it! After that, you will get the benefits that each code is associated with.
Star Stable-Gameplay4
Picture: Johan Sjöberg


The majority of Star Stable codes will award you with a variety of goods, including Star Coins, Treats, Star Rides, Pets, and Cosmetics, as you can see from the tables above.

The creators periodically update new codes, so be sure to check back frequently. They can really help you become the best horse rider Star Stable has ever seen. That’s all there is to it regarding Star Stable codes for February 2024. Happy Gaming!

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