SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off Guide – Tips and Cheats

Anurag Ghosh

Join SpongeBob SquarePants and Mr. Krabs to expand their fast food empire and serve lip-smacking dishes to starving guests. You will have to fulfill guest demands by serving their choice of food and making sure each guest is happy with your service.

Collect shell coins, smiles and decorate your restaurant with lovely interiors. And if you want to fulfill multiple food demands, you can always upgrade kitchen items.  These SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off tips and cheats will help you serve delish dishes faster, get gems and pull off sweet combos to increase your rewards.  

How to get More Smiles

For customers with multiple orders, you should complete at least one order for reach such guest to make sure their happiness or smile meter stays in the green zone. If the happiness goes down to the orange zone, and then the customer’s order is fulfilled, you will receive only one smile.  

Spongebob Krusty Cookoff

Smiles are required to reach the top of the chef’s league. When you reach a new chef league, you will receive a special chest, which contains rewards like gems.

For example, if a customer orders a cup of coffee and a pancake dish together, quickly tap on the coffee mug to serve it to him. His happiness bar will shoot up a bit. Do this for others customers with multiple dish orders until each customer has only one order left. You can also use cookies to increase happiness bar and then fulfill the order to get more smiles. Also make sure you keep the griddle engaged and plates full with pancakes. Serve customers the right dishes (check the color of the jellies and toppings in their orders) to earn coins and smiles.   

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Pay Attention to a Levels Goal 

Each level has a certain goal. It could be a timed level (timer icon), a level where you will have to earn a certain number of coins or a level that requires to serve all orders without losing a customer.  

Check level goals
Check Goal icons before tapping on the “Play” button.

For example: In level 15, you will have to collect 320 coins, but at the same time make sure that you don’t burn pancakes on the griddle. If you burn one, it’s game over.  

Make sure you get your priorities right when you complete a goal. For timed level, you shouldn’t care about gaining bonus smiles and the only focus should be to earn the required number of coins or serve required number of guests before the timer runs out. You will have to keep your stoves engaged soon after serving customers.  

In certain levels, you will have to collect “likes” (thumbs up icon). Make sure you serve a dish to a customer before the green happiness meter moves below the thumbs up icon on it.   

In levels where you can’t lose a customer, make sure that their happiness meter stays in the green. A customer leaves when the meter reaches the red zone and is empty.  

Use grandma’s cookies on the top-left corner of the screen to keep their happiness levels high so that no customer leaves.  

How to get Combos 

You can pull off combos in a level when you serve two or more cooked pancake dishes to your customers at the same time.  

Cook pancakes on the griddle, add toppings, jellies as per customer demands and then quickly tap on 2 or more dishes to serve customers and achieve combos. The higher the combo the greater the reward, which means you will get more coins than normal when you get a combo. 

Level Up Kichen Items and Ingredients  

In SpongeBob Krusty Cook Off, customers will keep arriving and ordering multiple dishes. Cooking pancakes for them can be very difficult if you have limited cooking slots in your kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Items

Also, you would want to speed up cooking and increase the price of your dishes. This can only be possible if you upgrade appliances and ingredients that used to cook delicious pancakes.  

Please note that the below kitchen items are for the first restaurant “Pancake Stand”. When you unlock a new restaurant, the recipes will change and there will be different dishes instead of pancakes. Make sure you tap on each kitchen item to know the benefit of upgrading that items. Also, keep in mind that ingredient upgrades will always increase the price of the dish, whereas kitchen appliance upgrades will decrease time and/or add extra slot for cooking more food. 

Tap on the skull box (BARC N-Mart) located on the extreme lower-left corner of the home screen to access Kitchenware. Level up kitchen appliances using coins and gems:  

Pancake Griddle: Decreases cooking time and increases capacity. You will be cooking more pancakes if you upgrade the Griddle. Check the delivery time. Once you upgrade it, it will take a few minutes to hours for the upgrade to complete.  

Plate: Increases the number of plates kept on the table. The more the number of plates, the more dishes you can serve.  

Upgrade coffee machine to decrease cooking time and increase capacity.

Coffee Machine: Decreases cooking time (faster coffee making) and increases capacity (more cups). Many times, customers will order more than one cup of coffee. Once you purchase this, you will be making two cups of coffee. Upgrade the coffee machine to increase capacity.  

Pancake Batter: Raises the price of the pancakes served to customers.  

Jellyfish Jellies (Pink and Purple), Coffee Glass, Toppings (Blueberries etc.): Upgrade them to increase the price of pancake dishes.  

You should always upgrade ingredients if you want more coins. This not only will help you complete your earning goals faster, but will also allow you to upgrade kitchen appliances and buy decor and interiors.  

Purchase Interiors to get Bonuses  

Purchasing interiors can provide various bonuses, such as tips. There are various cool interiors, such as menu board, pancake counter and bubble stand.

Purchase Ingredients

This not only improves the look of your restaurant but also provides bonus tips. When you place a new interior and start playing a level, you will earn ore coins than before.  

When you purchase an interior, it will be automatically placed on the restaurant. To buy interiors, tap on the skull box on the lower-left corner of the screen.  

How to get Gems 

Gems play a big role in SpongeBob Krusty Cook Off. Although they are not as easy to get as coins, there are certain ways to get them for free:  

Complete achievements. Tap on the star medal on the bottom of the screen. Have a look at a list of achievements and complete them one by one to get gems.  

Rank up higher in the leagues to unlock treasure chests. These chests contain gems. To reach higher ranks, make sure you keep playing cooking levels to collect smiles (Check our first tip to know how to get more smiles). To know your leaderboard or league rankings, tap on the trophy on the lower-left corner of the restaurant screen.  

Watch a video. Tap on the play button on the lower right side of the screen, watch a video and earn gems.  

Collect a certain amount of pearls to unlock the Fame chest. You get these pearls by placing interior and decor and also from kitchen item upgrades. Earn pearls when a kitchen item is delivered or finished upgrading.  

What are Grandmas Cookies and When to Use them? 

In SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off, grandma’s cookies are used to increase a customer’s happiness meter (the green meter beside the customer). Before we learn when to use these cookies, let’s find out how to get them:  

Grandma's Cookies to increase happiness bar.

You can obtain cookies when you tap on the cookie button located on the bottom of the screen.  

You will get 3 cookies every 4 hours. You can increase the cookie count by upgrading it using gems. If you can’t wait then watch an ad to get a free cookie.   

Cookies you collect can be used to fill the happiness meter while playing a level.  

Use cookies in those levels that depend on customers happiness meter. For example: In a level where you can’t lose customers, you can use a cookie to instantly boost the green happiness meter beside the customer. Tap on the cookie on the upper-left side of the screen when the meter turns orange. Once it turns red and is empty, the customer will leave and you will have to start the game again or use a boost to continue from where you started.