Spiritwish: Guide to Classes and Characters

Anurag Ghosh

There are four main classes in Spiritwish – Tank, Melee, Ranged and Support. Each character belongs to a specific class. This guide provides the much-needed information about all classes and characters. It will help you choose the best heroes and decide on forming a more powerful team. Weapon and armor are mentioned just beside character names.  

Spiritwish classes and characters


Characters who belong to the tank class are excellent defenders, have high hit points and can taunt enemies to protect their allies. A Tank class character should be in your team if you don’t want weaker characters receiving high damage every now and then.  

Fighter [Light sword/Shield and Plated Armor]  

A defensive melee character, the fighter has high HP and several shield skills on his arsenal. Perfect starter character to begin your adventure with. Can stun enemies. You can select a male or female character. Make sure you have all card pieces of each male or female fighter to craft a card. More on characters and cards later.  

Minstrel [Heavy spear and Heavy Armor]  

Plays the Kantele, a magical musical instrument, to provide buffs to himself or allies. He uses a heavy spear to attack enemies from close range.  

Defender [Light Club/Shield and Plated Armor]  

The best of tank class, Defender taunts enemies to protect his allies and also enhances his ally’s defenses through special buffs. 


As the class name suggests, ranged characters attack from a distance and can deal great damage to enemies. Some of the best ranged characters in Spiritwish are the Fire Mage and the Arbalist.  

Archer [Bow and Leather Armor]  

Uses her bow to attack enemies from a distance, has some awesome ranged skills, including one that launches a barrage of arrows on enemies.  

Lightning Mage [Staff and Robe]  

Uses lightning magic to inflict great damage to enemies. Also has a special AOE skill that can deal damage to enemies in a large area.  

Arbalist [Crossbow and Leather] 

Uses a crossbow to snipe down single or multiple enemies from a fair distance. A must-have ranged character in your team if you looking for the one that deals great damage from a safe distance.  

Fire Mage [Staff and Robe] 

In Spiritwish, the Fire Mage can be a great addition to your team if you are looking for a character that boasts AoE damage abilities. Using her fire magic, she can deal massive damage to enemies in a very large area.  


Support characters protect their allies. They not only heal allies, but also remove debuffs and boost certain stats.  

Soothsayer [Rod and Robe] 

An all-purpose mage who casts magical spells to support allies and weaken enemies. Her support abilities include protecting her allies with a temp shield around them, increasing stats such as ATK etc.  

Cleric [Light Club and Heavy Armor]  

A support character, the cleric has exceptional healing skills that not only restore HP, but also revive allies. 

Time Mage [Staff and Robe] 

As the name suggests, the Time Mage can bend time to freeze enemies, and can also support friendly characters by boosting their movement and speed.  

Paladin [Heavy Club and Plated Armor] 

Uses a heavy club to attack enemies from a close distance. His support abilities are mainly focused on removing debuffs from allies and healing friendly party members.  


Melee characters are armed with the most powerful weapons suitable for close ranged combat. They deal a lot of damage to enemies at a very close range.  

Sentinel [Heavy Spear and Plated Armor] 

Wielding a heavy spear, this character deals a lot of AoE “sweeping area” attacks to a small group of enemies using her primary weapon.  

Mercenary [Heavy Sword and Medium Armor]  

Armed with a heavy sword, this melee character can deal powerful bursts of damage. Chance to increase attack speed.  

Spearman [Light Spear/Shield and Medium Armor] 

The spearman rushes towards an enemy and attacks with greater speed and precision. Can be great for boss battles. Can also throw his spear from a distance to deal massive damage to a single enemy.  

Dual Wielder [Light Sword and Medium Armor] 

Equipped with dual light swords, this melee character deals multiple damage to an enemy. Because of her high attack speed, she can pull off a series of attack combos, inflicting a lot of damage to enemies.  

Kunoichi [Tachi and Medium Armor] 

A master of Ninjutsu, Kunoichi is a melee character who knows how to make the most of the Tachi, a traditional Japanese sword. She launches multiple attacks on enemies, and one of her skills also deals a lot of CRIT damage to an opponent.  

Check each character's skill in the preview section

You can get a sneak peek on each character’s skill. Just go to Menu > Skill. Tap on a character’s portrait and then tap his or her skill card on the bottom.   

How to get Characters 

To get new characters in Spiritwish, you will need a “character card”. You can get one directly or craft a card using “card pieces”. Once you collect the required number of pieces, tap the menu (square) on the top-right corner of the screen and go to “collection”. To create a card, tap the “Craft Card” button on the bottom of a portrait. Each character requires a certain number of cards. For example, the Fighter character requires 40 card pieces.  

Now that you have crafted a character card, you must be eager to know how to create a character out of a crafted card and add him/her to your team. Tap the menu again and the then tap the “Character Selection Screen” button.  

Tap the “Create Character” on the bottom-left corner of the screen. The character card you recently crafted is now available on the character creation screen. Tap the yellow “create” button to add a new hero in your collection. You can then include the new hero in your team.  

How to Get Card Pieces  

To obtain card pieces, you will have to complete certain quests. To know which quest drops pieces, tap Menu > Quest and then tap a locked mission under each story to know the rewards. 

You can also earn card pieces by completing special events. “Call to Adventure” is one such event that lets you earn points and trade them for character cards.

Get card pieces in Call to Adventure event

The above screenshot shows this event’s mission requirements and the points you can earn to get cards.  

You can also get them as special gifts from time to time or as “on-time” rewards. You will be notified of such rewards on your smartphone’s notification shade.

Get character cards as rewards

Make sure you have turned on notifications. Check your mailbox and claim your all card pieces before they expire.