Wuthering Waves Release Date Announcement

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Special Broadcast Program - Wuthering Waves

The Wuthering Waves release date is set for May 22, 2024. Aired on March 29, Kuro Games hosted a special broadcast program to announce their release date. Read ahead to see our highlights for the program, as well as our thoughts and expectations for the game in the future!

Special Broadcast Highlights

Official Release Date Announcement

May 22, 2024

Wuthering Waves has finally announced an official release date on May 22, 2024!. This announcement was made towards the end of the Special Broadcast.

State of Play

Before and After Audio Comparison - Wuthering Waves
Photo: Kuro Games

With the very recent announcement of the game’s official release date, it is certainly safe to assume that Version 1 of Wuthering Waves has very nearly reached its final state.

Most changes detailed during the special program involved minor audio issues, improved cinematic cutscenes, and better rewards for the Rovers who are out exploring the Tacet Fields. Below, we’ll go over every change Kuro Studios is planning to implement before the game’s official release date!

Echo System Adjustments

Phantom Echoes - Wuthering Waves
Photo: Kuro Games

During the CBT2, most players complained that you could not recycle useless Echoes. Kuro Games has listened to the feedback and is implementing a system wherein players can recycle 3 useless Echoes into a single, more powerful Echo.

Additionally, Wuthering Waves will allow for players to skin their regular variant Echoes with their Phantom variants, effectively allowing us Wuthering Wave players to pseudo-shiny hunt!

New Story Encounters

New Enemy Encounters - Wuthering Waves
Photo: Kuro Games

Kuro Games has also been listening to criticisms about the story feeling somewhat flat during some parts of the story. To solve this, they’ve decided to re-work some parts of the story, while adding new enemy encounters during story segments!

Improved Lip Animations

Lip Animations - Wuthering Waves
Photo: Kuro Games

Many players in the CBT2 complained that character animations seemed stiff during story segments because of the lack of lip animations, and just animations in general. Kuro Games has decided to address this and work on adjusting and adding lip animations!


Pre-Registration Event

With the number of pre-registrants for Wuthering Waves climbing up to a massive 16,000,000 players, the developers of the game have decided to incentivize further pre-registrations by granting players like us a bounty of rewards for hitting pre-registration milestones!

Pre-Registration Rewards

5 Million Pre-registrants10 Million Pre-registrants15 Million Pre-registrants
Shell Credit x 80,000Advanced Resonance Potion x 10Astrite x 200
20 Million Pre-registrants30 Million Pre-registrants50 Million Pre-registrants
Sigil: En RouteLustrous Tide x 20Ranger’s Series Weapon of Choice

Assuming that Kuro Games is counting the current number of pre-registrants towards their pre-registration milestone, then we’re already sure to receive the Shell Credits, Advanced Resonance Potions, and Astrites!

I’ll be leaving a link below for our readers who are interested in pre-registering themselves, and helping the community acquire all of these rewarads!

Full Special Program

YouTube video

If you’re interested in seeing the entire Special Broadcast, feel free to head over to the Wuthering Waves official YouTube Channel to watch the whole thing!


Wuthering Waves is set to release in a little over a month from now! There’s still plenty of time for players to pre-register and claim exciting rewards from the event! This also leaves us plenty of time to enjoy the games that are currently available for us to play!

Speaking of currently available games, please feel free to check out our guides for the recently released AFK Journey, since we’ve been hard at work unlocking all of the game’s secrets for you.

Additionally, we’ve also covered Legend of Mushroom and Sea of Conquest in depth, so please check out those pages as well!

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