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The gaming studio that brought us indie classics like Archero and steps into the RPG realms with SOULS. 

SOULS is developed and published by HABBY. The game had a global launch on August 21, 2023. It’s now available for iOS and Android devices.

A mix of RPG, action, and adventure, SOULS is set in a fantastical ancient world. The powers of darkness reign supreme in this vast land. Players must create a deck of powerful heroes and journey through the world to fight and defeat the darkness.

Photo: HABBY

Since SOULS is a hybrid of gacha, RPG, action, and adventure, it can be daunting at first. Moreover, the game only has a handful of in-game tutorials. 

But don’t worry. 

This ultimate SOULS game guide will help you out every step of the way. In this guide, you’ll find:

  • A detailed gameplay overview. 
  • Introduction to various game modes and in-game mechanisms.
  • Tips & tricks to master SOULS.
  • Redeemable codes for free in-game rewards.

So, let’s get started. 

If you’re looking to take up new RPG Games, we’ve got a whole RPG section for you to explore.

SOULS Gameplay & Mechanics Overview

SOULS has a pretty straightforward gameplay, with the ‘action’ bit being automatic.

With a tile-based combat system, players need to create a powerful deck. The deck has NINE tiles. However, players can only deploy FIVE heroes at a time. 

Once the deck is complete and the battle begins, players no longer have a say in the game until the battle finishes.

Photo: HABBY

Players only control the tactical side of the game- choosing the right heroes to deploy and creating the best deck formations.

Before every battle, players can see the power level of their deck and the enemy deck.

Unlike other games, this is not just a gimmick in SOULS. 

You need to match or better the power levels of the enemy deck to win and progress. 

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive in deeper.

Game Modes – PvE, Challenges, & PvP

SOULS currently has three game modes usually available in RPGs. 

There is Journey, a challenge mode called World, and the Arena for PvP battles. Here’s a closer look at all these modes.


Photo: HABBY

The Journey mode is the PvE mode of SOULS. Players venture through the ancient world, collecting heroes and fighting the forces of darkness. 

It has been divided into Chapters and Stages. 

Every Chapter has a different number of Stages where players fight various enemies.

Currently, there is no defined number of Chapters in Journey mode.

However, certain unlock restrictions suggest that there are at least 10 Chapters in SOULS.


If your Journey gets halted, it’s time to farm resources in the World mode.

Photo: HABBY

This is where players can take on different challenges to collect the various in-game resources. You can use these resources to level up your heroes and get back to progressing in Journey mode. 

Within the World mode, there are the following game modes:

  • Cave of Abyss. 
  • Tower of Souls. 
  • Ancestral Tomb. 
  • Secret Sanctum.
  • Dimensional Rift. (Coming Soon)
  • Arena. (PvP mode)

All of these sub-modes bring players face to face with different challenges.

These can be the perfect training grounds to test out new heroes, try different formations, and get plenty of rewards in return.


No action/adventure RPG is complete without a PvP mode. However, Arena is not available to play from the get-go.

Players must complete Stage 10 of Chapter 4 to unlock Arena in SOULS.

After that, players can have 1v1 battles with other players in real-time.

Mechanics – Heroes, Summons, Shop, & More!

Since the combat is fully automatic, it’s the rest of the mechanics that players need to master. From summoning heroes to forging new equipment to fusing and recycling heroes, there’s a lot to do. 

Here’s an overview of all the supporting in-game mechanics.


Right now, there are 60 Heroes in SOULS divided into THREE main classes by rarity: Epic, Rare, and Normal Heroes.

Photo: HABBY

Epic is the strongest class, and Normal is the weakest. 

But, with the right upgrades, every Hero can be valuable.

In terms of abilities, the Heroes are divided into FOUR categories.

  • Dealer.
  • Tanker.
  • Supporter.
  • Healer.

Every Hero has 5 special skills that unlock as you Level Up your Hero.

Photo: HABBY

After a Hero reaches Level 10, they’ll Breakthrough. 

This will massively boost their overall stats. Breakthroughs become available at random Hero Levels after that.

Photo: HABBY

You’ll need Soul Stones to complete a Breakthrough. Cave of Abyss is the best place to get plenty of Soul Stones.

One of my favorite features in the Heroes section is Guide. 

Think of it as a handbook of Heroes. You can find every single detail about every single Hero in SOULS. 

From their rarity to their maximum power level to their special skills, you can learn about everything about the Heroes in the Guide section. And when you know the powers and limitations of every Hero, you can make better decisions during battle.


Leveling up is not the only thing that you can do with your Heroes in SOULS.

In the Manage section, players can unlock new Heroes, downgrade existing ones to get back the spent resources and do more.

  • Summon Hero: This is the Roll feature in SOULS. You get 1 Free Summon every day. After that, you’ll need a Summon Stone for 1 Summon or Gems for 10 Summons. The game guarantees an Epic Hero within 22 Summons. And since Gems and Summon Stones are pretty easy to come by, you’ll be doing a lot of Summoning.
Photo: HABBY
  • Fuse Hero: If you get too many cards of the same Hero, you can fuse them to make a higher-level card. There’s an Auto Fusion button, so you don’t need to do everything yourself.
Photo: HABBY
  • Recycle Hero: This is where you can sacrifice the excess Heroes in exchange for valuable in-game currencies. You can also Reset a Hero. This will strip them of all the power-ups, and you’ll get back all the resources you spent on that Hero. It’s a valuable feature if used right.
Photo: HABBY
  • Soul Link: Soul Link combines the powers of your strongest Heroes into one. With the link intact, Heroes can share buffs that result in an overall power increase of the whole deck. But, the debuffs are shared too.
Photo: HABBY


To complement the various game modes, SOULS has an equal number of mechanisms. These can be found in the Support section that’s located at the bottom left corner.

Here’s everything available in Support.

  • Alchemy: After exploring the Cave of Abyss, you’ll find plenty of equipment and runes. While some of the equipment is usable by Heroes, other is excess material. You can dismantle them in Alchemy to acquire Enhancement Stone. Then, you can use that Enhancement Stone to level up Heroes and their equipment.
Photo: HABBY
  • Shop: With enough in-game currencies, you can shop for various items. There’s a Daily Shop where you can buy items that are used for upgrading heroes and exploring different game modes. In the Soul Shop, you can buy Soul Fragments of your Heroes. Right next to it is the Beast Shop that sells Beast Fragments.
  • There’s also an Arena Shop and a Sanctum Shop that sells items related to the respective game modes. The items in the shop reset after a given time. So, shop the essentials ASAP and wait for new items to show up.
Photo: HABBY
  • Ranking: This is where you can see your global ranking in all the game modes. Climbing up the ranks comes with its perks, namely plenty of rewards. You want to keep an eye on your Ranking, especially after a long run in Journey mode and Tower of Souls.
Photo: HABBY

Other than these three support mechanisms, two more are in line. There’s no confirmed date, but Guilds and Craft are coming soon.

SOULS Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Although the gameplay is pretty straightforward, doing a few things differently can make a world of a difference. Here are five tips and tricks that can improve your SOULS experience, especially battle. 

1. Read Heroes Guide

First and foremost, learn as much about the Heroes as you can. Luckily, you don’t have to do too much research. There is a Guide section within the game where you can learn everything about all the Heroes.

Photo: HABBY

Here’s how to access the Guide.

  • On the main screen, click on Heroes.
  • On the next screen, click on the Guide tab. 
  • Click on the Hero you want to learn about.

With all this information, you’ll create powerful decks and figure out your enemy’s strategy. 

2. Learn Racial Combos

There are four Races of Heroes in SOULS. Deploying a certain number of Heroes from an identical race can buff the ATK and HP stats of the whole deck.

There are 5 possible Racial Bonus combos. Here’s a detailed table.

Racial ComboDescriptionBuff/Bonus
2+2 Person2 Heroes of one Race and 2 from another race+10% ATK and +10% HP
3 Person3 Heroes of the same race+12% ATK and +12% HP
3+2 Person3 Heroes of one race and 2 from another race+15% ATK and +15% HP
4 Person4 Heroes of the same race+17% ATK and +17% HP
5 Person5 Heroes of the same race+20% ATK and +20% HP

Two new Races are “Coming Soon” to SOULS. When they eventually show up, this meta will shift. When that happens, you can be sure to find an updated table right here.

3. Observe Attack Patterns Of Heroes

Every Hero has an attack pattern depending on their place on the deck.

So, before you start a battle, move around the Heroes. Check the tiles they’ll target and place them in a position that maximizes their attacks.

Photo: HABBY

That said, try to strike a balance of DEF and ATK.

Choose a position where they deal the most damage, but also keep them safe from enemy Heroes.

4. Recycle & Reset Heroes

In the Manage tab on the main screen, players can Recycle unwanted heroes in return for rewards. 

Similarly, within the Manage tab, there’s a Reset option. Players can use that option to strip an upgraded Hero of all the power-ups and get back all the resources. 

Photo: HABBY

These resources can then be used to upgrade a newly acquired Hero. 

This is something you’ll be doing a lot once you unlock some Rare and Epic Heroes.

5. Focus on Journey

While you should dip your toes in every game mode, focus solely on Journey for the first few days. Doing so will unlock all the features and game modes available in SOULS. 

Photo: HABBY

Once the World opens up, you’ll never have to worry about the resources needed to level up Heroes.

That brings the gameplay guide to an end. But, before I conclude this article, I’ve got something else to share.

There is no Codes option within the game, but HABBY does launch SOULS code on occasion. You’ll find some codes and how to redeem them in the next section.

HABBY SOULS Codes – Active & Expired Codes + How To Redeem?

While the game constantly rewards players, a few extra goodies never hurt anybody. Here are some SOULS codes that you can redeem to earn some extra rewards.

Active SOULS Codes

The following codes are currently redeemable in Souls:

  • SoulsReddit
    • x70 Epic Soul Fragments (Valid until March 31st, 2024) (New)
  • SOULS2024
    • exclusive rewards
  • SOULS777
    • Gold x10,000, Magic Stone x10,000, Gems x300, Summon Stone x3, Torch x3
  • valentinesouls2024
    • exclusive rewards
  • NewYear2024
    • exclusive rewards
    • exclusive rewards
  • journeyofgems
    • Gems x400 (Valid until December 13th, 2023)
    • Summon Stone x10
    • 3 Hour Gold Chest x1, 3 Hour Magic Stone Chest x1, Gem x300 (Valid until January 1st, 2024)
  • SOULS2023
    • Gems x500
  • googleawards2023
    • Gems x500, 3h Magic Stone Chests x3, and Torches x5
  • soulsepic
    • Gems x200 and Epic Soul Fragment x10
  • thanksgivingday
    • Gems x300, 3h Soulstone Chests x2, and Torches x5
  • hapgyuk2023
    • Gems x300 and Soul Stone 3 Hour Chest x3
  • naver40000
    • Gems x300 and Summon Stone x3
  • halloweensouls
    • Gems x300 and Halloween candy x3 (Valid until November 1st, 2023)
  • halloween2023
    • Gems x300, Summon Stone x3, and 3 Hour Gold Chest x2
  • soulshero
    • Gems x200 and Epic Soul Fragment x10 (Valid until October 20th, 2023)
  • Hangulday2023
    • Gems x200 and Epic Soul Fragment x10
  • fallfiesta
    • Gems x200 and Epic Soul Fragment x10
  • happymidautumn
    • Gems x200 and 6 Hour Magic Stone Chest x3
  • happychuseok
    • Gems x200 and 6 Hour Soul Stone Chest x3
    • Gems x200 and Epic Soul Fragment x10
  • survivorsouls
    • Gems x200 and 3 Hour Magic Stone Chest x3
  • archerosouls
    • Gems x500
  • snakersouls
    • Gems x200 and Soul Stone 3 Hour Chest x3 (Valid until September 22nd, 2023)
  • playsouls
    • Gems x200 and Summon Stone x3
  • no1souls
    • Gems x300 and Epic Soul Fragment x20
  • soulsgift
    • Gems x200 and Gold x100K
  • restinsouls
    • exclusive rewards

Expired SOULS Codes

While you’re at it, might as well try your luck with some expired codes. Depending on your location, some of these might still be working.

  • restinsouls – Redeem for miscellaneous rewards.
  • soulsgift – Redeem for miscellaneous rewards.
  • SOULS2023 – Redeem for miscellaneous rewards.

How To Redeem HABBY Codes?

The game doesn’t have an in-built option to redeem codes at this point, though this might change with updates. That’s why the devs have set up a website to redeem SOULS codes. 

Photo: HABBY

Here’s a step-by-step guide to redeem codes:

  1. Open
  2. Open SOULS.
  3. Click on your avatar in the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Type your Usid into the Game ID section of the website.
  5. Type the SOULS code in the Rewards Code section. 
  6. Enter the Verification Code and hit Redeem. 
  7. Check the in-game mail for rewards.
Photo: HABBY

As soon as more SOULS codes become available, you’ll find them added to the Active Codes list. 

Check out our Codes section for the latest codes of the best mobile games.


Now you are well familiar with every feature and every game mode that you can try in HABBY’s latest RPG title, SOULS. The more you play, the more features you’ll unlock and get to enjoy SOULS to the fullest.

I hope this guide guides you through it all.

Make sure to redeem the code ASAP. And share more SOULS Codes in the comments below for others, and me, to use.

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