Soul Strike! Idle RPG – Walkthrough, Tips & Codes

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Soul Strike Idle RPG
Image: Com2uS

Developed by Com2uS, Soul Strike! Idle RPG, as the name suggests, is an Idle action-packed RPG. It boasts a variety of unique game mechanics, events, dungeons, and, of course, idle adventures for hefty rewards and deliverables.

But just because it’s an idle RPG, that doesn’t mean there’s no strategy involved. Your character has classes, soul parts (armor, weapons, etc.), and attributes that define your strength.

You have to be strong enough to defeat various enemies and bosses to warp to the next floor! But how do you get stronger? And what tips could you use for fluent progress?

Worry not; here’s a friendly guide to Soul Strike! Idle RPG: a walkthrough that will cover game mechanics as well as tips & codes.

Soul Strike! Idle RPG – What’s in the Game?

Soul Strike loading screen
Image: Com2uS

Soul Strike! Idle RPG is a game where your character is a dimension-traveler. You can decide on a unique nickname for your character and customize him with various soul parts.

This way, your character can have an uncountable number of pieces of equipment, giving persona to a character that is unique only to you. After that, you can upgrade your character’s stats to defeat stronger enemies, move to the next floor, and keep on progressing.

Soul Strike gameplay
Image: Com2uS

Although it’s an idle game, there’s an option saying “Auto” just beside skills on the lower right side of the screen. You can turn it on or off to switch between manual playing (On) or auto-pilot (Off), in which case the character will play by itself.

Soul Strike! – Basic Game Mechanics

This idle RPG comprises a few game mechanics that are pretty similar to other idle RPGs out there. But their addition to the game is done with great sensitivity.

The minute details are expressed flawlessly throughout the match, giving a unique Idle RPG experience packed with action at every turn in Soul Strike! Idle RPG.

Soul Strike ongoing battle
Image: Com2uS

The game revolves around your character, which can be upgraded in terms of stats by training your character.

Training requires silver coins (the currency used in Soul Strike!), and silver coins can be obtained through daily idle rewards and slaying enemies.

Other notable things are:

  1. Soul Parts
  2. Character Skills
  3. Character Class
  4. Character Attributes
  5. Allies and Relics

Soul Parts

Soul parts are the equipment in the Soul Strike world. They are found in the inventory tab, and there are around 150 Soul Parts to be unlocked, each varying in rarity and stat boosts.

So to say, the higher the rarity, the better the stats, and vice versa.

Soul parts inventory
Image: Com2uS

Soul parts are of six types, including:

  1. Weapons
  2. Hair
  3. Face
  4. Clothing
  5. Back
  6. Accessory

You can only equip 6 Soul Parts at a time, one of each type, but the rarity can differ. It pours down a fantastic combination of different stats and builds, leading to almost an infinite number of startling combinations, both in terms of stats and styles.

The rarity of the Soul Parts varies as follows:

  • Common (blue background)
  • Uncommon (green background)
  • Epic (purple background)
  • Legendary (golden background)
Soul parts rarity
Image: Com2uS

Legendary Soul Parts are the best of them all but don’t fall for the rarity alone. What really matters are the stat boosts that come with it, so look out for those, too.

Summon Skills

Moving on, we can summon Skills. These are the special moves that our character uses to deal massive damage to enemies and bosses from time to time. Skills are found in the “Form” tab on the screen.

Summon skills Soul Strike
Image: Com2uS

Likely because of the damaged output, Skills have a recharge time varying from Skill to Skill. So once they are used, they take a few seconds to recharge before subsequent use.

Skills also have the same rarities as mentioned above. They are upgraded by a particular currency in the game “Origin of the Element,” which can be obtained by idle rewards as well as by slaying enemies.

Skills collection
Image: Com2uS

You can also summon skills to unlock new ones and upgrade previous ones by clicking the upper right side of the screen and selecting Summon > Skills.

Character Class, Attributes, and Soul Sphere in Soul Strike! Idle RPG

In the “Character” tab, you can find your character’s Class, Attributes, and Soul Sphere. Let’s take a deeper look at all of these one by one:

1. Class

Classes obtained from Class Summon can be viewed and upgraded as well. Each class comes with its own rarity, and a higher rarity means increased stat boosts.

The rarity is as follows:

  • D (weakest)
  • C
  • B
  • A
  • SS
  • SSS (strongest)
Summoning class
Image: Com2uS

Regardless of rarity, there are unique effects that apply once you obtain a class. As the class level rises, both the stat boosts and special effects increase, too. When leveling up a class, experience crystals obtained on the field are consumed.

Upgrading a class lets you acquire a class one rank higher than the previous one. Such an upgraded class is not available in Class Summon. SSS classes can only be obtained through class upgrades.

Upgrading class
Image: Com2uS

2. Attributes

You can boost a character’s attributes using a currency in the game called “Tokens of Battlefield,” which are obtained each time a character levels up. In order to progress to the next attribute, you must boost all previous attributes.

3. Soul Sphere

You can upgrade the Soul Sphere used to summon Soul Parts. Using Souls obtained from defeating monsters, you can summon Souls Parts. As you summon Soul Parts, the total Souls utilized increases. Soul Parts vary in rarity, as discussed earlier.

Soul sphere
Image: Com2uS

If both the total number of souls used and the character’s level meet the Soul Sphere upgrade requirement, the Soul Sphere’s level increases.

As the Soul Sphere’s level rises, there’s a higher chance for Parts’ level and its rarity to increase as well. This allows for more Soul Parts summon attempts. In this case, the required Souls for summoning also increase.

Soul sphere rarity
Image: Com2uS

Allies and Relics

Allies and Relics can also be found in the Inventory section on the screen, along with Skills.

1. Allies

Allies are your comrades in arms in any battle. They will deal damage to enemies and provide other stat boosts to help you out in your endeavors.

Allies have rarities, too, and at a time, three allies can accompany you on your adventures. The Ally rarities range from:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
allies in soul strike
Image: Com2uS

Furthermore, each Ally has a distinctive personality and a unique attack pattern that brings extreme consistency to the gaming experience.

2. Relics

Relics are unique accessories. With wavering and emotional histories, they are unique ornaments that uplift player stats on another level.

Relics in Soul Strike
Image: Com2uS

There are also rarities in Relics, and there can be 6 Relics used at the time. The rarities range from:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Stat Upgrades in Soul Strike! Idle RPG

Character stats are an essential factor in every action-based game, especially when it comes to Soul Strike! Idle RPG.

Stats vary from DMG to ATK CRIT to CRIT DMG, and so on. These can be accessed in the “Upgrades” tab right beside the Soul Sphere (Purple hollow in the lower middle of the screen).

Upgrading stats in Soul Strike
Image: Com2uS

These will open a tab that will have all the stats available that can be upgraded. You have to use Silver coins to upgrade these; the higher the stats, the stronger your character.

Dungeons in Soul Strike! Idle RPG

Dungeons can be accessed from the Menu icon on the upper left of the screen and then Contents > Dungeons.

Soul strike dungeons gameplay
Image: Com2uS

Dungeons use specific keys to enter. Dungeon battles are not that difficult, and they give out pretty decent rewards. Fighting in the dungeon doesn’t take too much time either, so it’s great for some extra rewards and adventures.

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Soul Strike! Idle RPG: Tips and Tricks

Be it an Idle RPG or a jaw-dropping FPS, a hefty amount of tips and tricks exist for all players in every game. Let’s take a look at some of these in Soul Strike! Idle RPG, too:

1. Upgrade Swiftly

It’s not the best tip in the game, but it will save you a ton of time every single day.

So, in the Upgrades > Training tab, you’ll see all the stats you put an upgrade on, like ATK and MP, HP recovery, etc.

Now, we know you want to upgrade a lot, like not just 2-3 levels, but let’s say 100 levels — so you’ll have to tap that upgrade button a hundred times for that as well.

Fortunately, no! Just press and hold the upgrade button, and it will quickly keep on adding levels until you loosen the hold or run out of Silver. It’s a great time and energy-saving hack that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss!

2. Not Having Fun? Play Manually

There’s an Auto button just around the Skills. If you click it, you will be manually able to use Skills. This will add greater diversity to the game. Moreover, whenever you feel like it, turn Auto off and play the game manually.

It’s a rare feature that many other Idle games don’t have. That’s a massive plus for Soul Strike! Idle RPG.

3. Boost In-Game Progress by Watching Ads

Another huge plus of Soul Strike! Idle RPG is that it’s not flooded with countless Ads popping up now and then.

Soul Strike idle rewards
Image: Com2uS

However, it does have Ads that give out hefty rewards for watching them. The Ads range from 30s to 60s mostly, so it’s not a lot of time. But the rewards are pretty decent for a mere 30s.

If you are not the kind of player who likes to watch Ads for rewards, you may skip the idea altogether except for the +50% increase reward for an Ad, which you can see right as you enter the game and before collecting your Idle rewards.

It means it will add 50% more rewards to your Idle rewards for you to claim.

4. What’s the Best Build?

Soul Parts are all amazing. But they are incredibly destructive when they are paired to form an optimum build.

For that, keep two things in mind while equipping a specific Soul Part:

  • It should be of higher rarity, best if it’s an Epic or Legendary
  • The Stat boost’s rarity should be increased, at least A, and if it’s S or SS, that’s even better

With these instructions in implementation, all your builds, no matter what they are composed of, will be a piece of art and an embodiment of peak strength.

5. Login Daily

While it’s not necessary, logging in daily means that:

  • You can watch daily Ads (especially the Idle reward Ad) for hefty rewards
  • You can progress faster by doing dungeons, upgrading your Stats, Skills, Class, Soul Sphere and Attributes
  • Giving more time to the game equals a greater sense of gameplay and experience (in real life), which will allow you to come up with more robust strategies to conquer the world of Soul Strike! Idle RPG.

6. Upgrade All Stats Equally

While training, don’t make the mistake of pouring all your Silver into one Stat only. Instead, try to level up all your stats equally, side by side.

My profile in soul strike
Image: Com2uS

For instance, you can level up ATK to 50 and do the same with DEF, MP, CRIT, and so on.

Soul Strike! Working Codes

Redeemable codes are airing every day in Soul Strike! Idle RPG. All of these codes can be accessed from the official social media account of Soul Strike! Idle RPG on X.

Soul Strike working codes
Image: Com2uS

The redeemable and working codes are:

  • SS2000024
  • ZENO2024
  • GR8T15KSS
  • 10KXFDC79

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Soul Strike! Idle RPG is a mind-blowing action roguelike game that uplifts the very definition of Idle games. The app store is filled with many Idle games but this one is a bit different from them.

The graphics and character designs are well-crafted and amazingly designed. Furthermore, the game gives a sense of individual development of your character!

So, are you ready to slay some enemies and defeat Boss Raids? Well, what are you waiting for? Join the ranks today by installing Soul Strike! Idle RPG on Android and iOS.

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