Soul Slayer Idle: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

Murillo Zerbinatto
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Soul Slayer Idle is a fresh 3D idle RPG that puts players in charge of managing, equipping, and drawing various types of equipment to strengthen their character and progress through all stages like a juggernaut.

Like most idle games, your attributes and level will reach astronomical numbers, which are essential for continuous progression. However, with each new game, there are novelties in the genre.

Therefore, in this Soul Slayer Idle: Ultimate Gameplay Guide, we will show you what makes the game authentic and how to make the most of its features.

Into the Action

Soul Slayer Idle Ultimate Gameplay Guide (1)
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You start the game by choosing between a man or woman, and voila, you’re in the fray, attacking and facing monsters. The gameplay loop is entirely automatic. Your hero will attack and use skills to defeat monsters and bosses as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, you gain resources like gold and diamonds to summon new equipment and evolve your character. And also experience, which is necessary to level up your character.

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Initially, there is a lot of information on the screen because the hero doesn’t stop progressing while we study the interface, but that’s what we’re here for! To guide you in this Soul Slayer Idle: Ultimate Gameplay Guide.

Complete Quests

The most practical way to understand what’s happening is by completing quests in the upper right corner. There’s always an objective like “defeat 10 monsters” or “draw weapons” that helps introduce new features of Soul Slayer Idle.

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Besides, completing quests provides you with more resources for advancing chapters. If you’re unsure how to achieve the current goal, tap on it, and it will take you to the necessary screen. Then, fulfill the requirements; voila, the prize is yours, and a new quest emerges.

Soul Slayer Idle – Summoning Equipment

In Soul Slayer Idle, the gacha system summons new weapons and armor. There’s no need to save resources here; the game repeatedly provides diamonds and other opportunities to collect excessive amounts of equipment.

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This is because each time you summon a type of gear 100 times, the summon evolves, providing increasingly better equipment. You can see the level of your weapon, armor, or accessory summon on the summon page itself.

Although we would like to tell you to save diamonds and only use Ads for summoning until your gears are at a high level, this would take too much time and be counterintuitive in the long run because you would become weaker early on.

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The game also gives you a generous amount of tickets to summon new equipment, which you should use as soon as you acquire them. Quests are one of the main ways to obtain tickets for summons.

Synthesize and Enhance Equipment

As you acquire numerous pieces of equipment in Soul Slayer Idle, you will inevitably get many duplicates. With this, you can go to your bag and synthesize all of them, increasing the grade of the repeated equipment.

By design, gear is aligned from worst to best, from left to right. However, you need to equip them manually, so tap on the bag, go to the tab for each type of gear, and equip those that provide the most attributes.

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You can also enhance your equipment by investing in Enhancement Stones. However, this resource is more scarce than diamonds for summoning, so we suggest only enhancing your equipment from the purple level upwards.

However, if you want to invest your stones, know they won’t be completely wasted. Each gear type has an overall enhancement level, which tallies the level of all gears to provide an extra bonus corresponding to the equipment.

We will explain the bonus that each level offers:

  • Weapons: Increases the hero’s attack.
  • Helm: Increases the hero’s HP.
  • Armor: Increases the hero’s defense.
  • Gloves: Increases the hero’s critical damage.
  • Shoes: Increases the hero’s HP recovery.

Just don’t upgrade the low-level equipment with your Enhancement Stones because although its level also applies to the overall enhancement, it is such a low value that it’s really not worth it.

The Shadow Legion

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In a particular chapter of Soul Slayer Idle, you will unlock the draw of the Shadow Legion – allied creatures that will help you face enemies while providing a synergy skill.

With each Shadow Legion summon, you gain fragments of a specific monster. Upon reaching a certain threshold, you can call a new one or evolve if you already had it before.

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Your hero can be accompanied by up to three Shadow Legion in battle. By using a combination of a trio with synergy, a new passive ability is activated. For example, the first one is Dungeon Mastery: EXP, which increases the hero’s damage by 24% in experience dungeons.

In the end, everything depends on the luck of your draws. Since it’s necessary to spend diamonds to summon new Shadow Legion, it’s up to the player to decide whether they prefer new equipment or companions. In the beginning, we suggest focusing on equipment.

Upgrading the Slayer Rank

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On the summon screen in Soul Slayer Idle, you can also gather Upgrades, another type of equipment. These are used to increase your rank as a Slayer. After acquiring all the necessary types, you must be at a certain level. Then, just tap on Slayer Rank Up and see your attributes increase exponentially.

It’s one of the most powerful ways to become instantly stronger. With each Rank level, the hero gains more percentage bonuses for all attributes, adding even more overall potential.

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Since the resource used to acquire upgrades is Upgrade Stones, there is no reason to be stingy since it does not compete with anything else. The Upgrade Dungeon is the most practical and fastest way to acquire Upgrade Stones, so remember to explore it daily.

Master Your Growth

And there is yet another way to strengthen our heroes. Soul Slayer Idle wants to see everyone becoming super strong. It is the Mastery Growth feature, located in the Character tab.

We can evolve seven types of individualities: ATK, DEF, HP, HP Recovery, Critical Damage, Additional Gold Earned, and Additional EXP Received. We select one and use Mastery Growth points to increase the value by a fixed percentage up to the maximum level of 1000. We acquire these points in dungeons.

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However, as individuality levels up, the success rate of evolving it starts to decrease, making spending Mastery Growth points a calculated risk. We suggest focusing on a maximum of three individualities in Soul Slayer Idle.

When one begins to have a low success rate, level up the others equally. Additional Gold and EXP are the most attractive, but they are only unlocked at character levels 1000 and 2000 later in the game.

Delve into Dungeons

We talked so much about dungeons that it’s time to explain what they are and how you can access them to gain a great bonus in a short time. Soul Slayer Idle has four dungeons: EXP, Upgrade, Reinforcing Stone, and Mastery Growth.

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  • EXP Dungeon: These dungeons provide massive experience to level up your hero. You need to kill a certain number of enemies within the time limit.
  • Upgrade Dungeon: Winning these dungeons rewards you with Upgrade Stones, a necessary resource to summon new upgrades to the hero and increase its rank. You need to kill a certain number of enemies within the time limit.
  • Reinforcing Stone Dungeon: It is the dungeon necessary to acquire Enhancement Stones to increase the level of your equipment. You need to kill a certain number of enemies within the time limit.
  • Mastery Growth Dungeon: It provides Master Growth points to increase the hero’s attributes by a fixed percentage. This dungeon requires you to survive for a specified amount of time.
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Always try the highest-level dungeons in Soul Slayer Idle, because even if you fail, you won’t lose a key.

You can use the sweep command on the old ones, which collects the previously received resources without rechallenging the dungeon, helpful for those who want to save time.

To acquire new keys, go to the Shop screen and then to Item. There, you can obtain a key by buying it with diamonds or watching an Ad. The game also sends you 1 dungeon key daily through the mailbox at 00:00 UTC.

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Daily Raids & Skills

Every day in Soul Slayer Idle, you can join a raid with other players to face a super boss and earn Enhance Shards to learn and evolve your skills. Raids can be accessed in the upper right corner of the menu.

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Skills in Soul Slayer Idle are the most underwhelming part of the gameplay. Although powerful, you will usually leave them to activate automatically, so neglecting what you have is easy.

With the shards, you can acquire new skills or evolve your current ones. Since the drop of the shards depends more on your luck, we recommend using those at the highest level.

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The hero can equip up to 5 skills at level 1000, significantly expanding their arsenal. To access the skills, tap on the menu in the upper right corner and click on Skills in the dropdown menu.

Buy Costumes

Soul Slayer Idle has a different approach from other free mobile games. While its monetization is above better equipment, season passes, and diamonds, the game allows you to buy costumes for your heroes using diamonds. Costumes are pretty expensive but provide lasting, powerful bonuses.

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A suit offers a 3% increase in ATK, which may seem tiny in hindsight, but in a game where values easily surpass the millions, it is precious. Hats, glasses, masks, and bracelets are other types of costumes that also provide explosive increases to your attributes. 

It’s worth saving some diamonds to put your hero in the trending fashion while getting stronger. You can find the costumes by tapping on the Shop interface and then going to the costume section on the left sidebar.

Season Pass

There is a truth in the world: if it is a free mobile game, it will come with a Season Pass. In the case of Soul Slayer Idle, it came with quite a few. Luckily, you don’t need to pay to enjoy them.

We have the Level Up Pass, World Pass, Monster Hunting Pass, Raid Pass, and PVP Score Pass. All are self-explanatory and progress as you complete your goals, rewarding you with a plethora of diamonds.

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Buying the passes in Soul Slayer Idle provides you with a piece of a costume, as well as an even more obscene amount of diamonds, significantly speeding up your process. But, it requires investing real money.

Watching Ads

Another widespread feature in free mobile games is the possibility of watching Ads to accelerate your progress or earn some temporary buffs. In Soul Slayer Idle, every day, the player can watch Ads to gain some free summons, dungeon keys, and, best of all, temporary buffs.

Under your character’s status window, in the upper-left corner, is an option called Ad. Buff. We have three types within it: Increase Final Damage, Increase All Speed, and Increase Gold Earned/EXP Received.

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Upon entering Soul Slayer Idle, watching these three Ads is indispensable. Final Damage increases all damage dealt. All Speed increases the hero’s speed, and Increase Gold and Experience is self-explanatory.

Each buff lasts 30 minutes after watching a 30-second Ad, and the benefits are extreme. The game notifies you when a buff ends with a red marker above the icon. Don’t waste time; tap again and watch another Ad to activate these fantastic buffs.

Join a Guild

As you complete quests, one of those will have you create or join a guild. Guilds in Soul Slayer are subpar because they bring almost no benefits beyond a simple shop.

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The items there are good, such as diamonds and dungeon keys, but it is not necessary to do anything. Just tap on your guild, confirm your attendance, and voila, 100 guild points are yours to spend.

Although it is a very prototype feature, it is still a free benefit for the player, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The guild menu is within the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.


Soul Slayer Idle is a visually pleasing game but only brings a few innovations to the idle system. Since it is still recent, we hope it improves greatly as more players arrive.

What you can expect from it is a lot of farming, a lot of idle time away from it, and the acquisition of a flood of new equipment in one fell swoop. Still, we hope you enjoyed our Soul Slayer Idle: Ultimate Gameplay Guide. Thanks for reading!

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