Soul Knight Prequel – Gear Tier List

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Soul Knight Prequel

Slash monsters, collect loot, and party up with other adventurers to conquer foes for treasure. Soul Knight Prequel is a vibrant pixel-art action RPG that had ChillyRoom’s devoted fans waiting for its release.

Soul Knight Prequel
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This charming and fast-paced ARPG showcases a delightful array of characters, weapons, items, and a cooperative multiplayer mode. Its retro graphics, addictive gameplay, and lovable characters have garnered widespread praise.

To truly relish every moment of your adventure in Soul Knight Prequel, deck out your character with the absolute best gear. This guide is your ticket to uncovering the most extraordinary gear options the game offers!

Soul Knight Prequel – Gears Attributes

Soul Knight Prequel
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Before diving into the gear list in Soul Knight Prequel, let’s acquaint ourselves with the intricacies of equipment properties: Stats, Gacha Effects, Fatebound Effects, and Modifiers.


Soul Knight Prequel
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Stats in Soul Knight Prequel encompass the numerical values defining a gear’s attributes, playing a pivotal role in gauging the effectiveness of a character’s equipment. Presently, gears feature four attributes:

StrengthStrength substantially amplifies both the character’s damage output and durability.
DexterityFor melee, dexterity can help overwhelm enemies with rapid attack, while for ranged characters, it contributes to heightened damage output and increased survivability.
IntelligenceIntelligence primarily influences a character’s energy regeneration and cooldown reduction.
DefenseDefense is a character stat that directly influences their ability to mitigate damage from enemy attacks. Every gear has DEF.


    Soul Knight Prequel
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    Legendary gear that you obtained from Gacha provides a unique effect “Premium Bundle. When worn, it increases all base stats of your character.


    Gears usually possess one or more Fatebound Nodes as part of their properties. Once you equip two items sharing the same Fatebound Node, its effect is activated. Equipping three items with the same Fatebound Node makes its effect even stronger.

    Soul Knight Prequel
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    Fatebound Items can significantly enhance your character’s capabilities and even transform how specific skills work.


    Modifiers bestow additional buffs to either your stats or skills and the variety you receive is subject to RNG. Enhancing your gears at the Blacksmith Farrier can grant extra modifiers in exchange for equipment fragments in Soul Knight Prequel.

    Soul Knight Prequel
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    Additionally, you can reroll modifiers on equipment by visiting Craftsmith Farriette in Chillstead Village in exchange for ores.

    Soul Knight Prequel
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    Gear Tier List

    Now that we’re familiar with what to seek in equipment let’s unveil the roster of gears. Remember that the synergy between Modifiers and Fatebound is paramount for exceptional gear.

    Opt for a stat boost that complements your class, then enhance it further through rerolls:

    Gacha S Tier

    Obtaining Legendary Gears from Sapphire Armor Chest grants a “Premium Bundle” buff that augments all base stats for each premium legendary gear you wear.

    While these gears are considered the pinnacle, obtaining them relies on luck, with a mere 9.8% chance for each piece in Soul Knight Prequel.

    Soul Knight Prequel
    Photo: ChillyRoom
    Orion’s JerkinOrion’s Leather HelmOrion’s Galoshes
    Conquistador’s BreastplateConquistador’s HelmConquistador’s Striders
    Elementalist’s Sorcery RobeElementalist’s Sorcery HatElementalist’s Sorcery Boots
    Forester’s TunicForester’s Feather CapForester’s Halfboots
    Dragonrider’s PlateDragonrider’s HelmetDragonrider’s Sabatons
    Robe of ResonanceCowl of ResonanceBoots of Resonance
    Star-Encrusted MagerobeStar-Encrusted Cantrip HatStar-Encrusted Spellboots
    Lurker JacketLucker MaskLurker Treads
    Paragon’s WarplateParagon’s ArmetParagon’s Sabatons
    Scout TunicScout SalletScout Boots
    Tower Knight’s BreastplateTower Knight’s HelmTower Knight’s Boots
    Cloak of SorceryMasque of SorceryLongboots of Sorcery
    Infernal VestmentsInfernal MaskInfernal Halfboots
    Blazing WarplateBlazing ArmetBlazing Sabatons
    Corona RobeCorona HenninCorona Spellboots
    Chillwind LeathersChillwind CapChillwind Valenki
    Icebound WarplateIcebound WarhelmIcebound Warboots
    Rimefrost MagerobeRimefrost Cantrip HatRimefrost Spellboots
    Prophet’s CapeProphet’s MaskProphet’s Halfboots
    Knight Captain’s WarplateKnight Captain’s WarhelmKnight Captain’s Warboots
    Bishop’s RobeBishop’s BirettaBishop’s Longboots
    Coldwind Cap
    Note: This list is subject to change once the Soul Knight Prequel servers are stable.

    Craftsmith A Tier

    In the Soul Knight Prequel, the Craftable legendary rarity emerges as a noteworthy alternative to premium gears, especially during the early stages of the game.

    Craftable gears can be forged with Craftsmith Farriette, requiring the exchange of cards. While assembling the complete set may demand some time and effort, the outcome proves to be well worth the investment.

    Soul Knight Prequel
    Photo: ChillyRoom
    Hardened Hide of the Boar KingFaceguard of the Boar KingShinguards of the Boar King
    Grimhowl PauncerGrimhowl BascinetGrimhowl Frontclaws
    Cuirass of the Great River SnailGreathelm of the Great River SnailSabatons of the Great River Snail
    Cuirass of the Crystal SnapclawGreathelm of the Crystal SnapclawSabatons of the Crystal Snapclaw
    Grimhowl TunicGrimhowl HeadpieceGrimhowl Galoshes
    Tunic of the MandragoraSallet of the MandragoraLight Boots of the Mandragora
    Tunic of the MedusaMask of the MedusaTreads of the Medusa
    Tunic of the Crystal SnapclawMask of the Crystal SnapclawHalfboots of the Crystal Snapclaw
    Mino of the Boar KingTrilby of the Boar KingSpellboots of the Boar King
    Robe of the Great River SnailHennin of the Great River SnailSpelltreads of the Great River Snail
    Robe of the MandragoraHennin of the MandragoraSpellboots of the Mandragora
    Robe of the MedusaCowl of the MedusaLongboots of the Medusa
    Note: This list is subject to change once the Soul Knight Prequel servers are stable.

    Non-Legendary Tier

    Non-legendary gear in Soul Knight Prequel is available from dungeons, bosses, and merchants and can be obtained by opening Sapphire Armor Chests.

    While less potent than Legendary gears, they are a viable alternative if they boast favorable rolls on Modifiers.

    Soul Knight Prequel
    Photo: ChillyRoom
    Leather TunicLeather HoodLeather Shoes
    Recruit ArmorRecruit HelmRecruit’s Boots
    Linen RobeLinen CowlLinen Shoes
    Combatant’s AttireCombatant’s BandannaCombatant’s Boots
    Chain MailChain CoifChain Sabatons
    Monk RobeMonk’s CowlMonk’s Boots
    Solider’s LeathersSoldier’s SalletSoldier’s Boots
    Chivalric PlateChain HelmChivalric Sabatons
    Wayfarer’s CloakWayfarer’s TophatWayfarer’s Longboots
    Shadowy VestmentsShadowy MaskShadow Treads
    Warpath PlateWarpath HelmWarpath Sabatons
    Ascetic’s GownAscetic’s CowlAscetic’s Slips
    Patrol TunicPatrol TricornePatrol Boots
    Steel Splint ArmorSteel ArmetSteelplate Sabatons
    Apprentice RobeApprentice’s Pointed HatApprentice Spellboots
    Ninja GarbNinja HeadbandNinja Tabi
    Hawkrider PlateHawkrider’s WarhelmHawkrider’s Warboots
    Magician’s GownMagician’s HoodMagician’s Longboots
    Desert VestmentsDesert TurbanDesert Slippers
    Scorchsands HauberkScorchsands GreathelmScorchsands Sandals
    Dune HabitDune HenninDesert Sabatons
    Adventurer’s TunicAdventurer’s HoodAdventurer’s Galoshes
    Dragoon WarplateDragoon HelmDragoon Warboots
    Ecclesiastical GownEccesiastical BirettaEcclesiastical Longboots
    Traveler’s JerkinTraveler’s VisorTraveler’s Boots
    Note: This list is subject to change once the Soul Knight Prequel servers are stable.

    The value of non-legendary gear is contingent upon its rarity; the higher the rarity, the more proficiently the equipment piece performs. Epic is above average, and common is the lowest.

    Non-legendary RaritiesColor


    Weeks have passed since the release of Soul Knight Prequel, and regrettably, there has been minimal improvement in server stability. This persistent issue hampers players’ ability to make progress within the game.

    Additionally, their official Discord has taken measures to lock down the discussion section, presumably to curb the influx of complaints from frustrated players.

    The list above is subject to change once the global servers have been thoroughly fixed.

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