Soul Knight Prequel – Codes List & How To Redeem Them

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Soul Knight Prequel

The wait is finally over! Soul Knight Prequel, the highly anticipated prequel to the popular pixel-art action RPG, has finally arrived, much to the delight of fans eagerly awaiting its release for years.

This action-packed game promises to deliver an exhilarating adventure filled with monster-slaying and loot-farming, immersing players in a world of pixelated charm and engaging gameplay.

Soul Knight Prequel
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Players will embark on an epic quest to save the magical land of Mystraea from impending doom, forming a knighthood and wielding various weapons and spells to defeat their foes.

Start your journey with a notable advantage by utilizing codes to unlock generous rewards from dedicated developers!

This article reveals a compilation of redeemable codes for Soul Knight Prequel, offering insights into their acquisition and providing step-by-step instructions on redeeming them!

Soul Knight Prequel – Codes November 2023

Soul Knight Prequel
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As of this writing, these codes are currently available for redemption in Soul Knight Prequel, but their validity is subject to limitations.

We strongly recommend redeeming them promptly to secure your rewards and enjoy the associated advantages!

Be reminded that complimentary in-game rewards are limited to one claim per account.

THX4ALLGPLaunch Celebration Gift:
Home Decor, Captain Paloma Skin, Tempest Juice, Life Juice, x3 Gale Juice, x3 Bullion, x2 Chest Key, Cardpack Voucher, x5 Ressurection Coins, Companion Egg, x15 Equipment Fragments

Where to Find Redeemable Codes?

Soul Knight Prequel
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Enhance your gameplay and claim exciting rewards with redeemable codes announced on the game’s official social channels. Follow Soul Knight Prequel’s official social media channels to stay up-to-date on the latest code giveaways:

Encounter any bugs or issues? Head over to the dedicated bug-report or help-and-support channel on their official Soul Knight Prequel Discord. Submit a report, and they’ll promptly assist in addressing and resolving the problem!

Beyond bug reporting, the Soul Knight Prequel Discord server is a vibrant game community hub. Engage with fellow players, share tips and strategies, and immerse yourself in pixel-art ARPG.

How to Redeem Codes?

Armed with codes, let’s now guide you through the steps to redeem them and unlock those fantastic rewards!

Enter the Introduction Story

Soul Knight Prequel
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For newcomers to the game, start by completing the introductory story. This brief quest serves as a comprehensive tutorial, covering essential aspects like combat, equipping gear, allocating stats, and enhancing your skills.

It offers a straightforward yet engaging adventure as you navigate your way back to the town.

Soul Knight Prequel
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Upon reaching the town and receiving Guildmaster Roland’s prompt to choose your Order name, the introduction concludes. You’re now at liberty to explore the town, granting you access to the Redeem Code feature.

Access the Mail Box

Soul Knight Prequel
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To access the Code Redemption feature in Soul Knight Prequel, seek out the “Mailbox” outside the Chapterhouse.

Make your way to the Chapterhouse on the western side of Chillstead Village, where you’ll find the Mailbox conveniently positioned next to the building.

Locate the Redeem Code Feature

Soul Knight Prequel
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Tap the Mailbox to open a new window, then select the tab with a mail icon featuring a key on the left side of the screen. This will lead you to the “Redeem Code” section.

Prior to pressing the check icon, verify the accuracy of the format, including capitalization and numbers.

The reward will be directly deposited into your inventory, so ensure you have sufficient space available.

Soul Knight Prequel
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Congratulations! You received your redeemable rewards!

Are you having problems redeeming your codes? Try closing and restarting the game. Also, ensure your game is up to date for a seamless experience. If the problem persists, head to the official Soul Knight Prequel social channels to report the issue.

What Codes Do in Soul Knight Prequel?

Unleashing the true potential within Soul Knight Prequel, these redeemable codes bestow upon players a wealth of rewards, empowering them to embark on their grand adventure with an edge that sets them apart.

Soul Knight Prequel
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Here’s a list of the rewards players can redeem through Soul Knight Prequel’s codes, along with their respective uses:

BullionA common item that can be sold in 996 Combini for 5,000 gold.
Gale JuiceA blend of carrot and devil’s fruit juice that, when consumed, bestows a +15% Movement Speed for a duration of 300 seconds.
Life JuiceA concoction crafted from cherry, tomato, and watermelon that, when consumed, bestows a +75% in Life Regeneration for a duration of 300 seconds.
Tempest JuiceA mix of cherry, rice, and grape juice that, when consumed, provides a +24% Attack Speed for a duration of 300 seconds.
Captain Paloma SkinA new skin for your character that can be equipped through your inventory.
Home DecorNew skin for your Chapterhouse that can be equipped through the storage chest.
Chest KeyUsed to unlock Sapphire Weapons, Armor, and Trinket chest through Chest Merchant. Like the gacha system, it provides random tier items.
Companion EggUsed to summon a pet companion that accompanies players on their adventures. Each pet possesses unique abilities and characteristics, offering players a range of options to complement their playstyles.
Ressurection CoinA consumable item that revives a player’s character upon death.
Equipment FragmentMaterials used to craft or upgrade various weapons and equipment pieces.
Cardpack VouchersContains random cards which can be traded with the card merchant.


On the launch day of Soul Knight Prequel, developers encountered numerous bugs and challenges owing to a high influx of players, and they are still diligently addressing the intricate server instability issues.

The developers have pledged compensation, including codes and additional chest keys, gems, hairstyles, skins, and various other rewards.

Follow their social channel for more information.

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