Soul Knight – Ultimate Game Guide, Tips & Codes

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Soul Knight guide, tips, codes
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Soul Knight is a pixel roguelike RPG that looks easy at the beginning but gets hard as you level up. The game starts with you, as a knight, entering a dungeon and killing monsters. The dungeon has multiple rooms and clearing each gives you gold.

In simple words, it’s a shooting game that has very easy controls and anyone can enjoy it. But keep in mind that if you fail at any level, the game will begin from level 1.

There are 20+ heroes, 400+ weapons, multiple buffs & upgrades, dozens of pets, and a lot more to look into. Besides, Soul Knight has some redeemable codes that will give you many rewards. I’ll cover all of this in this guide.

Soul Knight – Game Basics

Before we look at some aspects of the game in detail, let’s look at the basics first.

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  1. The game starts from level 1 and goes up to level 15.
  2. You have 6 lives to play with. If you lose all of them, the game will start from level 1.
  3. You have to find the portal room to move to the next stage.
  4. There will be hordes of enemies in some rooms which you need to clear.
  5. There are chests, statues, buffs, and shields that will help you on your journey.
  6. Some boss rooms will include the monsters with high HP.
  7. The main weapons include guns, melees, and arrows.
  8. The game has auto-aim so you just have to keep tapping or holding the shoot button.
  9. Each character has different stats and you can upgrade them as well.
  10. Once all your lives are gone, the game will get over.
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This was a basic overview of the game. Below, we will see everything in much more detail.

Guide to Characters in Soul Knight

There are 20+ characters in the game and each differs in the stats. Secondly, some can be bought with gems while others cost real money.

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You can check the characters and their stats by clicking on any of the characters in the living room.

Now once you unlock the characters, you will unlock other heroes related to that particular character. So the total hero count in the game is beyond 50.

The main characters are as follows:

  1. Knight
  2. Rogue
  3. Witch
  4. Assassin
  5. Alchemist
  6. Engineer
  7. Vampire
  8. Paladin
  9. Elf
  10. Werewolf
  11. Priestess
  12. Druid
  13. Robot
  14. Berserker
  15. Necromancer
  16. Officer
  17. Taoist
  18. Airbender
  19. Demonmamcer
  20. Miner
  21. Trap Master
  22. Inter-Dimension Traveller
  23. Element Envoy
  24. The Beheaded
  25. Time Travelling Ninja
  26. Special Forces

Upgrade Effects on Characters

Leveling up a character costs gems but improves the overall stats and gives the following bonuses:

  • 1 star: +1 health permanent
  • 2 stars: +1 armor permanent
  • 3 stars: +20 energy permanent
  • 4 stars: Skill cooldown reduces by 2 seconds
  • 5 stars: Skill upgrade. Affects all skills of the character
  • 6 stars: The character gets a permanent buff complementing their play style and skill
  • 7 stars: The character’s starting weapon upgrades permanently
  • 8 stars: Allows developing the Summoner’s Artifact by giving the applicable material.

To upgrade a hero, simply select it and level it up with gems.

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Guide to Weapons in Soul Knight

Weapons are used to kill enemies (obviously!) and break crates. Now there are 441 weapons in the game so naming all of them will take an entirety.

So apart from the names, I will mention what kinds of weapons are available and what are the rarities.

Here are the weapon categories:

  1. Handguns
  2. Rifles
  3. Sniper rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Explosives
  6. Laser guns
  7. Railguns
  8. Melee weapons
  9. Bows
  10. Crossbows
  11. Staffs
  12. Throwing weapons
  13. Boss weapons
  14. Mergeable weapons
  15. Miscellaneous weapons
  16. Mercenary weapons
  17. Rings
  18. Mythical weapons

Here are the weapon rarities:

  1. White (Common)
  2. Green (Uncommon)
  3. Blue (Rare)
  4. Purple (Very rare)
  5. Orange (Epic)
  6. Red (Legendary)
  7. Magenta (Mythical)

Both legendary and mythical weapons can’t have any attachments. Besides, mythical weapons can have as many as three additional abilities.

Weapon Combinations to Create Better Weapons

You can also combine multiple weapons to create a new and better one. Not all weapons can be merged but only a few of them.

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For instance, you can get the Thunder sword by combining the Fire sword and the Frost sword.

Here are some of the weapons you can get along with their combinations:

  • Thunder sword: Fire sword + Frost sword
  • Gold Laser sword: Green lightsaber + Red lightsaber + Blue lightsaber
  • Pink and Gold Snow Fox: Cherry Blossom + Vintage Snow Fox
  • Weeping Eagle: Desert Eagle + Frost Eagle + Fire Eagle + Poison Eagle + Plasma Eagle + Cherry Blossom
  • The Latest Generation Cool PCB: The latest generation PCB x2
  • Star Bow: Fire bow + Jade bow + Frost bow

There are many more combination weapons and fusions and you all will come across them as you progress in the game.

Guide to Buffs in Soul Knight

Buffs are basically passive abilities that will give you an extra boost in the game.

There are 7 buff slots and you’ll get a choice to choose one out of three after a few rounds. Once one buff is chosen, it won’t repeat. Similarly, if all your slots are filled, you won’t get more buffs.

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There are a lot of buffs in the game and you’ll get information about them after tapping on them. Double-tapping will select the buff.

Guide to Pets in Soul Knight

Pets are your companions in the game and follow you around to help in fights. Every player gets Chilly the cat to begin with and can purchase new pets with gems. Besides, you can get them by completing achievements as well.

Each pet deals 3 damage to the enemies and has 5 health base. They don’t die but stop fighting for 30 seconds if their HP lowers. However, upgrading Pet food will give your pets up to +2 damage and +10 HP.

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There are 35+ pets in the game and you can go through them by clicking the pet in the living room before selecting your character.

Guide to Statues in Soul Knight

Statues are interactive objects that players will find in the rooms with yellow exclamation marks. Each statue will give you unique effect in exchange for some coins.

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Here are the ones available currently:

  1. Thief: Fires a lightwave, pulling the enemies closer and enhancing your movement speed.
  2. Elf: Helps in destroying projectiles by firing a radial blast.
  3. Sorcerer: Fires magical homing bullets.
  4. Priest: Restores energy by casting a pact.
  5. Assassin: Throw out multiple knives.
  6. Knight: Summons a knight to aid in the battle.
  7. Paladin: Creates a shield to block a hit.
  8. Engineer: Places explosive devices around.
  9. Berserker: Upgrades weapons and increases the size of projectiles.
  10. Werewolf: Restores 1 HP.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to recognize the statues, then you can simply go near them and read the description.

Guide to Enemies in Soul Knight

You’ll face enemies in Soul Knight non-stop! There are so many of them that naming everyone and describing them can constitute a separate article.

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So here, I’ll just list down the enemies according to their rarities:

  • White: Most common and weakest.
  • Green: Rare and a bit better than whites.
  • Blue: They are powerful and can cause some injuries.
  • Purple: They are more powerful and rare and can kill the character.
  • Orange: They are the bosses and can even defeat experienced players.

Guide to Game Modes in Soul Knight

There are multiple game modes in Soul Knight as follows:

  • Normal mode: Clear levels to level up.
  • Badass mode: Increases the game’s difficulty.
  • Level mode: The character explores the 15-level dungeon.
  • Boss Rush mode: You’ll only fight bosses one after another.
  • Multiplayer: Up to 4 players can play together either online or locally.

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Soul Knight Codes

Soul Knight has many working gift codes to give you cool rewards that will help a lot to win the game. Here are all the working codes of Soul Knight:

  • SKback2023
    • 233 gems, free trial voucher, and two resurrection vouchers
  • 3QPlayer
    • 666 gems, weapon attachment voucher, and two infinite energy vouchers
  • 100000
    • 500 gems
    • titum arum, fertilizer, and 500 gems
    • 777 gems
    • 999 gems
    • 500 gems
    • five heptacolor viola
    • oak tree, ironwood, gear flower, and trumpet flower
    • five parts, five battery, and 515 gems
    • three fertilizer
  • MIAO
    • 555 gems
    • 999 gems
    • 577 gems
    • 999 gems
    • 500 gems
    • 488 gems
  • SUPER5
    • 555 gems and three free trial vouchers
  • TDY8E
    • 888 gems
    • vine, green onions, and carrot
    • iron stone, timber, and 888 gems
  • WISH
    • 500 gems, one heptacolor viola, and one fertiliser

How to Redeem Gift Codes in Soul Knight

Follow these simple steps to redeem codes in Soul Knight:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Tap on the settings icon on the left of the home screen.
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  1. Now tap on the gift icon.
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  1. Finally, enter the code and tap the green tick.

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Soul Knight – Tips & Tricks

Now that you have a complete overview of the game, I am here with some tips, tricks, and strategies to help you complete it efficiently. Mind you, it might take more than one turn to do so.

Melee Weapons are Important

Melee weapons will help you save that energy to use some high-end guns. Besides, they are much better for close combat and often kill the enemies in one shot.

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Not to mention, they will make you more agile.

Don’t Run Out of Energy

Energy is the blue stat bar on the top left. If you waste it by using a gun too much, you won’t be able to use the weapon until the energy is restored.

Therefore, make sure that you are always fighting with a secondary weapon as well, preferably melees.

Keep Moving While Fighting

If you’ve played any shooting game in your life, you’d know the importance of movement, especially in fast-paced games. Similar is the case with Soul Knight.

If you just stand in a corner and hold that shoot button, you might kill a few enemies but won’t survive for long. So keep moving to dodge the attacks of the monsters.

Keep a Distance from Enemies

Another important thing is to not go too close to the enemies. Close attacks affect more of your HP and you might lose your lives early. So, utilize your guns and hit from afar.

Even if you come face to face at some point, the melee will come into play.

Take Cover While Fighting

This is essential when you’re low on HP, recovering your energy, or recharging the armor.

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Hide behind a block and dodge some attacks until you recover yourself.

Upgrade Your Hero Regularly

The faster you upgrade your heroes, the quicker you’ll complete the game. It is almost impossible to complete Soul Knight with just the base character cards.

So, save your gold, convert them into gems, and use them to upgrade the characters.

Open Chests After Clearing Rooms

Chests give you new or better weapons, coins, buffs, or some other upgrades depending on the level of chest you are opening.

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Long story short, always open chests to progress quicker.

Watch Your Armor and Skill Bar

Before entering the next room with enemies, wait for your armor and skill bar to regenerate.

Armor is extremely important to survive in fights and you could be required to use your skill anytime.

Avoid Champion Rooms at the Start

Champion rooms will be really difficult for a newbie to survive and if they do, the HP will take a big hit.

So, if you notice a double exclamation mark on the map and the room has red gates, it’s better to avoid it.

Save Your Gold and Don’t Waste Your Gems

It’s recommended to avoid using gold until necessary in the dungeons. Why? Because the saved gold alongside the number of enemies you’ve killed, will be converted into gems.

And we know, gems are super useful to upgrade your characters.

And this was all about the Soul Knight guide, tips, tricks, and codes. The game is really challenging and forces you to try new strategies each time to finish it.

So, have you got what it takes? Also, let me know in the comments what was the highest level you got up to in Soul Knight.

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