Sonic Speed Simulator Codes – September 2023

Here are Sonic Speed Simulator codes!
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

We’ve got the latest codes for Sonic Speed Simulator on July 2023.

If you like Sonic and want to try some Roblox games dedicated to it, Sonic Speed Simulator is the best project coming to mind. In this video game, players can become Sonic and participate in PvP races against NPCs and other players. And if you want to reach the highest speed quickly, check out this article. Here are all the active Sonic Speed Simulator codes that can be used for freebies.

Photo: Gamefam x Sonic

Sonic Speed Simulator Codes July 2023

GottaGetRedRings500 Red Star Rings
thefinalfanspt2Free Chao
thefinalfanspt1Free Chao
1morefanpt1Free Chao
1morefanpt2Free Chao
forthefans Free Chao
Hooray50kSpeed Boost (30 Minutes)
thumbsupBloxian Chao
thankyouchaoGratitude Chao
40kThankYouFree Boosts
Amazing35Free Boosts
25kFree Boosts

    How To Redeem Codes In Sonic Speed Simulator

    Photo: Gamefam x Sonic
    • Open Roblox and start Sonic Speed Simulator
    • Press the Shop button to open the Shop menu
    • Once done, tap on the Redeem Codes button
    • Enter the code into a text box saying ‘ENTER CODE’
    • Press the button REDEEM! to claim rewards

    That’s how redeeming codes in Sonic Speed Simulator works. Note that a single code can be used only once per account, and there is no way how you can avoid this limitation.

    What Codes Do In Sonic Speed Simulator?

    If you wonder what codes do in Sonic Speed Simulator, the answer is straightforward. In this video game, codes are used to bring players freebies like Chao, Boosts, and Red Star Rings. There are plenty of codes with freebies, and new ones appear regularly. So, feel free to check back this article if you need more freebies.

    Code Not Working – Sonic Speed Simulator

    If you try to redeem the Sonic Speed Simulator code, but it doesn’t work, it might be for two reasons. First, and most likely, is that you are making spelling mistakes. In such a case, double-check the code and make sure you entered it correctly.

    The second, less likely reason, is that the code has expired. In such a case, leave the comment below so we can update this article and remove any outdated codes if needed.

    How To Find New Codes In Sonic Speed Simulator

    Photo: Gamefam x Sonic

    For the latest Sonic Speed Simulator, you can follow the game’s official Twitter account. New codes are added here regularly, sometimes even without any particular reason.

    And if you want to stay on Playoholic, feel free to add the article to the favored list and check it once a month. We’ll check the developer’s Twitter ourselves to regularly update this article with new codes.


    That’s all you need to know about Sonic Speed Simulator codes. If you want to read more guides like it, check our articles about Guardians of Cloudia and Flavor Frenzy. These video games also have regularly updated codes.

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