Solving It Walkthrough and Guide

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Solving It is a brilliant game that features a series of more than 50 logic-based puzzles. These simple, yet smart point-and-click puzzle games test your intelligence and problem-solving skills. Follow the puzzling adventures of a female detective as she takes up “commissions” to help people. Whether it’s venturing to treacherous jungles to retrieve precious jewels or assembling dolls and snowmen for kids, she won’t hesitate to resolve them.

The game has excellent hand-drawn graphics, kind of reminds of Tintin comics. The interface is simple and practical. A particular puzzle has two frames, quite similar to games on Nintendo DS handhelds. The top portion is the exploration part, where you can tap to move your character and interact with people/objects. The bottom portion is the puzzle part – an object of interest will be displayed on the bottom frame. You will have to solve it or use items collected from the first frame on that object to solve the puzzle. Check out our Solving It walkthrough for the first 43 puzzles titled “Daily Works. They are divided into chapters and are quite easy to solve. However, some of them may be tricky for some players:

Solving It walkthrough and guide for beginners

Chapters 1-10

Daily works puzzles are simple yet players might find some puzzles difficult. For example: The ninth chapter of Solving It – Ralph’s Treasure – isn’t easy to finish. This chapter is divided into two puzzles – the last puzzle is tougher than the first.

Chapters 11-20

The next set of chapters are fun to solve. I particularly loved the fishing puzzle game, but some of you may find Drake’s Expedition quite enjoyable. Check out the solutions of puzzles 11-20.

Chapters 21-30

There’s a nice little room escape puzzle game in this section. I suggest you try it first all by yourselves and then watch our Solving It video walkthrough if you can’t find the solution.

Chapters 31-40

Here’s a challenge – Solve chapter 35 – Walking on Water without getting trapped. Yes, there are some puzzles where the protagonist will be trapped or even get eliminated and you will have to start from scratch.

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Chapters 41-43

The last few puzzles in Solving It’s Daily Works series are easy to solve. Check out our video walkthrough below:

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