Solo Survivor io – Full Gameplay Guide & Tips

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Solo Survivor io

Solo Survivor IO is chaotic, fun, and so much more. Developed by Legendary Labs, it’s everything a gamer would love! But on a condition. You need to understand how it works, or you’ll be dying before the tips stop loading.

So, what’s the catch? None! Just absorb all the info you can get, and turn it into expert gameplay! Let us join you on this ride with our Solo Survivor IO complete gameplay guide!

Solo Survivor IO – Main Premise

Solo Survivor IO
Photo: Legendary Labs

In Solo Survivor IO, you are stranded on strange islands, aiming to stay vigilant and defend against hordes over hordes of monsters. There’s little to no PvP element, but when it comes to PvE, Solo Survivor IO can make you go in circles.

The controls are limited to a single joystick, through which you need to:

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Evade

However, it’s not an endless onslaught. You need to survive for a set time, defeat all the bosses in the process, and level up your way to victory!

Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities
Photo: Legendary Labs

Skills are how you stay relevant against the ever-increasing onslaught of waves in Solo Survivor IO. These unlock every time you level up, or whenever you unlock a chest.

The stars indicate the set rank of a skill, which can be increased once the maximum quota is met. Once a skill is maximized, the damage or utility becomes more than twofold, making it a no-brainer to evolve them.

That being said, you still need to think about where you want to invest your resources. You see, skills come in all shapes and sizes, and for utility’s sake, there’s no better strategy than to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Skill Types – Choosing The Best

Skill Types - Choosing The Best
Photo: Legendary Labs

There are two main classes of skills in Solo Survivor IO – mainly damage and utility. Now, within those classes come further sub-classes like AoE damage, and single-target damage, but that’s a story for another hunt.

For now, you need to focus on balancing the two, because while going all damage is certainly attractive from the instant yields perspective, it also means, you’re delaying/ignoring your future potential.

For example, there’s a skill that increases the overall experience you gain from those dropped shards. Which, roughly means faster leveling. Giving that up can certainly feel okayish, but it’s not something you should do in a try-hard situation.

Clearing Stages

Clearing Stages
Photo: Legendary Labs

Once we’re past the clearing aspect, it’s time for you to grab your yield (usually containing armor blueprints, weapons, gold, and experience points), and use them to increase your strength. But how does one ‘clear a stage’ in Solo Survivor IO?

There are multiple enemies, and multiple bosses in a stage, therefore you can never be too sure which one is the last, but when it comes to boss awareness, you can get a rough idea from your kill counts.

Despite seeming endless, there is only a set number of enemies to kill per stage. Once you reach that number, the stage ends. Does that mean you should focus on killing the mobs and not the boss? Well, no.

This is because the battle system is optimized in a way that automatically checks for such instances, and adjusts the enemy frequency accordingly.

Character Movement

Character Movement
Photo: Legendary Labs

Despite Solo Survivor IO only having simple joystick controls, you still need to move in order to survive the waves. Yes, they come from every angle, but your enemies are not always melee, and they’ll be using any means necessary to take you down.

This includes shooting projectiles your way, or straight-up kamikaze attacking you. The solution? Keep moving while keeping a rudimentary awareness of what’s happening in your surroundings.

Hiding or ‘Faking’

Hiding or 'Faking'
Photo: Legendary Labs

Once a lost skill, has been found once again by the supreme masters of Solo Survivor IO. The goal here is simple: Grab the explosive decoy skill, and match your placement with it.

The monsters will attack it in the way of trying to take you down. Constantly keep luring enemies toward them to not only deal those bonus jabs but save yourself in the process!


Mini Bosses
Photo: Legendary Labs

They do not come with that flair, but they still pack a punch in Solo Survivor IO. If you see a bigger version of the monsters you’re hunting, take extra care to not get hit by it.

The attack damage will bring you down to your knees, making it a quick surprise loss instead of a victory screen after your careful and meticulous planning.

So, what’s the play? There’s a term called ‘kiting’ in the gaming community. It essentially means you keep hitting your enemy while maintaining just the ‘right’ distance such that you’re not in the enemy’s attack range, while it’s in yours.

Passive Damage

Passive Damage
Photo: Legendary Labs

There are two kinds of main damage in a game:

  • Active Damage
  • Passive Damage

This is the latter front, which does not come from your auto attacks, but from your abilities and skills. There’s always a good balance of actives and passives one cannot invest too much in either.

As an ideal, try to maximize one active and one passive skill. However, the best part of this damage lies in its ‘passive’ element. Pets are passive, ricochets are passive, and your blades are passive, etc.

BossFight – Patterns and How to Beat!

BossFight - Patterns and How to Beat!
Photo: Legendary Labs

Each boss generally unleashes two kinds of attacks in Solo Survivor IO:

  • Charge
  • Basic

The charge attack deals massive amounts of damage but is usually very simple to dodge. There’s even a red indicator to ensure you don’t make that last-second lapse of judgment.

The difficulty considerably rises when it comes to basic attacks though. Once in every charge attack, there’s usually a basic mixed-in. Often ranged, these test your fine controls, and are meant to wear you down.

Boss battle
Photo: Legendary Labs

Luckily, the boss drops healing potions during and after the fights, so you can always revitalize yourself to ensure those wear-downs don’t hit too bad.

RNG Elements

RNG Elements
Photo: Legendary Labs

This is probably the most devastating, yet rewarding element of Solo Survivor IO. Unlike the horrendous odds of off-game chests, the in-game chests give you the option to choose yourself.

The chances of obtaining rarer rewards are huge, and by using ads, you can get cheat-level boosts in the form of upgrades. These spins only drop after defeating important enemies.

Making the Choice

Making the Choice
Photo: Legendary Labs

So, you have a higher tier upgrade, an upgrade that is not much right now, but will benefit you in the long run, and an upgrade that’ll maximize your damage potential.

You see that shiny, higher-tier upgrade winking at you? It’s alluring, isn’t it? Promising immediate might and prowess. But hold on, champ! Before you dive headfirst into this pool of power, consider the repercussions.

Sure, it’ll give you a significant leg up right now, but will it help you in the long haul? Or will it be like that one-hit-wonder song – great for a while, but forgotten soon after? It might not look like much right now.

Heck, you might even scoff at it, thinking, “Why would I want this when there are giants on the list?” But don’t be too quick to dismiss. These little gems are the ones that grow on you.


They’re the investments, the stocks you buy low and sell high. In Solo Survivor IO, this could mean a skill that doesn’t offer immediate firepower but ensures your growth and sustainability in the later, more brutal stages.

It’s the one that’ll maximize your damage potential, turning you into a wrecking ball of destruction. It’s like chugging an energy drink – immediate rush, smashing through enemies and feeling invincible.

And while that’s all fun and games, remember, every action has its reaction. Going full throttle on damage means you might be compromising on defense, utility, or other essential skills that could save your hide when things get dicey.

Mastering Solo Survivor IO – Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget survivor, every tip and trick you gather adds another layer to your armor. Equip yourself with knowledge, and the islands won’t stand a chance against you!

1. Terrain Tactics

Terrain Tactics
Photo: Legendary Labs

It’s not where you stand, but how you use it to stand tall. Every inch of Solo Survivor IO is crafted with intricacies. From valleys to high points, every terrain has its secrets. Go deep into understanding these landforms – mainly obstacles.

Some spots might just be the perfect shield against the monsters, while others can act as strategic points to corner and control their onslaught. Where you fight matters a lot!

2. Item Interaction

Item Interaction
Photo: Legendary Labs

Ever found your character upon a rare-colored object while unleashing hell on all those enemies? Don’t just walk past it! The world of Solo Survivor IO is littered with artifacts waiting to be discovered.

Some might be treasure troves, bursting with bonuses, while others might be sly traps you can cunningly turn against unsuspecting monsters. Exploration is the point, don’t leave any stone unturned!

3. Diversify Your Approach

Diversify Your Approach
Photo: Legendary Labs

We all have our favorites, don’t we? That one skill that feels just right. But, comfort can sometimes be the enemy of growth. Go out of your comfort zone.

Mix and match abilities, experiment with combos, and explore every nook and cranny of your skillset. The broader your arsenal, the brighter your chances shine in the diverse challenges of the game.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Easter Eggs

Keep an Eye Out for Easter Eggs
Photo: Legendary Labs

Between the slashes and dashes, don’t forget to keep those eyes peeled for the unexpected. Developers, those sly foxes, often hide delightful secrets in the most unsuspecting places and experience a new kind of attack for the first time is nasty.

Be the hawk-eyed player who discovers these hidden gems and dirt piles, so you can work towards learning them and eventually using them to your advantage

5. Engage in Community

Engage in Community
Photo: Legendary Labs

Ever heard the saying, “It takes a village?” Well, in the world of Solo Survivor IO, it takes an entire gaming community. Dive into forums, binge those strategy streams, and chit-chat with fellow players.

The collective wisdom of the community is a treasure trove of strategies, tricks, and insights that can catapult your gameplay to legendary heights.

6. Regular Breaks

Regular Breaks
Photo: Legendary Labs

Intensity is the name of the game, but even the mightiest warriors need their rest. Between your conquests, take a moment to breathe, stretch, and rejuvenate.

A sharp mind is your greatest weapon, and trust us, nothing sharpens the mind better than a well-deserved break.

Go back in with renewed vigor and watch as you conquer with unmatched prowess.

7. Sound Strategy

Sound Strategy
Photo: Legendary Labs

Think the game is just visual? Think again! The world of Solo Survivor IO tells tales of its own. Strap on those headphones and immerse yourself in the auditory landscape.

The rustle, the roars, the subtle cues – each sound is a clue, guiding you, warning you, preparing you for what’s next. Let the game speak to you, and you’ll find yourself dancing to the rhythm of victory.

8. Backup Plans

Backup Plans
Photo: Legendary Labs

Ever had one of those “Oh, snap!” moments when things don’t go as planned? Well, in Solo Survivor IO, you want to be thinking two steps ahead. Craft your strategies, but always, always have a Plan B tucked under your sleeve.

When the tides turn, and they will, being able to switch gears on the fly can be the difference between a glorious win and a facepalm-worthy defeat.

9. Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges
Photo: Legendary Labs

A routine might sound boring, but in Solo Survivor IO, it’s your ticket to glory. Those daily challenges? Think of them as your training grounds that will be subjected to your pent-up stress.

Each challenge, unique in its essence, hones a different facet of your skillset. Engage with them, wrestle with their demands, and emerge sharper, ready to tackle the bigger beasts that await.

10. Stage Mastery vs. Progress

Stage Mastery vs. Progress
Photo: Legendary Labs

Sticking to a stage you’ve mastered might give you that cozy feeling of being the top dog, but, it’s a double-edged sword.

Overindulging in a familiar territory might make you miss out on the treasures and challenges of the unknown. Repeating a stage when you’re beefed up and ready for more? That’s like a lion playing with kittens.

Challenge yourself, step into the unknown, and let the game truly test your mettle.


In essence, you just need to pay your due diligence, and all the elements will fall into place. This means you need to soak up the wisdom and let Solo Survivor IO witness the birth of a legend!

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