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Solo - Best hero
Source: Legendary Labs
(Last Updated On: November 1, 2023)

Solo is a survival game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is a multiplayer game where you face other players in a hostile environment that is filled with infested monsters and bosses. 

You can team up with other players and use strategies to kill enemies and bosses. You can also betray your team and join other teams if it is in the best interest of your survival.

As Solo Survivor is a survival game, you also have to look out for the hunger and thirst meters of your hero. 

The gist of the game is simple  – survive. It’s how you survive that makes the game worth it. What also makes the game worth your time are the characters in the game. There are several heroes to choose from within the game.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Solo Survivor – Gameplay

You do have to unlock the characters as you progress in the game. Lots of skills and upgrades are unlocked as well with the progress of your selected character. 

Solo - Gameplay
Source: Legendary Labs

You have to reach level 100 on every skill chart to maximize the potential of the characters you are playing with. Max ability means the characters are almost unbeatable and more fun to play with.

The main question, though, is – Which hero do you select to play the game? What are their strengths and upgrades in the game? Which is the best hero you can choose? We’ll try answering that now. Let’s go!


The Knight is the most commonly used character in Solo Survivor because he is the first character you play with. Additionally, the Knight is a free character. There is nothing glossy about Knight, but he does contain a pretty useful crossbow. 

Solo - Knight
Source: Legendary Labs

Knight’s 1-star skill is called Pointless, where you can roam around with a crossbow that doesn’t deal much damage. But with options to upgrade other supplementary skills, especially the axe, there is something to work with. 

Knight’s 3-star skill is called Moonshade Slash, which gives you a 10% increase in the in-game attack speed. 

The EVO tier or the 5-star skill is called Evo Unleashed, where the Knight becomes even stronger and faster.

Solo - EVO Unleashed
Source: Legendary Labs

Additionally, there is a 5% and 10% increase in damage and attack speed, respectively. 

Pirate King

The Pirate King is a premium character that can be unlocked by either a paid method or having enough hero shards to unlock the character in Solo Survivor. 

Solo - Pirate King
Source: Legendary Labs

The Pirate King comes equipped with a Bounty Ship as his 1-star skill, where the ship roams around your character while dealing substantial damage to the enemies around you. 

The Pirate King’s 3-star skill is called Destructive Shell, which fires a barrage of bullets that can neutralize the enemies even faster. The damage is also pretty considerable with this skill.

The 5-star kill is called Lucky Kill, where the range and radius of the shells fired from the Bounty Ship are even wider, and the damage caused by those shells increases tenfold as well.


The Witch is a premium character in Solo Survivor as well. You can unlock her with either a paid method or by collecting enough hero shards. 

Solo - Witch
Source: Legendary Labs

The Witch’s 1-star skill is called the Broomstick. She comes equipped with a Broomstick and a wand. The broomstick helps to avoid poisonous traps on the floor as you fly over it. The Witch will also summon a magic ball that will shoot laser beams.

The Witch’s 3-star skill is called Death Ray, where the orb deals damage in a much wider radius, and the damage on enemies also increases by at least 10%. 

The Witch’s 5-star skill is Orb of Destruction, where the laser from the orb decimates everything in its radius path and wipes out the enemies with considerable force. 


The Ninja is a premium character in Solo Survivor as well, and he needs to be bought, or you can use the hero shards to unlock him. Fun fact: The Ninja costs 20 shards less than other premium characters to unlock. 

Solo - Ninja
Source: Legendary Labs

The Ninja’s 1-star skill is called Survival Instinct, where the character will create a clone. That clone will attack the enemies. 

The Ninja’s 3-star skill is Helter Skelter, where the Ninja will clone two more characters to fight off the enemies and bosses. The damage and radius of attack will increase with it. 

The Ninja’s 5-star skill is Sixth Sense, where the Ninja will clone three characters, and you know it by now: they will create even more havoc on the enemies with considerable damage and radius. 


The Dracula is a premium character that can be unlocked using hero shards, or you can buy the character outright in Solo Survivor. 

Solo - Dracula
Source: Legendary Labs

Dracula’s 1-star skill is called King of Bats, where he basically summons a flock of bats that will attack and damage the surrounding enemies. 

Dracula’s 3-star skill is Constant Evolution, where the abilities and skills of the character increase. So does the ability to absorb blood. There is a substantial damage increase with this upgrade. 

Dracula’s 5-star skill is called Super Mutant. Everything gets a massive upgrade. The move and attack speed increase, and so does the skill power and also the ability to absorb blood. At max level, Dracula is arguably the strongest character in the game.

Solo - Victory
Source: Legendary Labs


Every hero that you select in Solo Survivor is worth playing with in reality. All the heroes have their own set of skills, and some even have exclusive skills to work with. In the end, it really depends on your taste and how you want to approach the game. 

For us, the names we have mentioned are all worthy characters to play with in Solo Survivor. With proper execution and know-how of the characters and skills, you can dominate the game. These game codes for October can help you, too!

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