Sol Frontiers – Idle Strategy: Codes List April 2024

Charles Judd
Sol Frontiers Codes

Shedding light across the dark space of Sol Frontiers – Idle Strategy is no easy task. You must awaken heroes, neutralize swarm forces, harvest resources, and reinforce your space station, Jonah’s Whale.

One way to ease your burden as captain of a colossal interplanetary post is to use codes. The game’s creator occasionally releases them in various mediums, and this article is a collection of all Sol Frontiers codes.

Sol Frontiers - Idle Strategy - Intro
Photo: Early Morning Studio

Active Codes

The following codes are redeemable in Sol Frontiers:

  • BLpfV905
  • JOVU1pflIuT
  • oqHzwlItJP
  • hsyIGzqx
  • TVozNZe7
Idle rewards
Photo: Early Morning Studio

We will update this post when we can, so feel free to bookmark it and check it from time to time. Alternatively, you can follow any of the game’s dedicated social media channels that announce new promotions.

Expired Codes

Sol Frontiers has a lot of freebies for new players. For example, they gave unique crew members to everyone who signed up for their pre-registration program.

However, many of these promos are now invalid or expired. This includes some of the codes listed below:

  • mvPjglT2

Entering any of these codes in the game will give you an error message.

Invalid redeem code message
Photo: Early Morning Studio

How to Get New Sol Frontiers Codes

Sol Frontiers creators, Early Morning Studio, release codes on their official social media accounts. Their links can be seen when you tap the settings icon on the bottom right side of the main screen.

Game screen with menu options
Photo: Early Morning Studio

You can also manually look for them on your search engine. They have public pages on Facebook and Twitter/X, so they will be easier to discover. However, their Reddit and Discord are private, so it’s easier if you use the links in the game’s settings.

Settings page with social links
Photo: Early Morning Studio

The link for Discord will directly take you to the server invitation page. To join the subreddit, you have to apply or write a message to the community admin.

How to Redeem Codes

Once you get new codes from the game’s creators, how do you use them? Well, obtaining codes is the hard part, but redeeming them is pretty easy.

Go to the settings page of Sol Frontier and click the Redeem Code option. Then, paste or type in the code you have. Select the OK button, and wait for the loading screen to finish.

Empty redeem code bar
Photo: Early Morning Studio

If it works, the resources will automatically be added to your inventory. If it doesn’t, that means that the code you entered is either incorrect or has already expired.

Final Thoughts

Nothing lasts forever, including codes for Sol Frontiers – Idle Strategy. That’s why you should redeem them immediately after you get your hands on one. You will get substantial rewards that will aid your intergalactic missions.

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