Soccer Manager 2024 – Football: Best Players To Use

Muhib Nadeem
Soccer Manager
(Last Updated On: October 5, 2023)

Shoot for the stars, and take your shot to become the best manager of your very own football team. With Soccer Manager 2024 (developed by Invincibles Studio), these are not mere dreams anymore!

However, in order to build the best teams, you need to have the best players. And to have the best players, you need to know who the best Soccer Manager players are; it’s an entire loop! So, in this article, let’s take a look at some of the best football players to use!

5. Junior NEYMAR

Soccer Manager Junior NEYMAR
Photo: xaldrinx

Stats do not lie, and when it comes to Junior NEYMAR, that fact is even more apparent. His movement and dribbling are out of this world. This is further complemented by his advanced control.

Yes, he is not the best at positioning for the shots, but that’s a minor tradeoff for such a powerhouse. Every team needs a leader, and with his workaholic nature, and ultimate levels of composure, Junior NEYMAR can very well plug the gap for you!

4. Kevin DE BRUYNE

Photo: xaldrinx

Kevin is what Junior NEYMAR could have been had he worked a bit more on rounding his numbers. Kevin has the same kick and control, but when it comes to crossing, it’s hard to look for his match.

Additionally, even his weakened stats like Marking, are above the baseline, so you’re getting a well-rounded player with loads of stats. Just remember, your goal is to make him shine, and in order to do that, you need someone that can pass to him in Soccer Manager.

3. Erling HAALAND

Photo: xaldrinx

This is where things start to get interesting in Soccer Manager. We’re no longer in the roundoff zone, but achieving special skills that are unbeatable in their own regard. Erling is unrivaled in raw strength, pacing, and in his aerial ability.

However, what makes him really scary is the fact that his movement and dribbling bring everything together to form this unique blend of cheat stats.

Now, naturally, if you’re specializing in something, you’re bound to leave a few empty spots, so be sure to round your team accordingly.

2. Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé
Photo: xaldrinx

The contention between the second and third is kind of at an impasse. Both are equally good for their skill sets. However, the factor that ranks Kylian a tier above is his well-rounded stats.

While he hasn’t managed to hide his every weakness, we can confidently say he’s an absolute unit in Soccer Manager. Don’t go for the ordinary when Kylian is on the roster!

1. Mohamed SALAH

Mohamed SALAH
Photo: xaldrinx

This might be a controversial choice since, based on stats alone, SALAH doesn’t have any major advantages compared to everyone else on this list. However, his toolkit is optimized in a way that makes him the perfect ace for any team.

Not convinced? Take a look at his skillset again. He has everything needed to score goals, and when it comes to taking penalties, it’s unwise to miss out on SALAH.


In essence, Soccer Manager 2024 features all the fun and more, but when it comes to strategizing, you need to bring your A game. There are so many options, but only a select few are the correct ones! Best luck out there!

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