Smashing Star: Action-Packed 1V1 Slingshot RPG Game

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Avalon Games, developers of The Greedy Cave and The Greedy Cave 2, are about to launch Smashing Star, a new 1V1 turn-based slingshot RPG game. Open beta testing will be conducted in some regions in July in the US.

Smashing Star

Smashing Star is an excellent PVP game that combines slingshot RPG with graffiti. A player’s victory is determined by the size of the graffiti trail left behind by all characters at the end of a battle.

In an arena, you and your opponent will start with four characters, each with different attributes and skills to fight. Once you chalk out your strategies and catapult the characters into the arena, their movement will leave a trail on the battlefield in the form of graffiti. The player who first leaves a colorful trail of 66% of the graffiti area wins the battle!

In Smashing Star, you will be able to collect a host of characters but can only select the four strongest characters from your roster for a battle. Every time your character hits your opponent’s character, he takes damage. Your opponent’s characters will be defeated temporarily if their HP is reduced to zero, and they won’t be back to the arena until the cool-down time is over.

Keeping your characters alive as long as possible will get more chances and the possibility to win.

In Smashing Star, the stronger your characters are, the higher the chances of winning a battle. So how do you obtain more strong characters?

You will obtain new characters and treasure chests by winning battle arenas. There are a lot of character cards in the treasure chests that can be upgraded to boost their attributes, which helps you to create a stronger deck!

If you are interested in Smashing Star and want to participate in the trial, you can join the official discord of Avalon Games for more information:

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