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Perfeggs Game‘s adorable mobile release, Slime Legion, is a match-3 monster puzzle game that lets you unlock various iconic creatures to protect your vulnerable castle entrance from being breached by oncoming enemy onslaughts. There’s not much story to tell here, and the game’s narrative is up for imagination.

That being said, you can quickly get an understanding of what’s transpiring, particularly when the oncoming enemies comprise fairies and other magical creatures. With your kingdom under attack by the ‘good guys’, here’s a quick guide on how to defeat their seemingly endless waves.

Defend The Castle

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Although there’s no text or in-game dialogue to explain the context behind what’s happening in Slime Legion, you can quickly catch up on the details. Generally, you’re the ruler of a monster kingdom, leading your castle’s defenses from behind the safety of the gate.

It appears that another kingdom of faery beings, such as elves, fairies, and such, is trying to invade your territory, leading its own armies of mystical beings to siege your castle’s front door, represented by a red health bar at the bottom of the screen.

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As the monster kingdom’s ruler, it’s up to you to outwit and outmatch them, calling forth your own array of creatures and minions to combat them – via the match-3 puzzle format!

In the beginning, your forces are simple and basic, matching your enemy’s. After surviving a few in-game stages – depicted by the number of days – you’ll need to strengthen them further, to counter your foe’s superior armies, such as griffins and angels.

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Being the king isn’t easy, particularly one that governs monsters, always hated by other seemingly ‘peaceful’ states. Still, your minions depend on you, so you need to rise to the challenge and meet the enemies head-on, battling them in front of your own castle walls!

Recruit Monsters & Minions

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In Slime Legion, you create defensive monsters by matching three or more identical items together inside a board. For example, three slingshots combine to create an Egg Thrower, a long-range unit that throws eggs at oncoming foes (depicted as a chick).

Two other mechanics play into this, each being:

  • Combine four or more of the same items to create two monsters (instead of one)
  • Combine three of the same monster to create one stronger version of them

During the first few waves, you’ll manage to beat the enemy forces simply by creating as many creatures/ minions as you can on the board. However, your foes eventually become tougher and more varied later, requiring you to smartly combine your low-leveled troops into more powerful variants of themselves (combine three units to become one advanced monster).

This is the overall gameplay cycle of Slime Legion; match three or more items together to create a single monster, and then combine three or more monsters to create a meaner one, and so on.

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The limiting factor that restricts your unit-combining process is the number of moves you’re allowed to make on the board prior to an enemy wave’s attack. This means you need to decide wisely about which item or unit to be moved/ combined, to make the most of the opportunity given, every time before an oncoming wave.

Unlike other match-3 games, though, Slime Legion lets you move ANY tile/ item, even if it doesn’t combine with anything in that instant. This allows you to set up better combos for later if there are a few identical units a few tiles apart from each other right now.

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There are no correct or wrong moves in the game; it all falls down to how smart you are at looking at the board in general, identifying which items or units to be combined right now while also being aware of which units to be merged in subsequent stages afterward.

Decimate Enemy Waves & Bosses

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While things start off fairly harmless, especially during the first ten days (shown near the top of the screen after each wave), different enemies begin to appear as you get closer to the end of a particular level.

These will test how strong your troops’ compositions are on the board, and how spread out your defenses are. Hence, you need to be wary of your units’ placements, with a lower concentration on a particular side meaning a weaker defense for foes to charge through.

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Summarily, these are the three main things for you to consider after each successful wave cleared:

  • Are there enough units on my board?
  • Are my units strong/ upgraded enough?
  • Are my units covering all areas on the board?

The final point is especially true when it comes to Bosses. They are larger, more menacing singular enemies that appear every ten days per stage/ level.

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These special types usually cover specific areas on the board, and some have distinct movement patterns that’ll challenge your units across the whole map. So, your units need to be well-placed throughout the entire area too, to ensure a solid defense.

Utilize Boosts & Power-Ups

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Ideally, your minions will need additional firepower to help them defeat the oncoming hordes of enemies. Thus, you’ll be provided with three random power-ups/ buffs that’ll either bolster a single type of unit or improve everyone on the board simultaneously.

These options will only appear after you fill the blue EXP bar at the top of the screen (denoted by the panda-like skull icon), accumulated by beating enemies on the map. As a general rule of thumb, make sure to have a good layout of units on the board, guaranteeing a full bar every once in a while, including in-between waves.

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The buffs you pick stack throughout the entire level/ stage, so your choices actually matter. Outside of combat, you can also improve your units by visiting the “Monsters” glossary located at the bottom-right corner of the home screen.

Once opened, you’re able to level up your units, which is done by collecting parts of their images, usually received after successfully beating ten waves in-game. The improvements range from added damage to extra effects, depending on the unit itself.

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Besides that, other monsters/ minions can be unlocked as well, each requiring you to achieve their specific criteria beforehand. One example is Dracula, a unit unlocked only after you’ve completed Chapter 2. Other special units are also available, like the Naga or Chief Judge.

A mighty ruler tends to have all sorts of warriors under his command, so you’re bound to have all manner of monstrosities for you to call upon in the latter stages of the game.

Tips & Tricks

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Slime Legion isn’t a difficult game to grasp; your children can also play it after school! That being said, a few pointers or guidelines wouldn’t hurt.

As such, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful:

Scan the entire board

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Noting how enemy waves can cover the entire board at once, it’s better for you to carefully scan the entire board during the ‘safe’ period before the wave starts. Upon doing so, keep a quick note of which item or unit is better to be moved instead of opting for an obvious three-item combo immediately.

Sometimes, matching three basic items into a low-tier unit is more wasteful than moving one of the respective tiles somewhere else, opening up better options for a higher-tier unit to move to another spot or combine with two others.

Don’t rush

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When you’re in the transitioning phase between waves, you have all the time in the world to pick the tiles to be moved. Don’t pressure yourself to be quick about it because this might lead you to unintentionally shift the wrong tile or item, wasting one of the free moves provided.

There’s no undo button in Slime Region, so your mistakes are permanent. So, be sure to stay calm and collected when playing the game, even if it means leaving it idle for a few minutes if you need to do something else for a while.

Discard items to generate new ones

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One of the best features of Slime Legion is to discard an item that is on the edges of the board, using up one free movement. This can be quite nifty when the board is all stacked but no beneficial tiles or units can be moved closer together.

By removing certain items, they create an empty slot for tiles to be moved upward, generating new items at the bottom of the board accordingly. If you have a few movement points to spare but can’t see anything to be matched together, try discarding an item to see if your luck changes.

Slowly rearrange the same units closer

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Even though it’s imperative that you get as many units on the board as you can, you need to ensure that the same ones aren’t too far apart for you to match them together if a new one is available.

If you’re unlucky, you’ll have two Little Devils (the purplish units with horns) on one side of the board, while the last one is located at the opposite end, making it difficult for you to combine them to create an advanced version of one.

During the final few waves, basic-tier units won’t cut it anymore, and you’ll need those advanced units on the board too.

The castle door can take multiple hits

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Yes, your mission is to protect the castle gate from being destroyed. Nevertheless, there are times that you can’t save it from being hit, which usually falls down to bad luck (bad item rolls on the tiles and positioning).

As long as the gate has more than 40% of its health bar up, you’re still safe to take some risks, notably in trying to set up better unit positions for subsequent waves. In fact, some buffs actually benefit you when your castle door’s HP is low, so that’s something to keep an eye out for.

Consider opting for recommended boosters/ buffs

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Every time new boosters/ buffs come up, there’s always one that has a tiny slime icon placed on the top-right side of its bar. This is the game’s recommended choice for you to consider choosing, and it’s actually beneficial most of the time.

For instance, unless you see a need for more Frosts (bluish units that attack horizontally, slowing down enemies) on the board, you might be better off following the game’s advice on improving every unit’s damage instead.


Photo: Perfeggs Game

Slime Legion is a fun puzzle game that’ll get you through your free time any day. Plus, if you’re a casual mobile player, the game doesn’t punish you for losing at all, making it a worthwhile download.

If you’re looking for new Slime Legion codes, make sure to check them out too! Got something to share as well? Make sure to write them down in the comments section below!

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